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BASIC TRAINING Mrs. Carlson’s Classroom Behavior & Procedure Guide.

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1 BASIC TRAINING Mrs. Carlson’s Classroom Behavior & Procedure Guide

2 BATHROOM PASSES  You must have a pass  When leaving, sign out on the sheet by the door with the time and sign in when you return.  You will only be allowed 2 passes per each semester. After you have used both passes, you will stay after school 10 minutes to make up the time missed.

3 HOMEWORK  Homework is worth 25% of your grade  All homework must have an answer column unless I state otherwise.  Homework is GRADED!  Homework must be completed in pencil!

4 HOMEWORK CONTINUED…  You must show your work on all assignments or you will receive a zero.  I know when you need to show work and when you don’t.  Identical assignments are not tolerated. You can work with others, but you need to do your own work.

5 BAGS/PHONES/IPADS Bags in the classroom:  Keep it hanging on the back of the chair or completely under the desk. If it in the aisle, you will be asked to remove it from the classroom. Phones: I will confiscate your phone if I see it. I will ask you to put it away and then it will be turned into the office. IPADS: Ipads are to be used appropriately. They are used for note-taking and class participation. If you are using your ipad during lecture time inappropriately, I will confiscate it.

6 ABSENT WORK  All homework assignments will be posted at the front of the room and on powerschool daily.  It is your job to look at the board and copy down your assignment.  If you need a worksheet, you can get one from me or on my website  You are allowed 1 day for each day absent to complete your work.  If you are absent, you should copy notes on the lesson from a classmate as soon as you get to class or get them emailed to you.

7 LATE WORK  Any assignment that is not in at the start of class is flagged late.  All late work is 50% off. No exceptions!  Late work can be turned in anytime before the chapter or unit is completed.

8 OPENING WORK Opening work consists of math is practice problems that we do each day, an activity, or an article/writing topic.  This makes up 10% of your grade.  You will not do other work or talk during this time or you will lose your daily points.  This is a great time to ask questions or reinforce skills that you may be weak at.

9 MATERIALS  You must have a pencil every day for class.  All homework must be in pencil or it will be 50% off.  You will need your textbook everyday  You will need your notes everyday.  Please get a notebook for math. This does not mean sheets of paper random in your book.  If you do not have these items, you will lose classwork point for the day.  A TI-83 or TI-84 is recommended. We supply graphing calculators to each student. You must sign and parents must sign responsibility to check one out for the year.

10 GRAPHING CALCULATORS All Core math classes are provided graphing calculators TI-84 plus for the school year. To check one out you and your guardian must sign a waiver accepting responsibility for the calculator. If it is damaged or lost you will replace it for $100. You are expected to bring this daily.

11 TESTS  All tests will be announced by myself and posted on my website. Tests are worth 55% of your grade.  If you get a grade that is unsatisfactory, you have the following option: Test Problem Redo Students can redo any test problem that they miss. They can earn up to 1/2 credit for any problem that is redone and fixed. Students must redo the test problems at the assigned time the teacher schedules or within an indicated amount of time. This may change depending on the teacher and his/her preference. All students will be notified of the times and/or due dates. Teachers will document on powerschool that the student fixed problems and note that the test score reflects these additional points.

12 COURTESY  Raise your hand to speak  Get all materials before class begins.  Scrap paper is in the front of the room to use for opening work.  Sharpen pencils before class or at a time where individuals are not speaking.  Keep your hands to yourself.

13 MATH  I am available for questions/help before and after school.  It your job to set up time to come in and work with me on areas that you need help.

14 TECHNOLOGY  Grades are updated on powerschool everyday with the homework assignment also.  All worksheets are in.pdf form for you to view or print off from home or the library.  You will receive an username and password to access your textbook from the internet.  This access has quizzes, tests, and video tutors for help and support.  Link:  You need your IPAD daily

15 KEYTRAIN / METHOD TEST PREP  We will be working with two web-based programs designed to better your career-readiness skills and ACT scores.  The login for keytrain and MTP can be found on the student homepage.  The login is your full name and student ID. The password is your student ID.  This program can be accessed and worked on at home also.  Keytrain/MTP will be included as a test grade.



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