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Bromine (Br) Kendrick Fry.

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1 Bromine (Br) Kendrick Fry

2 Bromine: Physical Properties: Color: Red-Brown
State at 25 degrees Celsius: Liquid Density: 3.1 Hardness: No data Melting Point (K): 266 Boiling Point (K): 332.7 Non-Metal

3 Bromine: Crystalline Structure: Structure: orthorhombic
Cell parameters: a: pm b: pm c: pm α: ° β: ° γ: °

4 Bromine: Symbol: Atomic number: 35 Atomic mass: 79.904
f Atomic number: 35 Atomic mass: Number of Protons:35 Number of Neutrons:45 Number of Electrons:35

5 Bromine: Group: 17 Block: P Period 4
Electron Configuration: 1s2, 2s2, 2p6, 3s2, 3p6, 4s2, 3d10, 4p5

6 Bromine: Uses Of Bromine: : Used in making fire retardant chemicals
: As a disinfectant in water treatment : In flame proofing agents : In dyes : In medicine

7 Bromine: Uses of Bromine:
: Inorganic bromine is used in photography film  : It's related compound ethylene dibromine (EDB) was used in making leaded gasoline but was banned because it was found to be a known cause of cancer : In fumigants

8 Bromine: Mostly found with Metals.
Where is Bromine found? Bromine’s Abundance: Mostly found with Metals. In 1996 about 1 billion pounds were produced Worldwide. Obtained from a mollusk (shell fish) Bromine is mostly found in wells in Michigan and Arkansas.

9 Bromine: Chemical properties, reactivity, oxidation states Bromine reacts with water to form a mixture of Hydrobromic Acid, HBr, and Hypobromous Acid, HBrO. Br2 + H2O ==> HBr + HBrO Bromine liberates Oxygen when the resulting solution is heated or exposed to strong sunlight. 2 HBrO ==> 2HBr + O2 Bromine reacts with alkalis in a similar way to Chlorine. Bromine also displaces free elemental Iodine from solution of Iodide Salts, I(-).

10 Bromine:
The name originates from the Greek word 'Bromos' meaning "stench"

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