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IEEE GRSS Japan Chapter Report Jul.28.2010 Chair : Yoshihisa HARA.

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1 IEEE GRSS Japan Chapter Report Jul.28.2010 Chair : Yoshihisa HARA

2 Outline Our mission  Organize and/or sponsor remote sensing related technical meetings in Japan cooperating with other remote sensing related societies.  Introduce the remote sensing related activities in Japan to other part of the world.  Promote communication between the Japanese community of remote sensing related people and the other part of the world. Current issues  Japan team is working hard for the success of IGARSS 2011 in Sendai by the leadership of Prof. Sato of Tohoku University.  The number of members of Japan chapter is about 150; the committee is now eager to increase the number of young members. Committee members  Chair: Yoshihisa HARAMitsubishi Electric Corp.  Vice Chair: Hiroshi KIMURAGifu University  Secretary: Kei SUWAMitsubishi Electric Corp.  Treasurer:Kazuo OKIThe University of Tokyo

3 Important dates for IGARSS 2011 Invited Session Proposal Deadline:Oct. 11, 2010 Invited Session Notification:Dec. 6, 2010 Abstract Submission System On-line:Dec. 10, 2010 Tutorial Proposal Deadline:Dec. 10, 2010 Abstract Submission Deadline:Jan. 7, 2011 Travel Support Application Deadline:Jan. 14, 2011 Student Paper Competition Deadline:Jan. 14, 2011 IGARSS Sendai =Aug. 1-5, 2011

4 Schedule (2010) Our main mission is to organize and sponsor technical meetings, and most of our effort is put into this activity. Committee members communicate frequently via e-mail; therefore, non-technical meeting is held only twice per year. Our web-site requires extensive maintenance; the renewal is undergoing. 123456789101112 Technical Meetings Non-Technical Meetings Web-site maintenance Renew Japanese versionDevelop English version Sponsor / Co-Sponsor Tech. Co-Sponsor Lecture by Prof. Benediktsson Remote sensing forum POLSAR-WS 2010

5 Technical Meetings The number of technical meetings has been increased from 5 to 12 compared with year 2009. 2010 Sponsor & Co-Sponsor 2010 Technical Co-Sponsor 2009 Technical Co-Sponsor 2009 Sponsor & Co-Sponsor

6 Award Title :  IEEE GRSS Japan Chapter Young Researcher Award (since 2009) Purpose :  The award is to recognize young researchers who has presented an outstanding paper at the conferences sponsored or co-sponsored by GRSS Japan chapter.  One purpose of this award is to encourage young researchers to join IEEE GRSS. Detail :  The winner must be under 30 years old.  Honorarium of 30,000 yen (= $345) is presented.  Additional 20,000 yen (=$230) is presented to support the travel expense to join IGARSS in the immediate future. 2010 Award Example

7 Web renewal Simple design & easy access to new topics (e.g. large “what’s new” window). Future plans:  Develop English version by the end of 2010.  Constant upgrade.  Organize a web-site administration team (hopefully).

8 Thank you

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