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VEX Robotics Competition

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1 VEX Robotics Competition

2 Important Things to Know
Learn the rules of the current season’s game, “Sack Attack.” Get tips to help your team prepare to compete at their first event. Gain insight on pros and cons of competing at other events. Learn how your team may qualify for the National or World Championship. Discuss important things for coaches to know when starting a new team.

3 Game, “Sack-Attack” Game Guide: Referee Videos:

4 How to Start a Team THINK enthusiasm and people CREATE your team
Register your team(s) online via or with your STEM director. BUILD and program your competition robot. AMAZE everyone at a VEX competition. Additionally register your team(s) for each event where they plan to compete.

5 Organizing your Team Team size Meeting frequency Brainstorming
Build, Test, Iterate Document the process Divide the responsibilities Builder Programmer Engineering Notebook Community Notebook, promotional giveaways items Tip: Plan ahead on how you will decide which team members will represent the team at competitions.

6 Managing & Storing Equipment
Additional Tools/Equipment Hand tools: tin snips, hacksaw, file Sharpies Blue painter’s tape Multimeter Additional batteries Wrenches Tape measure, calipers (optional) Sample Game Elements: sacks, trough, floor tiles Storage and Organization SAFETY PLAN

7 Programming Software Cortex Microcontroller and Joystick
utilizes VEXNET communications Replaces PIC microcontroller and crystal Programming language choices easyC V4 for Cortex Middle school/high school/college ROBOTC for Cortex &PIC High school/college Programming goals Installing software Updating cortex and joystick firmware Syncing joystick and firmware Programming Driver controls Programming Autonomous mode Using competition templates Using sensors

8 Preparing for Competition Day
Review Inspection Checklist: If the event offers inspection the evening beforehand, take advantage. Otherwise, arrive extra early to be first in line. Prepare for Robot and Programming Skills Challenges Prepare for Judging: Study game rules in the Sack Attack Game Manual and updates in the Official VEX Forum:

9 Preparing for Competition Day, continued
Pack equipment ahead of time: Robot with team plates attached Joystick Batteries (AAA for joystick, 9V, and Robot battery) Extra batteries Spare 9V backup battery Chargers Power Strip Multimeter

10 Preparing for Competition Day, continued
Equipment to Pack, continued Safety Goggles/side shields for each team member Spare metals, motors, rubber bands, replacement parts Spare Cortex and Joystick (if available) File and saw Laptop with easyC software and USB cable. Flash drive with backup of program files NO WI-FI is permitted at competitions. Engineering notebook mandatory for some awards Community notebook? Flyers? Team Promotional giveaways ? Food/drinks and or money

11 The Day of Competition Arrive early to allow time for inspection, team check-in, and pit setup. Get your match schedule. Test out the robot on the practice field. Attend the Driver’s meeting that is scheduled in the morning. This is for drivers, coaches, and mentors. Arrive at the queuing station 15 minutes early for each match (or whatever is recommended that day). 2 drivers and 1 coach Robot Safety goggles Make sure the robot is turned ON at the start of the match. Judges may visit teams in their pit area or the team may be scheduled for an interview session. Complete Skills Challenges (usually at lunchtime) Alliance Selection Strategies -

12 CSM VEX Robotics Competition
VEX League Play Teams will play in approximately 3 ranking sessions (play days) during Nov. - Feb. Teams will play approximately 8 matches at each ranking session. Top ranked team in the league automatically earns the “Excellence” award and qualifies for World Championship. League Championship will take place at CSM on Feb. 16, 2013. The winning 2-team alliance will also qualify for World Championship.

13 Competing at other Competitions
Check robotevents for other competitions and register online: There is no limit to the number of competitions you may enter. Look at Fees , Qualifying information, and Divisions for each event.

14 VEX Robotics Competition Organizations
VEX Robotics, Innovation First International, Inc. (IFI) Robotics Education & Competition Foundation (REC-F)

15 National and World Championship Qualification
National Championship World Championship

16 Competition Strategies
Q & A with Coaches and Talons Team

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