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The changes in the salon Are faced in various ways, with services aimed at Personalizing the client’s style Creating client loyalty within the salon.

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3 The changes in the salon Are faced in various ways, with services aimed at Personalizing the client’s style Creating client loyalty within the salon

4 How to change hair color It is possible to transform natural hair color with oxidation colors but to reach strong lift effects it is necessary to use a decolorant. Lightening colored hair is possible in two ways: lifting then toning


6 Ultra lightening colored pastes Red Red/Orange Orange YellowYellow Lifts and colors in just one easy step only 10 mins. on natural hair 20 mins. on colored hair

7 Red - Red orange - Orange - Yellow The high affinity of its colorants to the keratin found in hair respect and condition hair while coloring it with unique tones

8 Coloring Molecule Ultra lighting Molecule



11 ultra lightening colored pastes 1/2 oz colored sachets peroxide at 10/ 20 volumes variable processing times (natural or colored) color chart showing the results on different types of level Red - Red orange - Orange - Yellow

12 The display color chart Designed to propose and offer services In-salon display to promote the product and service attractive presentation for the client for the haircolorist it is an indicator of the final result with streak effects or decolored bands results on base levels: from 1 to 3 from 7 to 9 from 4 to 6

13 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 indicative results reached on different levels Increased intensity of HI-LITE colors on different level of tone light medium dark

14 The expression reached on these levels is very bright and it is faithful to the product’s tone on light levels. Coloro Oxi is recommended at 10 vols. 7 8 9 Results on light levels red - red/orange - orange - yellow

15 The expression of the tone on these levels is very bright but it depends on the lift. Coloro Oxi at 10 - 20 vols is recommended. 4 5 6 Results on medium levels red - red/orange - orange - yellow

16 The result of the tone depends on the intensity of the base it is applied to, the result will of course be more delicate and there will be less contrast than with the light levels. Coloro Oxi at 20 vols is recommended. 1 2 3 Results on dark levels It is recommended to extend the processing time to 40 minutes on black cosmetic bases in order to reach more evident results. red - red/orange - orange - yellow

17 Maximum leave on time up to 40 minutes Mixing 1 (1/2oz) sachet of HI-LITE red - red/orange - orange - yellow 1.1/2 oz of Coloro Oxy at 10-20 vols

18 PROCESSING TIMES Coloro Oxi at 10-20 vols Natural hair 10 -20 mins colored hair 20 - 30 mins Coloro Oxi at 10-20 vols

19 How to create the many possibilties with

20 Complementary services With Conditioning additive 1) As a toner on streaks and sun kissed effects 2) How to personalize the HI-LITE tones

21 Conditioning additive MIXA is a creamy emulsion with an acid pH, it is rich in active principles which carry out a hydrating and softening action. Its formula has been especially studied by Kemon’s ReS laboratory to be mixed with HI-LITE. The amino-functional silicones and the quaternary polymers hydrate, protect, condition and leave hair easy to comb. The blend of Vegetal oils and Provitamin B5 promote a hydrating, softening, soothing and anti-redness action. MIXA is a safe and reliable support to protect hair during the cosmetic treatment.

22 Conditioning additive Ability Hydrating and protecting conditioner on treated hair before using HI-LITE. It changes and personalizes the HI- LITE colors. Used together with HI-LITE it acts as a toner.

23 coloring Molecule

24 As a toner Increases the range of HI-LITE tones possible and promotes color maintenance Mixed with 1 sachet (1/2oz) of HI-LITE (red - red/orange - orange - yellow) 1.1/2oz of HI-LITE MIXA (conditioning additive) Leave on time from 10 to 20 minues

25 color and lift, personalizing the tone 1 sachet (1/2oz) of HI-LITE (red - red/orange - orange - yellow) 1/2oz of HI-LITE MIXA (conditioning additive) 1oz of COLORO OXY (10-20 vols) Personalizes the tone 1 sachet (1/2oz) of HI-LITE 1oz of HI-LITE MIXA 1/2oz of COLORO OXY

26 1/2oz1.1/2oz Service coloring Lift Changing the tones coloring and lift Toning

27 decoloring paste With a Coconut Oil base Rapid but gradual action

28 The components Coconut oil softening substances azure pigment anionic surf-active agents mix of oxidizers new blend of vegetal oils

29 The advantages Lifts up to 6 levels Low ammonia level Dust-free Perfect for use with all techniques Pleasant fruity fragrance Gentle on both scalp and hair

30 20 vols Coloro Ton 10 vols 102030405060 1 2 3 4 5 6 Indicative leave on times for max lift

31 1/2 oz.1-1/2 oz. Service Changing the lift decoloring paste

32 1 (1/2oz) sachet 1.1/2oz of Coloro Ton or Coloro Oxy at 10 20 30 40 vols. Leave on time up to 60 minutes Mixing

33 choosing the volumes of peroxide Decoloring Bleaching Max 10 Vols. and Coloro Ton Free hand streaks 10- 20-30-40 vols and Coloro Ton Streaks, Highlights with foil and cap Max 10-20 Vols. and Coloro Ton

34 application Important that product penetrates Important to use the same amount Important to deposit and not brush on

35 processing Do not use heat It is active up to 6O minutes Like all decolorants it must be controlled during processing

36 Respect natural hair Only act on decolored hair, and on sensitized hair 10.11 tone soft ash 10 tone neutral 10.23 tone soft beige 10.3 tone soft gold The Coloro Toners Toning after

37 Unwanted ugly yellow tones often appear on white, grey, light blonde, bleached and streaked hair.. Cold Look is a spicey-scented cleanser that has been especially formulated to tone down these undesired tones, and to revive and restore splendour to the natural color. Anti-Yellow Cleanser CLEANSER

38 And what if the client wants to change? The client may tire fast of such strong chromatic effects and want to change the color with another tone. The client’s decision becomes a problem for the haircolorist as such strong colors are very very hard to remove.

39 colorout is perfect for getting rid of all the HI-LITE colors in a super safe and easy way. After using colorout the haircolorist can propose another toning service. The type of pigment used permits Colorout to effectively remove all the colors from the HI-LITE range. A safe and reliable way of passing from one service to another without any worries and risks for the condition of the hair Getting rid of tones

40 Its advantage over traditional lightening systems, is that it can lift and color hair at the same time and with a variety of colors. It lifts and colors in one easy step. It is effective even on colored hair and gives maximum lift and extremely strong tones. It is only used with 10-20 vols which guarantees maximum respect of the hair structure Reduced processing times It can be easily removed with Colorout Safe and reliable to pass from one service to another

41 Frequently asked questions How can I get rid of HI-LITE if the client wants to change the color of the tone? Can I remove the HI-LITE tone and still keep the streaks? Will Hi-LITE lighten natural hair when used as a toner on streaks? Is it possible to reach less evident colors with HI-LITE?


43 Color Saver: a gentle spicey- scented cleanser that gives vitality and splendour to colored hair. Color Saver helps keep colors luminous for longer and prevents them losing their original tones. CLEANSER Color Protection Cleanser

44 Rapid Restructurer CONDITIONER The correct balance of active principles contained within Deep Relief, is perfect for nourishing and conditioning damaged and sensitized hair. Deep Relief is a rapid rinse- off reconstructor with a spicey aroma. It is ideal for protecting and strengthening all hair types, it neutralizes the harmful effects of free- radicals caused by pollution and exposure to UV rays. Its rapid action restores body and shine while promoting color maintenance.

45 Instant Relief is an instant leave-in ecological mousse with a spicey aroma. It is perfect for for color maintenance, it protects hair during styling and it repairs damage caused to the hair structure from UV rays and aggressive external agents. Used together with the conditioner Deep Relief and the cleanser Color Saver it helps to slow down pigment loss and promote color maintenance. CONDITIONER Instant Leave-in Restructurer

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