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2 PLEASE FILL OUT THE INDEX CARD WITH THE FOLLOWING INFORMATION:  Last Name, First Name  Home Address (Street, City, Zip Code)  Home Telephone Number  Your Email Address  Parent/Guardian’s Name  Parent/Guardian’s Contact Number  Parent/Guardian’s Email Address  Jupiter Grades Password

3 COURSE DESCRIPTION Calculus is a branch of mathematics studying continuous changing quantities. This course combines many of the trigonometric, geometric, and algebraic techniques needed to prepare students for the study of calculus and strengthens their conceptual understanding of problems and mathematical reasoning in solving problems. These standards take a functional point of view toward those topics. Graphing calculators may be used throughout the course to aid in the solution of the problem. This course promotes achievement of the California State Calculus standards.

4 COURSE PRE-REQUISITES:  A, B and C in Honors Math Analysis A  D or a Fail in AP Calculus A

5 TEXTBOOK & CA STATE STANDARDS  We will be covering 3 CA Math Analysis and 14 Calculus State Standards this semester.  We will be covering chapter 9 in H. Math Analysis and chapters 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 in Calculus. TEXTBOOKCA STANDARDS Calculus Demana,Finney, Kennedy & Waits

6 CLASS RULES o Be on time to class and be prepared to work. I require that you use a three-ring binder and only a pencil in this class. o Be respectful of others. You are expected to be respectful of each other’s belongings, opinions and ideas. o The only beverage permitted in class is bottled water. No food is allowed. o Remember that I dismiss you, not the bell. Please remain seated until my dismissal.

7  Chapter Tests: 45%  Chapter Quizzes: 25%  Homework / Classwork: 15%  Final Exam: 15% GRADING POLICY  A:90 – 100%  B:80 – 89.9%  C:70 – 79.9%  D:60 – 69.9%  Fail: Below 60%

8  The grades will be distributed on the categories stated previously.  However, I will allow the lowest test grade to be dropped from the course at the end of the semester if you are not absent for any tests throughout the semester. GRADING POLICY

9  If for any reason you miss a test, you will be allowed to make up the test only if the absence is excused.  If the absence is not excused, you will not be allowed to make up the missed test. MAKE-UP TEST POLICY

10 All students must adhere to Taft’s Academic Honesty Policy. The policy will be strictly enforced in this class and any violation of this policy will be reported immediately for appropriate action. ALL FORMS OF CHEATING WILL NOT BE TOLERATED!!! DON’T CHEAT!!! TAFT’S ACADEMIC HONESTY POLICY

11  A score of a zero due to a violation of the Academic Honesty Policy does not qualify as the lowest test grade to be dropped. This score will remain permanently on your cumulative grade report for the remainder of the semester. TAFT’S ACADEMIC HONESTY POLICY AND THE GRADING POLICY

12 Homework will be given every day or after each new lesson. Homework is worth 2 points if completed on time. Late homework will be not accepted. You are responsible for homework when you are absent. You will have the number of days absent after your return to turn in your work for full credit. HOMEWORK / MAKE-UP POLICY

13  For any reason you need to leave the room, you are allowed up to 4 passes without penalty. However, for each pass you do not use, you will receive 1 extra credit point. Thus, if you never leave the room, you will receive 4 extra credit points at the end of the semester. You must have a student ID to use a hall pass. HALL PASSES

14 C LASS W EBSITE / E-M AIL / V OICEMAIL I NFORMATION  Class Website: www.msyutaftmath. com  Email Address:  Voicemail: (818) 227-3600 ext. 4033  The best means of communication is through email. I will email you back as soon as possible.  Make sure you identify yourself in the email. CONTACT INFORMATION CONTACT PREFERENCE

15 HOMEWORK ASSISTANCE  You will have access to all lecture notes, powerpoint presentation files, online links and review sheets on the class website:  Tutoring is available before school, during nutrition and lunch in my room CLASS WEBSITE

16  Class website will be updated daily  Grades will be updated daily on Jupiter Grades  Grades will be posted after a quiz/test  Stay informed of your grade at all times and any missed assignments when absent  Tutoring is available before school or during nutrition / lunch in my room ADDITIONAL INFORMATION

17  After school tutoring is available in the library and lunch peer tutoring is available in other math classes within the math department  Inform me if you believe there is an error on your grade report as soon as possible  Share your password to check grades online with your parent / guardian! (I will share it eventually anyway…) ADDITIONAL INFORMATION



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