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Introducing the cloud platform security solution: e-Line Cloud NVR Platform.

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1 Introducing the cloud platform security solution: e-Line Cloud NVR Platform

2 Overview Features of e-Line Cloud NVR Remote from anywhere IP cam = DVR iPhone & 3G Phone Access Advanced Server Application Additional Benefits Applications of e-Line Cloud NVR Only Limited to Your Imagination Upgrade to Existing Customer Base Camera Lineup

3 Remote from Anywhere Type URL into browser, anytime, anywhere to log into system Type Username and Password to access IP cams registered under the account

4 IP cam = DVR IP cam has SD card performing DVR-like recording Hit Playback to see SD card recorded video

5 Graphic User Interface Easy GUI allows you to playback SD card on IE browser Audio recording is also available

6 iPhone & 3G Phone Access Neither fixed IP address nor software is required. Windows Mobile Symbian Blackberry iPhone

7 Application Server Recording Server Record IP cam videos at central server Relay Server For multiple users to log in IE and 3G at the same time Key in AppServer Name (Any Name) Serial Number is Given

8 Management System Select cameras under admin account and add into the server Type of distribution (It is applicable when you host combine service server

9 No Fees or Licensing Per Channel Ease of Installation Expansion Flexibility Offsite Storage Services Wireless B/G/N Capabilities Bi-Directional Audio Available Analog to IP Conversion Cost Effective Solution Additional Benefits

10 Creativity is the key Any type of Commercial or Residential Application. Construction Industry, Medicinal Marijuana, Transportation Industry, Pet Stores, Churches. Multiple Sites Surveillance Franchised establishments – i.e. Convenience stores, coffee shop, food shop, retail outlet, etc. Corporate offices Upgrade Your Existing Customer Base What better place to start than people you already know Application of Cloud NVR

11 Value IP Wired, Wifi & POE Camera Lineup Mini Dome Wired, Wifi & POE Full Body Pro Cam Outdoor CameraOutdoor w/ VarifocalPT & PTZ Outdoor Vandal Dome Analog to IP Video Server

12 Coming Soon Wireless Outdoor Vandal Dome Megapixel Cameras POS ready Cameras

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