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Mobile TV & IPTV platforms

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1 Mobile TV & IPTV platforms
Rethink IPTV services Mobile TV & IPTV platforms PBX TV Mobile TV Service:

2 Table of Contents PBX Telecom - Company Overview Mobile TV solution
IPTV solution Conclusions

3 I. PBX Telecom - Company Overview
Developed an end-to-end proprietary IPTV/Mobile TV platforms (R&D, software and hardware); Over 300,000 IPTV customers in Romania, USA, Canada, Australia and Pakistan; Business Model: Actively seeking partnerships with wireless carriers/ISPs for IPTV/Mobile TV services deployment; Revenue sharing; Current deployments: - Zong Mobile (9 mil. Users, China Mobile’s subsidiary in Pakistan) – Mobile TV over EDGE only network with live streams as low as 56 kbps; - PTCL (Pakistan’s largest landline operator owned by Etisalat and Pakistani state) – First Mobile TV service designed for Android tablets with 24/7 re-runs; - Cosmote (3G mobile carrier in Romania) – first Mobile TV solution to utilize our own dynamic allocation of streams enabling saving in hardware costs of up to 50%;

4 II. Mobile TV solution Supported Handsets:
Android OS – any version. “PBX TV” application already present in Market (over 80,000 downloads); Symbian OS – from 3rd edition and up. Also includes most S40 phones from Nokia; BlackBerry OS – any model from BlackBerry Curve and up; Windows Mobile – any version; Windows Phone – any version; Apple’s iOS – any iPhone/iPad and iPod Touch models; Any mobile phone capable of 3gpp streaming playback;

5 II. Mobile TV solution Platform Specs:
- works with any mobile platform (Android, iPhone, Windows Phone, Symbian, Java) - clients for each platform ready to be customized for your service - support for laptops with 3G dongle - 24/7 re-run support - multiple bitrates supported (example: 64 kbps for EDGE, 128 kbps for 3G, 256 kbps for HSDPA and 512 kbps for WIFI)

6 II. Mobile TV solution Platform Specs (part II):
- encoding presets based on content type (example: sports channels have more fps, music channels have increased audio bitrate) - automatic stream bitrate selection based on network conditions - PBX Mobile TV Platform is world's first mobile TV platform that uses dynamic allocation of streams. This basically reduces the cost of required hardware up to 50% or even more, while providing a rich content offering (more TV channels) and great service optimization (multiple bitrates).

7 II. Mobile TV solution Unmatched competitive advantage in terms of:
Technical performance: at least four times more “bandwidth” efficient than any competitor product due to proprietary filtering technology that enables higher quality output at same bitrate; Capex: highly competitive initial investment (our focus is on future revenue sharing based on a “win-win” strategy) Opex: minimum due to: a) lowest software & licensing upgrade fees; b) no fees for support services; c) efficient use of resources (HW, SW and bandwidth) as a “standard company policy”;

8 II. Mobile TV solution Unmatched competitive advantage in terms of (part II): Experience in working with the mobile carriers: the most rapid rollout starting from the installation of the servers and launching the service: 10 days; Our company traditionally has great experience in developing IPTV services - the entire platform being developed internally. The service is being used by 9.5 million users across 5 continents;

9 II. Mobile TV solution Key Stats:
Over 80,000 downloads of the PBX TV app. from Google Play (Android); Available bitrates: 256 kbps – available in all PBX TV networks (incl. Romania); Pakistan: bundled service – 28 kbps for GPRS, 64 kbps for EDGE networks and 256 kbps for Wi-Fi access; Bitrate can range between 28 kbps and 1.5 mbps; 64, 128, 256 and 512 kbps available with Cosmote’s Dolce TV

10 III. IPTV solution PBX Telecom’s IPTV solution is an enabler for the following services: Live TV (higher quality with less bandwidth – keeps operators’ investments to a minimum while offering triple-play services); 7 days re-runs – available for all TV channels (content stored on server side); Video on Demand; Remote access to user generated content (from STBs or phones); Deployable over HSDPA networks;

11 III. IPTV solution IPTV services are available on the following platforms: SD and HD PBX Telecom proprietary set-top-boxes; All computer operating systems (Microsoft, Linux, Apple) – reachable using both dedicated client applications and browsers; Car Computers (Carputers) – using 3G dongles;

12 III. IPTV solution General Architecture:
Content Source: TV content (SD, HD) from satellite, content from PBX network, new niche TV content developed by content providers etc Publishing Point: Proprietary technology (CDN) that brings economies of scale in terms of consumed bandwidth, response time, content delivery (incl. foreign) and ultimately money

13 III. IPTV solution Key Stats:
270,000 registered users in Romania where PBX Telecom provides the service directly to end-users; 6 niche TV stations exclusively available in our network; 70,000 foreign users through PBX Telecom’s local partnerships;

14 V. Conclusions Using PBX Telecom’s solutions, one accomplishes:
Savings (Capex/Opex) by Efficient usage of resources (bandwidth, already paid TV content) while increasing customer satisfaction; More Diversification of VAS portfolio with the best cost vs. benefit ratio; Attain Strategic Differentiation from the competition by using an innovation that is hard to replicate both Technically and Financially; Recoup the initial investment in a Quarter; Tap into the competition’s user-base by adopting an out-of-the-box thinking; PBX Telecom - the SMART choice (More quality – Less Costs – More Profit Margin – Less headaches)

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