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2 PLEASE FILL OUT THE INDEX CARD WITH THE FOLLOWING INFORMATION: 1) Last Name, First Name 2) Home Address (Street, City, Zip Code) 3) Home Telephone Number 4) Your Address 5) Parent/Guardians Name 6) Parent/Guardians Contact Phone Number 7) Parent/Guardians Address 8) 6-8 Digit Password for Grades

3 COURSE DESCRIPTION This course combines many of the trigonometric, geometric, and algebraic techniques needed to prepare students for the study of calculus and strengthens their conceptual understanding of problems and mathematical reasoning in solving problems. These standards take a functional point of view toward those topics. Students will engage in intellectual activities that include analyzing, classifying, planning, drawing on mathematical and scientific ideas and exploring various ways to approach and solve a problem. This course promotes achievement of the California State Trigonometry and Math Analysis standards.

4 COURSE PRE-REQUISITES: A or a B in Honors Algebra 2AB Advanced or Proficient on the Algebra 2 CST taken in April Previous Teacher Recommendation A in Regular Algebra 2AB If you took Regular Algebra 2AB, then you must have scored Proficient or Advanced on the CST

5 TEXTBOOK & CA STATE STANDARDS We will be covering 12 California Trigonometry & Math Analysis State Standards this semester. We will be covering chapters 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 9 in the textbook. TEXTBOOK CA STANDARDS Precalculus with Limits Larson & Hostetler, 5 th Edition

6 CLASS RULES o Be on time to class and be prepared to work. I require that you use a three-ring binder and only a pencil in this class. o Be respectful of others. You are expected to be respectful of each others belongings, opinions and ideas. o The only beverage permitted in class is bottled water. No food is allowed. o Remember that I dismiss you, not the bell. Please remain seated until my dismissa l.

7 Chapter Tests: 45% Chapter Quizzes: 25% Homework: 10% Classwork: 5% Final Exam: 15% GRADING POLICY A:90 – 100% B:80 – 89.9% C:70 – 79.9% D:60 – 69.9% Fail: Below 60%

8 The grades will be distributed on the categories stated previously. However, I will allow the lowest test grade to be dropped from the course at the end of the semester if you are not absent for any tests throughout the semester. GRADING POLICY

9 If for any reason you miss a test, you will be allowed to make up the test only if the absence is excused. If the absence is not excused, you will not be allowed to make up the missed test. Be responsible and clear all your absences in a timely manner! MAKE-UP TEST POLICY

10 DEFINITION OF CHEATING: Disseminating, copying or receiving answers, or other information by any means other than those expressly permitted by the instructor as part of any academic exercise. Examples of cheating include, but are not limited to the following: MS. YUS ACADEMIC HONESTY POLICY

11 Looking towards other students papers Talking or any other forms of communication Copying answers from another persons work onto your test/quiz IMPROPER TEST/QUIZ–TAKING BEHAVIOR

12 Allowing another student to copy the answers from your test/quiz Use of cheat sheets or having notes/answers anywhere in visible distance Use of graphing calculators with unauthorized formulas and concepts programmed IMPROPER TEST/QUIZ–TAKING BEHAVIOR

13 Use of cellular phones or other devices with texting or program capabilities Writing on desks, anywhere on the body, or any material object in visible distance Giving or receiving test information to or from students in other periods IMPROPER TEST/QUIZ–TAKING BEHAVIOR

14 Tampering with teacher materials and/or student records Stealing or the distribution of stolen tests/quizzes IMPROPER TEST/QUIZ–TAKING BEHAVIOR

15 Students are expected to complete own work at all times Students are allowed to discuss homework and/or classwork assignments, but not to collaborate in solving problems or writing answers unless Ms. Yu states explicitly that cooperating is allowed EXPECTED ASSIGNMENT-COMPLETION BEHAVIOR

16 If two or more students are found to have cooperated on a homework assignment, all students are considered to have cheated regardless of which student did the original work and which student copied EXPECTED ASSIGNMENT-COMPLETION BEHAVIOR

17 Note: Attempted cheating, even when unsuccessful, will be treated as academic dishonesty. Simply having observable possession of any prohibited or unauthorized information or device during an exam, even if it is not used, is an act of academic dishonesty. It will be dealt with as such. MS. YUS ACADEMIC HONESTY POLICY

18 An automatic zero on the assignment / quiz / test with no opportunity for make-up A notification to parent (via , phone or mail) of the incident An automatic U in Work Habits for the semester DISCIPLINARY CONSEQUENCES:

19 A referral sent to the discipline administrator/dean for a parent conference and a permanent notation on the students academic file Possible suspension from school, as deemed appropriate by school administrators/deans DISCIPLINARY CONSEQUENCES:

20 An automatic drop/fail in the course and removal from the class on any second offense DISCIPLINARY CONSEQUENCES:

21 All students must adhere to Ms. Yus Academic Honesty Policy. The policy will be strictly enforced in this class. ALL FORMS OF CHEATING WILL BE REPORTED FOR IMMEDIATE DISCIPLINARY ACTION!!! MS. YUS ACADEMIC HONESTY POLICY

22 Homework will be given every day or after each new lesson. Homework is worth 2 points if completed on time. Late homework will be not accepted. You are responsible for homework when you are absent. You will have the number of days absent after your return to turn in your work for full credit. HOMEWORK / MAKE-UP POLICY

23 For any reason you need to leave the room, you are allowed up to 4 passes without penalty. However, for each pass you do not use, you will receive 1 extra credit point. Thus, if you never leave the room, you will receive 4 extra credit points at the end of the semester. HALL PASSES

24 CLASS WEBSITE / / VOIC INFORMATION Class Website: Address: Voic (818) ext The best means of communication is through . I will you back as soon as possible. Make sure you identify yourself in the . CONTACT INFORMATION CONTACT PREFERENCE

25 HOMEWORK ASSISTANCE You will have access to all lecture notes, online links and review sheets on the class website: You will have access to an online homework helper through which provides solution guides to odd number textbook School Password: TAFT8880 CLASS WEBSITEHOTMATH WEBSITE

26 Class website will be updated daily Grades will be updated online daily Grades will be posted on the back wall only after a quiz or a test ADDITIONAL INFORMATION

27 Tutoring is available before school or during nutrition / lunch in my room After school tutoring is available in the library and lunch peer tutoring is available in other math classes within the math department ADDITIONAL INFORMATION

28 Inform me if you believe there is an error on your grade report as soon as possible Share your password to check grades online with your parent / guardian! (I will share it eventually anyway…) ADDITIONAL INFORMATION

29 Solve the brain teaser. The first three students to solve the problems will win a prize. Start working on the Alg. 2A Review Sheet I BRAIN TEASER


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