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Simple Present and Present Progressive

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1 Simple Present and Present Progressive
Review Unit 1

2 Common Non-action Verbs (Stative)
Emotions Admire Adore Appreciate Care Detest Dislike Doubt Envy fear Hate Hope Like Appendix 2 Love Regret Respect Trust List the verbs you use the most often. Write sentences for 3. (+ and -)

3 Agree Assume Believe Consider Disagree Disbelieve Estimate Expect Feel (believe) Find Guess Hesitate Hope Imagine Mental States Know Mean Mind Presume Realize Recognize Remember See (understand) Suppose Suspect Think (believe) Understand Wonder List verbs used most often.

4 Wants & Preferences Desire Need Prefer Want Wish
List verbs used most often. Perception & the Senses Feel Hear Notice Observe Perceive See Smell taste

5 Appearance & Value Resemble Seem Signify Smell Sound Taste Weigh List verbs used most often. Appear Be Cost Equal Feel Look Matter Represent

6 Possession & Relationship
Belong Contain Have Own Possess See Appendix 2 in your textbook for this list of non-action verbs.

7 Topics related to scientific facts and physical laws
The sun The oceans Rivers Trees Babies Fish Choose 2 topics. Write simple present sentences not connected to time. Example: Fish breathe with gills.

8 Write examples of people’s positive and negative habits.
My mother is always sending me homemade cookies. My roommate is always eating all of my cookies. Which example is a positive habit? negative?

9 Simple past tense and past progressive
Review Unit 2

10 Make sentences about your experiences.
Example: Simple past interrupts a past progressive action. (Note 2) I was driving to work when I had a flat tire. Interruption: flat tire Action in progress: driving to work

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