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SIGMOBILE Program Review Roy Want SIGMOBILE Chair Sep 2011 SGB Meeting.

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1 SIGMOBILE Program Review Roy Want SIGMOBILE Chair Sep 2011 SGB Meeting

2 SIGMOBILE Mission: Premier Organization: Mobility of Systems, Users, Data, and Computing: Founded in 1996 (we started MobiCom, our first conference, in 1995) Current Executive Committee elected 2009 (2 years) SIGMOBILE membership benefits include: Subscription to quarterly journal Mobile Computing and Communications Review (MC2R) Monthly members E-Mail Newsletter (CFPs, articles, calendar, …) Moderated members-only announcement e-mail list Discounted registration for events sponsored, or in-cooperation with SIGMOBILE Five Sponsored Conferences: MobiSys, MobiCom, MobiHoc, SenSys, Ubicomp Member Value Plus program: CDROM of full proceedings of all 5 conferences Support community benefits such as N2Women & CRAWDAD Mobile Computing and Communications Review (MC2R): High-quality peer-reviewed research papers (double-blind reviewing) 14 international Area Editors, fast turn-around time, < 6 months to publication NEW EIC 2010: Prof. Suman Banerjee (Univ. Wisconsin, Madison) joined 2010 NEW Look in 2011: vision, expert testimony, view points + CFPs, features, reviews etc.

3 SIGMOBILE Financials SIGMOBILE finances are strong and growing: Now over $633,000 above required fund balance ($78,000 in 2007) Continued strong Industry support with over 20 international sponsor organizations Conferences are all profitable; but we continue to be very conservative with budget Plans for how to spend all that money: We would like to sponsor other community resources as with CRAWDAD Reduce conference registration fees for students Provide more student travel grants Provide a much reduced student SIGMOBILE membership fee –Less than current $20 (acm) / $25 (non-acm) Financial support for chapters (e.g. grants for speaker honorariums ) – especially to encourage new chapters

4 High Quality Conferences & Workshops SIGMOBILE sponsors 5 well attended annual international conferences: MobiCom: Mobile Computing and Networking (since 1995) MobiHoc: Mobile Ad Hoc Networking and Computing (since 2000) MobiSys: Mobile Systems, Applications, and Services (since 2003) –In-cooperation with SIGOPS SenSys: Embedded Networked Sensor Systems (since 2003) –Co-sponsored by SIGMOBILE and SIGCOMM (30% each); SIGARCH, SIGOPS, SIGMETRICS, SIGBED (10% each) Ubicomp: Ubiquitous Computing (since 2009) –Co-sponsored by SIGMOBILE & SIGCHI + HotMobile: Workshop on Mobile Computing Systems & Apps (since 2008) FUTURE Plans Expand sponsorship to other high quality (independent) conferences e.g. Pervasive12 – discussion with steering committee to join SIGMOBILE 29 workshops sponsored last year: Similar number expected for 2011-12 Need to find a new Workshop Coordination (in-progress) –Opportunity to provide new guidelines for creating and approving workshops SIGMOBILE GOAL #1

5 Recognizing and Nurturing SIGMOBILE Awards: Outstanding Contribution Award: a single research contribution or lifetime award –Prof. Deborah Estrin (UCLA) 2009-10 –Prof. Satya (CMU) 2010-11 Distinguished Service Award: service to SIGMOBILE or community Awards for best paper at MobiSys, and best student paper & talk at MobiCom NEW Awards Chair 2011: Edward Knightly (Rice Univ.) PLAN FOR THE FUTURE SIGMOBILE Rockstar Award –Targeting young, outstanding researchers –Encouraging the next generation of researchers SIGMOBILE Best System Implementation Award –Encourage people to build high quality mobile systems –Provide an archive & benchmark for the community SIGMOBILE GOAL #2

6 Engaged Research Community SIGMOBILE membership is healthy: Membership total has been in 700-800 range past 4 years (2011: down 5.6% at 727) Volunteer Involvement: Annual open SIGMOBILE business meetings are very well attended We have many volunteers seeking to get more involved in SIGMOBILE: –Conf. General Chairs, Program Chairs, Program Committees –Large active group of volunteers operating MC2R; E-News Editor Three local international SIGMOBILE Chapters: Nanyang Technological University Student Chapter (Singapore) Sydney Professional Chapter (Australia) NEW 2010: Taiwan Chapter: National I-Ian University (NIU) (Taiwan) FUTURE: the EC would like to encourage new chapters (viz: financials) Future Continued Support of Community Resources: Networking 2 Women: $10K for Student Travel, Registration, Meetings CRAWDAD (Dartmouth): $10K: A community repository for mobile traces NEW 2011: ACM-W: Sponsor & support requests to attend mobile conferences FUTURE : ACM Mobility Tech Pack: draft written – release expected by Q4 2011 SIGMOBILE GOAL #3

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