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Questions and answers of keratin

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1 Questions and answers of keratin

2 What is the treatment of keratin Mevys?
It is a product designed to moisturize, heal and protect the hair, reduce volume, Delete Freeze, smooth and keep your hair healthy and manageable. It contains a combination of keratin protein, collagen, wheat, rice, soy and silk. This combination of proteins unique to the market and with different molecular sizes is allowing small proteins to penetrate deep into the crust, while large proteins seal the cuticle due to its amino acid content of silk. In this way the hair is repaired from the inside out and is well hydrated and protected by its high content of external cosmetic agents.

3 Which products should be used after treatment?
You should use the product line maintenance Mevys 72 hours after you've applied the treatment of keratin Mevys. It should use products free of sulfates and is free of sulfates Shampoo Mevys also protect your hair treated with the keratin treatment, also is designed to protect your hair color. That is the only dual action product for your hair keratin and color treated. You must also use the Mevys conditioner that contains aloe vera and keeps your hair smooth. Also if you plan on going to the pool or beach can use Leave-in Reconstructor Mevys which is a leave-in that not only protects your hair from the effects of chlorine and nitrate, but also from ultraviolet rays and reconstructs internally fiber hair. And last you should apply at least once a week the intense and refreshing mask that will keep your hair healthy.

4 After treatment I do not need more dry my hair?
Fake. Mevys Keratin Treatment is the most complete and best-designed market. This moisturizing treatment is a main component is keratin, with the benefit of smoothing the hair, but if you need further secándote hair. The difference is that now your hair will be more manageable and the drying process now take 10 to 15 minutes.

5 Can apply in dyed hair? If. Keratin has no incompatibility with other pre-treatment that you've been in the hair. Even if your hair is virgin. Mevys keratin treatment can be used on all hair types.

6 After last three months should apply again throughout the hair treatment?
If. Even if you allow your chances, you can do this treatment every month, because the more you do it you will notice better results in hair.

7 After applying the keratin can dye your hair?
Yes, but it is advisable to wait a week. Instead, you should apply the dye before the keratin, as this would seal and hydrate the hair, either dye or any other process. Suggested color process first, wait a week, apply the treatment of keratin Mevys and then make a cut of tips

8 Is the keratin can change hair color?
No, on the contrary, enhances the color of the hair.

9 Is it true that this treatment contains formaldehyde, which is dangerous and can damage the hair longer? Depends on the product we use. The keratin formaldehyde Mevys not directly, contains a derivative of formaldehyde called formalin. This component is what makes the treatment lasts. The amount contained is minimal keratin, so no side effects on the health of people.

10 Can you apply the treatment on your hair previously treated with chemicals?
If treatment can be applied on any type of chemically treated hair.

11 With this treatment is hair loss?
No, the keratin protein and therefore it strengthens the hair follicle.

12 Can you cut my hair before the treatment?
No, we recommend cutting after treatment. That way you can eliminate dead ends at the end of treatment. What type of keratin I use depending on the type of hair? Mevys has designed an easy way to apply the treatment depending on the thickness of the hair and the same degree of porosity, see attached table of the treatment of keratin Mevys. Visit us to see our products!

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