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1 Username Password

2 When logged in, the first page that appears is the Agent’s area
4 menus are displayed: 1- Pending policies (view all policies which are not yet active) 2- Active policies ( view all the policies which are active) 3- Pending proposals (view the proposals that are given to clients, but they are not active policies) 4- General conditions (to view and print the general conditions) *The menus will drop down upon clicking on them. * A proposal can be switched to a policy by clicking on the “Make Policy” button near the requested proposal)

3 In the upper Drop -down menus you can manage your account, manage issuing policies , and manage reporting

4 Agent setting is for managing the account 1- Edit Profile (edit address, tel., contact…) 2- Reset Password (to change the password) 3- Agent’s area (returns to the 1st page “home page”)


6 Create policy  individual you can either enter the client information and then press the Add new adherent button, or if the you have issued a previous policy for the same client you can find it in your data record in the adherent list. You click on his name and click on the add adherent from lis. Policy settings, where we manage policies (issuing, changing date, endorsement…) 1- Create policy, for issuing policies: individual , Family, Group

7 You continue and you choose the destination, the desired plan, number of days, and you choose the inception date You click compute, for any additional premium that the agent desires to add, you put the amount in the “additional fees” box You hit the submit button then the Print on A4 button, A pop up window will show the policy preview for final print.

8 To search for a previously added client in the data record, you go to adherent search. This will enable you to view the client’s information and edit them.

9 To search for a previously made policy, you go to Policy search
To search for a previously made policy, you go to Policy search. This will enable you to view the policy information, change the inception date(if not yet active) and make an endorsement to extend the policy duration. To change the inception date of the policy, you click on “change date” button. You put the new inception desired and you click the save button

10 You determine the period you need, (ex: if the policy duration is for 5 days and you want it to be for 90 days , in the total policy period you choose 90 days. The difference in the price will be calculated). Then you click on submit and you print on A4. ( a second policy will be printed starting from the expiry date of the previous one). To extend the duration of the policy, you click on “ Endorsement”

11 You choose your search criteria's and hit the “Generate” button.
To view your production, by date, by policy, …. You go to the Agent report

12 You choose the date which you want your report to be from and to and you hit the “search” button and then click on “export to excel” You can either select the report, copy paste it to an excel sheet or you can use the “export to excel”

13 If you have sent a policy by to the client, you can view a report of the mailed policies with the address sent to in the Policy mail details

14 To view your subagent production and control their cancellation you go to the sub agent report

15 Important notice. To be able to print the policy on A4 please follow these steps. (this is made only once and not each time you log in) 1- in the internet explorer window, go to: Tools pop up blocker pop up blocker settings in the websites to allow enter our website address : and hit the add button 2- also in the tools menu : Tools internet options advanced printing  put a tick on the print background images and colors. And hit the ok button. For any information, please contact us by on:

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