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carbon :// Carbon_Additive___Carbon_Riser___Recarbu rizer_CPC.jpg.

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2 carbon :// Carbon_Additive___Carbon_Riser___Recarbu rizer_CPC.jpg

3 Its black, its hard, not magnetic, doesn’t conduct electricity, non metallic, Physical properties

4 Crystalline structure  In the solid state, elemental carbon, silicon, germanium, and gray tin exist as cubic crystals, based upon a three- dimensional arrangement of bonds.solidsilicon  Each atom is covalently bonded to four neighboring atoms in such a way that they form the corners of a tetrahedron.

5 Properties  Symbol: C, Atomic Number: 6, Atomic Mass: 12.0107, Number of Protons: 36, Electrons: 36, Neutrons: 84.

6 Block, period, group, electron configuration  Block in periodic table: p-block Block in periodic table  Period in periodic table: 6 Period in periodic table  Group in periodic table: 14 Group in periodic table  electron configuration: [He].2s 2.2p 2 electron configuration

7 Uses for Carbon.  Carbon has many industrial uses for its three forms; amorphous, diamond, and graphite.

8 Uses of Carbon  The amorphous form (coal) is used in power plants, and is used in the iron industry to make steel. The diamond form is used as jewelry, and is used as part of cutting tools.

9 Where Carbon found  It is found in volcano's.

10 Chemical Properties  Carbon is sixth element in the periodic table with an atomic weight of 12. It is commonly encountered in our lives as the black residue left by burning paper, the "lead" in our graphite pencils or the glitter of diamonds in expensive jewellery.

11 Interesting facts  It makes diamonds.  They put it in cars to make it go faster TJ4

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