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Team 1241 - Theory6 Robotics THE VEX ROBOTICS COMPETITION.

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1 Team 1241 - Theory6 Robotics THE VEX ROBOTICS COMPETITION

2 Great opportunity for middle school, high school and post secondary students. Science, Technology, Engineering & Math (STEM) experience. Hands on & realistic approach to learning. Soft skills: teamwork, leadership, problem - solving. Given way to other robotics products that cover education, consumer and business markets. Introduction

3 Created by Innovation FIRST in 1996 Originally produced electronics for autonomous mobile ground robots. Leader in educational and competitive robot products. Several companies: VEX Robotics Inc., RackSolutions Inc., Innovation FIRST Labs Inc. History of VEX

4 Pre-made modifiable parts VEX Robotics releases a new game every year. Team is responsible for designing, creating, programming and evaluating every other aspect involved. Attend various regionals to compete. Winners and certain awards qualify for World Championships. How does it work?

5 What does a VEX Robot look like?

6 Teams attend various regionals to compete with other local teams. Play a certain number of qualification matches with random partners. Top 8 at the end of QM, get to beAlliance Captains, who get to pick their own partners for the Elimination Rounds. Robot & Programming Skills Challenges Tournament Champions, Design & Excellence award winners qualify to World Championships. The Regionals

7 All games are played on a 12 by 12 field. Each match features 4 robotics, two on each alliance of blue & red. Match consists of autonomous and tele operated modes. Certain constrains which the robot must meet with. Game objects can be manipulated according to game rules. Autonomous Period: 20 seconds Tele-Op Period: 120 seconds The VEX Game

8 sack attack (12 -13)

9 Consists of 400 H.S Teams, split across 4 divisions: Science, Technology, Engineering & Math. 100 Middle School and 50 college/university teams. Teams play qualification matches to establish ranking, and then do the normal alliance selection. Top 8 seeds play elimination rounds, and then the winning alliance of the division faces off against the winning alliances of the other divisions in an ultimate showdown. Eliminations are best of three matches. Have been held in Greenville, Dallas, Florida & Anaheim. The World Championships

10 Each VEX team = Enterprise. Several administrative tasks become key in being a successful. Project Management Accounts, Budget, Sponsorship Media Outreach: Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Website. Community Involvement The Entrepreneurship Aspect


12 2012 - 2013 VEX Robotics Season Toronto VEX Robotics Competition - Dec 1, 2012 Crescent VEX Robotics Scrimmage - Dec 8, 2012 Southern Ontario Robotics Championship - Dec 15, 2012 Central Toronto VEX Robotics Championship - Feb 2, 2013 St. Catherines VEX Robotics Competition - Feb 9, 2013 Mississauga VEX Robotics Competition - Feb 23, 2013 The Canadian Timeline

13 Initiation - Resources, Man Power, Time etc. Finances & Budget Project Management - Outline the Future, Delegate. The VEX Game (Eg. Sack Attack): Robot Awards Are you a new team?

14 Its very easy to get involved in the VEX Robotics Competition. Join a team, create a team. Become a hobbyist, or a VEX Volunteer. VEX Website: Its time to get involved. Important Links

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