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C OPPER By: Kaitlin

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2 C OPPER By: Kaitlin

3 P HYSICAL P ROPERTIES Color: copper colored with weathered specimens tarnished green. Luster: is metallic. Transparency: is opaque. Cleavage: is absent. Fracture: is jagged. Other Characteristics: ductile, malleable and sectile, meaning it can be pounded into other shapes, stretched into a wire and cut into slices. Streak: reddish copper color. Hardness: is 2.5-3 Crystal Habits: massive, wires and arborescent or branching forms as the most common, whole individual crystals are extremely rare but when present are usually cubes and octahedrons. Occasionally, massive forms will show some recognizable crystal faces on outer surfaces.

4 C RYSTALLINE S TRUCTURE The Crystalline Structure of copper is cubic. It is also close- packed.

5 S YMBOL, A TOMIC N UMBER, A TOMIC W EIGHT, N UMBER OF P ROTONS, E LECTRONS, N EUTRONS Symbol: Cu Atomic Number: 29 Atomic Weight: 63.546 (3) Number of Protons: 29 Electrons: 29 Neutrons: 34 Copper

6 B LOCK, P ERIOD, G ROUP, E LECTRON C ONFIGURATION Block: d-block Period: 4 Group: Coinage Metal Electron Configuration:[ Ar ]. 3d 10. 4s 1

7 U SES OF THE E LEMENT Pennies Pots Wall Sconce Fence Posts Roofs Bathtub Bracelet Vases Top Tables Watches

8 U SES OF THE E LEMENT Sink Pipe Shower Wire Element Sculptures Tea Tray Shingles Gutters

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