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IEEE Technical Committee on Computer Communications (TCCC) at ICC09 Joe Touch (USC/ISI) Sonia Fahmy (Purdue Univ) Xiaoming Fu (Univ Goettingen)

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1 IEEE Technical Committee on Computer Communications (TCCC) at ICC09 Joe Touch (USC/ISI) Sonia Fahmy (Purdue Univ) Xiaoming Fu (Univ Goettingen)

2 Agenda Introduction – Participants introduction – Recent progress/activities TAC report Draft technical co-sponsorship procedures Next activities – Support for DL, SM – CCW09 Open discussions April 21, 20092

3 IEEE Technical Committee on Computer Communications IEEE Computer Society Communications Society (Comsoc) TAC Net Cluster TCCCTCHSNITC Ad-hoc & Sensor Cognitive Switching & Routing Optical Comm/Signal Cluster Comm S/W Cluster Vertical Issues Cluster Emerging Tech. Subcommittees PublicationsConferences(36 others!)…… April 21, 20093

4 Our role… Support the community (via our email list) Organize CCW Provide technical co-sponsorship to meetings Represent your interests Coordinate your requests April 21, 20094

5 TCCC Member Portal Information on: – CCW ( ) – In-cooperation conferences – Meeting minutes – Mailing list – Procedures, policies (conference sponsorship etc) – Links to other information: updated with IEEE awards, fellow/sm and submitting policy info – Officers contacts April 21, 20095

6 Computer Communications Workshop 2.5 day, panel-based Held at various times, organized as: – a medium-attendance workshop, with groups of technical presentations as panels – a small-attendance retreat, with groups of position presentations as panels CCW 2009: Lenox, MA, Oct 18-21, co-chairs: Bulent Yener, Sahin Albayrak April 21, 20096

7 Technical Co-Sponsorship Currently approval procedure being updated – TAC suggests the general guidelines & procedure – Considering adopting process from ITC, TCHSN Proposed requirements ( detailed in Joes email on 10 th June, feedback solicited before 1 st July ): – In-scope – Largely peer review (3 reviews) – Appropriate TPC – Appropriate accept rate history – Prior to submission deadline – Visible, nonprofit budget April 21, 20097

8 8 When an Event Expects to Receive TCCC Co-Sponsorship… Must have a representative who reports to TCCC Reminders of IEEE policy that must appear in the meeting material: – Submitted papers must be unpublished, original material and must not be currently under review for any other publication or conference. – Manuscripts that are not compliant with the submission requirements may be rejected without review – IEEE reserves the right to exclude a paper from distribution after the conference (e.g., removal from IEEE Xplore) if the paper is not presented at the conference. AUTHORS MUST BE NOTIFIED IN THE CFP April 21, 20098

9 Distinguished Lecturer Program (DLP) TCCC may propose distinguished lecturer candidates every year – Serves the communty to give presentations – Costs supported by the IEEE Comm. Society (flight/travel) and local chapter (local accommodation) Nomination deadline for 2010-11 DLs: Aug 31, 2009 – TCCC may nominate up to 4 candidates Send us your preliminary nomination form by Aug. 15, 2009 – Nomination requirement and form: April 21, 20099

10 Supporting Member Grade Promotion IEEE has various member grades: – Student, Member, Senior Member, Fellow – Senior = member + appr. 10 years of professional experience (incl. graduate study period) + visible contribution – Fellow = Senior + distinguished contributions (<X%) – Require letters of support at/above new grade TCCC will provide clearinghouse for support – Anyone can volunteer to be visible – Coordinate areas of contribution April 21, 200910

11 Senior Member Requirements: – Work on IEEE related fields – 10 years professional experience: 6 years for a baccalaureate degree in an IEEE-designated field; 4 years if you hold a baccalaureate and masters degree; 5 years if you hold a doctorate. – 5 years of significant performance, e.g.: Substantial job responsibilities such as team leader, task supervisor, project leader Publication of papers, books or inventions Faculty developing and teaching courses with research and publications Need to be referenced by 3 Fellows/SMs, one of which could be a section or chapter (as nominator) instead TCCC is willing to nominate 3-6 senior members per year More: possible as long as qualifications are satisfied and active in TCCC April 21, 200911

12 Fellow Nomination deadline: 1st March each year – Anyone (except the candidate him-/herself) can be the nominator, even non-IEEE members – Is a TC eligible to nominate? No – from current policy only a person can Requirements to become a fellow candidate: – have accomplishments that have contributed importantly to the advancement or application of engineering, science and technology, bringing the realization of significant value to society; – Being a senior member of good stand; – 5 years of having been a member (preceding 1st January of the year of evaluation) Additional references from 5-8 fellows in good standing The first evaluation is completed by the IEEE Society/Technical Council that the Nominator identified on the nomination form. – TCCC may help you to connect to ComSoc/TAC if requested and fit April 21, 200912

13 Other News Paper Awards Marconi Prize Paper Award in Wireless Communications Best Tutorial Paper Award Leonard G. Abraham Prize in the Field of Communications Systems IEEE Network, Wireless Magazine Awards (planning) ComSoc-IT Joint Paper Award Award for Outstanding Paper on New Communication Topics Fred W. Ellersick Prize William R. Bennett Prize in the Field of Communications Networking Career / Service Awards (Nomination due Sept 1) Award for Public Service in the Field of Telecommunications Donald W. McLellan Meritorious Service Award Edwin Howard Armstrong Achievement Award Distinguished Industry Leader Award Industrial Innovation Award (Nomination due Feb 15 & Sep 1) Joseph LoCicero Award for Exemplary Service to Publications Harold Sobol Award for Exemplary Service to Meetings & Conferences ComSoc/KICS Exemplary Global Service Award April 21, 200913

14 Other ComSoc Business WCET Wireless Communication Engineering Technologies Certification program Mainly by providing program Material: WEBOK (some $) Exams: twice per year; next will be Fall 2009 Training may be provided by IEEE or a 3rd party (IEEE can help with content) Inputs for exercises welcome Contact: Standardization Example projects: – NGSON (Next Generation Service Overlay Network): IEEE 1903 – Broadband over power line (IEEE P1775, 1901, 2330) – DYSPAN (IEEE P1900-1906) on Cognative Radio Contact: Alex Gelmann April 21, 200914

15 Upcoming Activities Meetings at ComSoc major conferences: – CCW09, Lenox, MA, Oct 18-21 – Globecom09, Honolulu, HI, Nov 30-Dec 4 – INFOCOM10, San Dieog, CA, Mar 15-19 DL program – Soliciting candidates SM program – Soliciting candidates April 21, 200915

16 Our role… TCCC is here to represent you – to the ComSoc – to our publication and conference boards – to the IEEE as a whole What issues would you like us to address? April 21, 200916

17 Contact Us Officers individually: – Chair: Joe Touch (USC/ISI): touch@ISI.EDUtouch@ISI.EDU – Vice Chair: Sonia Fahmy (Purdue U.): – Secretary: Xiaoming Fu (U. Goettingen): All officers: Conference Coordinator: – Joerg Ott (Tech U. Helsinki/TKK):

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