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NEON By: Haley

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2 NEON By: Haley

3 P HYSICAL P ROPERTIES Gas Colorless Non-metallic Glows reddish orange Melting point:-258.59 ºCelsius Boiling point:-246.08 ºCelsius

4 C RYSTAL STRUCTURE o Crystalline structure: Cubic

5 A TOMIC STRUCTURE o Atomic number: 10 o Atomic symbol: Ne o Atomic weight: 20.1797 o Protons:10 o Electrons:10 o Neutrons: 10

6 A TOMIC PROPERTIES Block: p-block Period: 2 Group: 18 Electron Configuration: [ He ]. 2s 2. 2p 6

7 U SES OF NEON Signs Gas lasers

8 M ORE USES TV tubes Wave meter tubes

9 A BUNDANCE Location ppb by weight ppb by atoms Universe 1300000 80000 Sun 1000000 70000 Meteorite (carbonaceous) no data no data Crustal rocks 3.0 3 Sea water 0.12 0.037 Stream no data no data Human no data no data Universe Sun Meteorite (carbonaceous) Crustal rocks Sea water Stream Human

10 C HEMICAL PROPERTIES o Reactivity: no reactivity o oxidation state: none o over 40 times the refrigerating capacity of liquid heliumhelium

11 I NTERESTING FACTS ABOUT NEON o was discovered by Sir William Ramsay and Morris Travers o discovered through work on liquid air o Neon a bomb Neon a bomb o

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