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Present simple vs. Present continuous

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1 Present simple vs. Present continuous
Mgr. Ema Jarošová

2 Present simple we use To talk about permanent situations
I live in London but I come from Canada. For habitual actions or routines We see each other every day. For a general truth Cats don´t like water. Water boils at 100 degrees Centigrade.

3 In instructions and directions
To get to my house, you take the first turning on the left. In film reviews and plot summaries Bullock gives a plausible performance in the lead role. In sports commentaries Beckham passes the ball to Cole – and he scores

4 These adverbs of frequency and time expressions are often used with the present simple:
Never, hardly ever, rarely, seldom, occasionaly, sometimes, frequently, often, usually, always Every day/ week, in the morning/evenings, on mondays, once a week/year....

5 State verbs Describe a state, not an activity. They cannot normally be used in the continuous form: Mental/thinking verbs: agree, believe, disagree, doubt, expect*, forget*,know, realise, remember*, suppose, think*, understand Attitude verbs: dislike, hate, like, love, need, prefer, want Sense/ perception verbs: hear, see*, smell*, taste* Appearance: appear*, look*, resemble, seem, sound Being, possession: be*, belong to, consist of, contain, have*, include, own, possess Other verbs: cost, fit, matter, mean, owe

6 Present continuous we use
For activities and situations that are temporary I´m only staying here for a short time. For actions in progress at the moment of speaking I´m taking a break. Situations that are changing Traffic is getting worse every year. Annoying habits with always You´re always forgetting your keys!

7 These time expressions are often used with the present continuous:
Always, still, currently At present, at the moment, (right) now

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