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The Five Main Components of Reading Instruction

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1 The Five Main Components of Reading Instruction

2 Phonemic Awareness Is the ability to recognize the sounds of spoken language and how they can be segmented and manipulated.

3 Phonemic Awareness is important because…
It is a strong predictor of reading success. It focuses on sounds in words by pulling words apart, by adding sounds, by deleting sounds, and by substituting sounds. It improves reading and spelling skills.

4 Types of Phonemic Awareness
Blending phonemes into words Segmenting words into phonemes Manipulating phonemes in words Blending syllables into words Segmenting sentences into words Rhyme by matching the ending sounds of words Alliteration by naming words that begin with the same sound

5 Phonics Is being able to understand the relationship between written and spoken letters and sounds.

6 Phonics is important because…
Helps children recognize familiar words Helps in decoding new words Helps writing and spelling

7 Fluency It is the ability to read quickly, accurately, and with expression and phrasing.

8 Fluency is important because…
It supports comprehension. It makes reading more enjoyable and motivating.

9 Vocabulary Is the knowledge of words and their meaning in context.

10 Vocabulary is important because…
It helps children expand their knowledge of spoken and written language. The knowledge of the vocabulary read supports background knowledge and understanding of the text

11 Comprehension Is the ability to gain meaning from the text that is read.

12 Comprehension requires:
Vocabulary knowledge Language developed to the level of the text being read The ability to predict, summarize, analyze, and infer

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