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SIGGRAPH Finances Lost $2,800,000 last year – SIGGRAPH 2009 - $1,900,000 (after ACM) – SA2009 - $530,000 + (startup costs) For FY 2011 are under required.

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Presentation on theme: "SIGGRAPH Finances Lost $2,800,000 last year – SIGGRAPH 2009 - $1,900,000 (after ACM) – SA2009 - $530,000 + (startup costs) For FY 2011 are under required."— Presentation transcript:

1 SIGGRAPH Finances Lost $2,800,000 last year – SIGGRAPH $1,900,000 (after ACM) – SA $530,000 + (startup costs) For FY 2011 are under required fund balance by $1,200,000 Why? – Global Economy – SIGGRAPH Asia more expensive than expected (Convention Center costs, others) History: SIGGRAPH 2002 lost $1,800,000 – Cut budget 20% and moved back to West Coast (2003,2004,2005,2007,2008) – All made profit ($200,000 – $970,000)

2 SIGGRAPH Finances SIGGRAPH 2010 cut budget 20% and back to West Coast (7 of next 10 years) SIGGRAPH Asia 2010 budget 50% of SA 2009 SIGGRAPH Asia 2011 and beyond a small (500 – 1,000 attendee) technical only Conference Cut rest of organization budget – Meetings, Travel, Print Total surplus of $377,000 for FY 2011 Should be above required Fund balance in years

3 Member benefits ACM Digital Library Reduced registration at a large number of conferences Computer Graphics Quarterly (electronic) SOMA DVD/Streaming Video of SIGGRAPH Conference SIGGRAPH aliases Creative Heads Job Services Awards – Steven Anson Coons Award for Lifetime Achievement – Computer Graphics Achievement Award – Significant New Researcher Award – Distinguished Artist Award for Lifetime Achievement in Digital Art – Outstanding Service Award

4 SIGGRAPH Goals Become a more efficient organization – Restructured the Executive Committee (EC) to move all operations to a set of Standing Committees – EC members responsible for strategic issues, not operations – Volunteers can focus on one task Support the Technical Community – SIGGRAPH Asia Papers Program (in 2009 almost as many accepted papers as SIGGRAPH) Reduce load on SIGGRAPH Papers Committee and Authors can submit to two high quality conferences rather than one – Small Conferences Sponsor/Co-Sponsor per year In-Cooperation per year

5 SIGGRAPH Goals Form alliances with external organizations – Eurographics Many technical conferences/workshops together – Digital Content Association of Japan – Computer Graphics – ARTS (Japan) – China National Center for Developing Animation, Cartoon, & Game Industry (NCACG) Agreement to work together to support education activities in China SIGGRAPH Village (International Resources Center) Support Students: – SIGGRAPH Student Services Committee

6 SIGGRAPH Goals Support the Education Community: – Education Committee: CGEMs, curricular materials ( Support the Digital Arts Community – Digital Arts Committee ( Expand our Chapters Community and better integrate them into SIGGRAPH – 60 Chapters in 15 countries and several are in formation – Associate Member (in implementation)

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