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Ms. Lemons General Chemistry Syllabus and Class Guidelines.

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1 Ms. Lemons General Chemistry Syllabus and Class Guidelines

2 Supplies Textbook White loose-leaf paper Folder Spiral Notebook or 3-ring binder Note cards Pen or pencil

3 Goals and Objectives 1.To learn why science is important in the real world. 2.To prepare students for the science needed for life as well as that needed for the science course taken in the future (high school or college). 3.To learn to use a scientific calculator. 4.To learn to read a science textbook. 5.To assume responsibility for your own learning and to help the learning of others. 6.To take good notes and keep all materials organized. 7.To become more resourceful and less dependent on the teacher. 8.To learn to listen to others carefully. 9.To learn to explain to others. 10.To learn to work well with classmates in-groups and in lab situations (1 per week on average). 11.To master content of course.

4 Class Format Classes will consist of, but not be limited to, lectures, labs, demonstrations, and research. Movies/DVD’s/CD’s will be shown when appropriate.

5 Student Responsibilities You are responsible for everything covered in class, even if you are absent!!! You are to bring your textbook, pen or pencil, and paper to class everyday.

6 Assignments Homework is due at the beginning of each class period. NO!!! Late work will be accepted. Every Monday (or the 1 st day of the week) you will have time to fill in your agenda. Please write the assignments down, so if you are absent you will have your work completed when you return. You can access my webpage at to find out homework assignments.

7 Laboratory Experiments Students will be performing weekly lab experiments, after completing experiments students are to turn in a formal type written laboratory report. IF reports are not typed they will not be graded (Not any portion will be graded). You can use the high school library computers. You may email in your reports on or before the day they are due before the end of that school day. No late reports will be accepted. Don’t wait to the night before to type your report. Computers break… run out of ink… If you are absent send them in with a friend, sibling, a parent, drop them in my mailbox before the end of the school day.

8 Make-up Work All assignments that are due or were due while you are absent are due the day you return to class. Make-up work will be counted only when your absence is excused…but not labs!! LABS ARE DUE ON THE DUE DAY OR BEFORE!! You are expected to have your homework completed on your return. (You are responsible to fill out your agenda on Monday. Failing to fill out your agenda is not an excuse for not completing your homework before your next chemistry class). Test/quiz are made up before or after school within 2 days of your return to school. You will not be allowed to do test corrections. Special arrangements must be made for long term absences. Labs: There are no exemptions from lab procedures!!! Lab make-ups are NOT possible. Students that miss labs will receive a ZERO for participation. But students may still turn in their pre-lab on or before the lab day and may turn in their type written lab on the due day.

9 Cheating Coping another student’s homework or assignments is cheating. Students caught cheating will receive a ZERO for that work. The second offense may result in loss of credit for the class per the handbook. Lab reports each students lab report should be their own work…no two students should have the same report.

10 Attendance and Behavior You are expected to attend each day and be on time (in your seat). Make sure you follow the school’s student handbook. Having multiple absences makes it hard to keep up in class. You are expected to know and use reasonable judgment in knowing what is appropriate behavior. You must follow all safety rules in lab rough housing or dangerous behavior may result in your removable from class. Best behavior is expected for a substitute.

11 Consequences for misconduct or improper behavior Behavior correcting, verbal warnings, detention, call home, removal from class, students are not to return to class until the problem has been resolved in a parent meeting.

12 Homework and Reading You should expect some reading and homework every night. All assignments are to be written out completely. Notebook, folders, and grade sheets will be checked every semester. I cannot stress how important it is for you to put a good effort into every assignment. In particular, you must read each lesson before attempting the homework problems.

13 Grade Sheet Every student will be given a grade sheet to record all tests, quizzes, labs, and homework on. The total number of points possible and the number you received will also be included. You will be able to calculate your grade at any time. There is no excuse to be shocked about your grade…I post grades after every unit test, check your grade.

14 Test and Quizzes You should expect weekly quizzes. You should expect a full period test at the end of each chapter/unit.

15 Your Grade Tests and quizzes count for 50% of your grade. Homework, labs, notebook, folder, grade sheet count for the other 50%. You must maintain a C average first semester to be in second semester.

16 Important If you miss class the day before a test/quiz, you will still be expected to take the test/quiz with the rest of the class. Test corrections can only be done before and after school 2 days after the test date. Remember if you do not take the test with the rest of the class you can NOT do test corrections.

17 How to be successful in Chem.. Do your daily textbook readings. Take notes. DO your homework… try every question. Ask questions in class… again and again if needed. Come in before or after school for extra help (it usually takes 5 minutes to clear up any confusion). Help each other in class if you know how to do the work help someone out… if you can teach it then you know it. Don’t waste class time…if I give you 10 minutes in class start your homework or reading…don’t sit and talk… Work ahead…you know what you work is for the week don’t wait to the night before to do it…IF you know you have to work or have a game do the homework earlier in the week.

18 Is Chemistry the right class for you? Answer the following questions Are you planning to do homework/reading every night? Are you willing to come in before/after school for extra help? Are you going to come to all test correction opportunities? Are you planning on having good attendance?

19 Work Cited “Jimmy Neutron”. Cartoons. Aug. 14, 2006. neutron.htm neutron.htm

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