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ETwinning contact seminar 2nd – 4th June, 2011 Tatjana Gulič: Dejan Kramžar: Discovering TwinSpace and the eTwinning.

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1 eTwinning contact seminar 2nd – 4th June, 2011 Tatjana Gulič: Dejan Kramžar: Discovering TwinSpace and the eTwinning Desktop

2 Brief introduction to the eTwinning Portal and its three levels Introduction of the new eTwinning Desktop Introduction to the TwinSpace Practical exercises and opportunity for questions

3 What is the eTwinning Portal? The central area for eTwinning activities to take place – ( A platform for information, networking and collaboration Public Portal, Desktop, TwinSpace –Learning Lab, Groups All information available in 23 languages

4 Public Portal

5 Private desktop


7 In other words… eTwinners (registered users) have access to: Networking tools An environment to share ideas A platform to access and contribute to educational resources Tools to collaborate And much more…

8 TwinSpace – secure place, public as members want to

9 set language


11 News from CSS News from NSS




15 Project description Title Short description Communication language(s) What is the age range of the pupils to be involved in the project? How many pupils altogether are going to participate in the project? Subject areas Tools to be used Aims Work process Expected results Is your project based on an eTwinning Project Kit?




19 Beyond projects… -The Portal also offers additional professional development opportunities to gain inspiration and exchange ideas - Learning Events (webinars) - eTwinning Groups

20 Learning Events Register via your Desktop

21 eTwinning Groups Register via your Desktop

22 TwinSpace – secure place, public as members want to

23 1. A set of collaboration tools for pupils and teachers What does the TwinSpace offer? Blogs Forums Wikis File archives Photo galleries Web pages 2. Areas for planning and discussing Staff room Pupils Corner Chat 3. Possibility for sharing and publishing results Published TwinSpace with project URL

24 Try the Desktop out… Partner finding: –search for contacts –search for your neighbour –add a contact –accept a contact Profiles: –Update your Quick Profile (in the new Desktop: About Me) –Ready for a Comenius School partnership? –Add a photo to your Profile –Add photos to your gallery - personal and school profile –Write on a wall ( in the new Desktop: reply to someone's journal posting ) Project - start the registration process?

25 You need to Login

26 Quick access to other project TwinSpaces click Quick jump between projects

27 TwinSpace look Add activities: only with administrative rights

28 To add new activities first click on Project Activities than Add Application

29 For new Activities (sections) in TwinSpace Write down the name of new page To Publish or Hide or delete

30 Applications are Cooperative applications –Blog –Forums –Wiki Applications to organize files, photos,… –File archive –Picture gallery –Web page

31 Applications

32 Staff room – only for the teachers, pupils cant see it

33 Pupils can have Forums, File archives, Galleries, web pages, wikis

34 Chat, on-line one by one in private rooms or all together

35 When we Login, we can see last logins and last changes…

36 Project diary…

37 Settings…

38 Left mouse click Copy Link Lication How to put video in Blog

39 For flash video…

40 Paste url here

41 eTwinning tools Enhanced communication tools Networking and Social networking User generated content ( Project Diary ) Tagging and Maps

42 Involving pupils: eTwinning Projects eTwinning TwinSpace Virtual classrooms where eTwinning projects run their activities As a staffroom As a classroom As a portfolio As a showroom User generated content (Project Diary)

43 User generated content (Project Diary)

44 Everyone has a role… Roles scheme: –Teacher Administrator: full project partners –Teacher Member: support teachers –Pupil Administrator: project coordinators –Pupil Member: participants –Visitor: guests (to private TwinSpaces)

45 Thank you!

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