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Event Partner Online Resources Event Partner Summit, July 2013 Presented by Rick Tyler.

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1 Event Partner Online Resources Event Partner Summit, July 2013 Presented by Rick Tyler

2 Six Important Websites REC Foundation Website ( Robot Events ( Admin Robot Events ( VEX Forum ( VEX Wiki ( VEX Products (

3 The official website of the REC Foundation

4 Home Page Nearly everything also on menu Click on big pictures – direct links Direct links to various items of interest: –Team and event registration ( –Volunteer information page –REC Foundation STEM Hall of Fame –Grants and Scholarships –Pictures and video of students and robots –Sponsors –Game rules –VEX forum

5 About About REC Foundation Staff contact and profiles page

6 News

7 Online Challenges Information Link to entries

8 VEX Robotics Competition Overview VRC events Attending a VRC Tournament Important dates

9 Current Game Rules links Q&A link Game documents for download Events links

10 VRC Participants Finding events Starting a team New team building robots VEX tech help Learning about VEX robots How to get support

11 VRC Team Leaders/Coaches Getting started in VRC Finding and registering for events Online Challenges Preparing for a tournament Resource links

12 VRC: Event Partners Event partner role description Information for new event partners Event management Event accounting Event partner email archive

13 Documents for Running an Event Event partner documents It’s the new event partner resource page

14 Volunteer Why volunteer? What it is to be a volunteer, with job descriptions Link to register as volunteer

15 Training Volunteer Training calls and video links Training call schedule

16 VRC World Championship Brief description of the event Video recap of 2013 World Championship Media information

17 VEX U Competition Unique information for the college competition Link to rules Link to discussion of VEX U on forum

18 VEX IQ Challenge Pages under development, available in August

19 Educators Curriculum links VRC in the classroom

20 Support Links to: –VEX product support –Forum –Sales support –REC Foundation competition support

21 Scholarships and Grants Pages Scholarships information Grants information

22 STEM Hall of Fame Teacher Hall of Fame Mentor Hall of Fame Volunteer Hall of Fame Team Hall of Fame Partner Hall of Fame STEM Heroes Hall of Fame

23 Sponsorship Pages Information on becoming a sponsor Recognition of current sponsors

24 Contact Pages Contact Us Contact Us FAQ (expanded support list) REC Foundation mailing list sign up

25 This is the gateway to program information and registration for REC Foundation Participants

26 Team and Event Shopping Log in Log out Account dashboard Shopping cart

27 Robot Competitions Program menu items and mid-page tiles overlap Find and register for events Team coaches and students see event listings Includes partner programs like BEST and TSA Portals to non-REC Foundation programs like Botball and FIRST

28 Map Search Use the Map Search (upper right-hand corner) to see teams and events worldwide Scroll down – details listed below the map The “Teams” search shows currently-registered teams We are working on making this option more obvious to participants

29 The event partner’s portal to create and manage events and to see teams in their region Event partners can see teams in their region (state, province, country, depending on where they are)

30 Events Create and edit event descriptions Manage awards –Enter awards Manage team registration Download team lists

31 Teams Team list in region (state, province, country depending on where EP is) Team contacts (name, phone, email) Download teams in region –Email list –Phone list

32 State Championship Management Turns the policies in the qualifying document into software that you will use to manage the state champ system In development –Sample screens below –First round of screen design done –Coding in progress Regional Championship = State/Provincial Championship –Two or more states joining together to offer one championship, such as Vermont and New Hampshire, or Massachusetts and Rhode Island

33 Example of State Champ Awards Setup

34 Example of State Champ Wait List Mgt

35 State/Regional Champ “Event Fill”

36 Robot Events: Regional Skills Rankings

37 VEX product support Official game Q&A for VRC, VEX U and VIQ Event partner forum Community forums for technical and competition discussion

38 For End Users Heavily moderated Lots of engineering and game discussion Product discussion and VEX tech support Robot picture galleries

39 Event Partners and Teachers VEX Tournament Manager software help and discussion Event Partner discussions (private) Various VRC forums including all the VRC games and League Play support VEX IQ Challenge (VIQ) discussion and official Q&A Online Challenges discussion and Official Q&A

40 VEX Wiki ( This is where the GDC posts the official game rules for current VRC, VEX U, and VIQ games –The current rules are also now available on – links to same documents Archive of game rules for past games Links and information on other robotics competitions Community-created resources

41 VEX Products Robot parts! Event partner support kit Trophies Game components Fields To use discount codes and get EP discounts, make sure you are logged in with your EP account

42 Six Important Websites REC Foundation Website ( Robot Events ( Admin Robot Events ( VEX Forum ( VEX Wiki ( VEX Robotics products (

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