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Creating, receiving & managing program notifications October 2008.

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1 Creating, receiving & managing program notifications October 2008

2 Introduction: want to be notified? Do you want to be notified of TV news broadcasts that meet your requirements? You can! Simply set up an alert, or have a member of the library staff set it up for you; Once the alert is created you will receive notifications by email of newly broadcast programs that meet your criteria; Alert is no longer required? You can delete at any time; and, Need help? Please contact the library staff. 27/10/20082TAFE NSW - Western Institute Libraries

3 Create an alert Log on to the TV News database (URL:; Username: witafe; Password: informit; Perform the search, e.g. “binge drinking”; refine and modify as required; and, Press the Create Alert icon. 27/10/20083TAFE NSW - Western Institute Libraries

4 Create an alert (Continued) The create alert window will appear; Enter a valid email address; The database will copy over the details of your last search; Modify your alert expiry date (there is an option for 1, 3, 6 or 12 months); Press the Create Alert button; and, The alert has been created! Points to note: Once the alert has been created the database will display a list of your current alerts; and, The system will timeout and log off if there is no activity for 15 minutes. 27/10/20084TAFE NSW - Western Institute Libraries

5 Manage Alerts Here you can modify, delete and re-run alerts: Delete – will delete your alert (the database via a warning dialog box will ask you to confirm your request to delete); Modify – present your alert details and display boxes in which you can change the search strategy (in the Description box ) or change the alert expiry date; Run Now – will executive the selected alert and present the search results; Renew Now – will allow you to change the expiry date of the selected alert; and, Change email – allows a different email address for notification to be selected. 27/10/20085TAFE NSW - Western Institute Libraries

6 Notification emails from RMIT RMIT will send email when programs are broadcast that meet your alert profile, or when an alert is created or modified. Email is from (do not reply to this email). Email subject line contains “Informit Alert – TV NEWS”; It will information you of the number of results (hits), title, date, etc.; Embedded links in the email allow the original database search to be re-run; and, Embedded links allow the alert to be modified or deleted, but to do these tasks you will have to log on to the TV News database. 27/10/20086TAFE NSW - Western Institute Libraries

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