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By Lizzie

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2 By Lizzie

3 Physical PropertiesPhysical Properties  Copper can be Silver or Gold.  Copper is solid.  Its odor is diamagnetic.  It has crystal structure.  It is number 29 on the periodic table.

4 Crystalline StructureCrystalline Structure  Face centered cubic

5 General InformationGeneral Information  Symbol=Cu  Atomic number=29  Atomic weight=63.546  Number of protons=29  Electrons=29  Neutrons=35

6 Atomic Properties…Atomic Properties…  Block=d  Period=4  Group=11  Electron configuration=  [Ar] 3d 10 4s 1

7 Uses of Copper…Uses of Copper…  The Statue of Liberty, for example, contains 179,220 pounds of copper.  Copper is used for guttering, roofing, and rainspouts on buildings.  You can also use copper for cookware such as frying pans.  Copper is used as a Positron emission.

8 Uses Continued…Uses Continued…  Copper is also commonly used in musical instruments, especially brass instruments and timpani.  Copper is frequently used in electroplating with Zinc and other metals.  Copper has also been used as water-proof roofing materials.  Copper is also used for bathtubs, counter tops, sinks, and also for some slug tape.

9 ABUNDANCE…ABUNDANCE…  Copper can be found in mineral form, in Michigan’s Keewenaw Peninsula.  Copper is mainly found in coins such as pennies!

10 Chemical properties…Chemical properties…  The oxidation number for copper is +1, +2, +3, +4.

11 Interesting facts…Interesting facts…  Copper is the only metal, other than gold that has natural color.  Copper does not rust, corrode, or damage easily.  The first use of copper that was dated, was 10,000 years ago.  /watch?v=GFIvXVMbII0 /watch?v=GFIvXVMbII0

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