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ARMA International 2009 Region Leadership ARMA HQ and Your Chapter: Resources for Success.

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1 ARMA International 2009 Region Leadership ARMA HQ and Your Chapter: Resources for Success

2 What we’ll cover Overview of ARMA International Member Services Communications Association Management System New Chapter Operations e-Handbook Leadership Development Overview of new Chapter Awards and Awards Recognition at Conference Future resources being developed

3 ARMA Structure and Governing Documents IRS - 501(c)(6) ARMA International, its chapters and regions are not exempt from paying sales tax. ARMA and all chapters/regions are not-for-profit organizations; as such, they are liable for paying state/local sales tax. ARMA is NOT considered a non-profit organization, which would be exempt from paying sales tax on any purchases (for example: Red Cross is a non-profit thus do not have to pay sales tax).

4 “Not-for-Profit” What does it mean? The primary goal of the organization is to fulfill the needs of its members, rather than produce profits for owner/investors. It does not mean the organization should not make a profit. It can and should produce a surplus of revenues over expenses – the surpluses must be used to enhance the position of the organization and its mission.

5 ARMA and its Chapters and Regions: Chapter is a “subsidiary” of ARMA Int’l – issued a charter by ARMA More than 11,000 members worldwide 11 Regions (9 North America) –Region Managers –Region Coordinators –Treasurers 120 Chapters –Chapter Board/Officers (top 4 required) –Committees, task forces, etc –Members

6 Categories of Members Basic Member (ARMA $175*) Student (ARMA $25) Retired (ARMA $25) Honorary (ARMA $0) * All dues stated in U.S. Dollars

7 New ARMA Member Category Provisional Member One time, 6-month trial membership; no charge; offered with qualifying purchase determined by HQ; renews into Basic Member; Chapter membership not included, however will be marketing to for chapter and other offerings. Must not have been an ARMA member for five years.

8 Insurance and Taxes –Insurance implications Covered under ARMA General Liability up to $1 mill per occurrence (Chapters and Regions) Directors and Officers Liability (Regions only) Willis HRS Broker (new contact info) –Barbara Henry, –(800) 258-9099 / +1 785-865-3358 –Tax implications Form 990 – filed with ARMA’s group tax return

9 Communications –Chapter Connections –New/Terminating Member E-mails New members, lapsing members Be sure your server will receive message from exchange

10 New Association Management System!! Ability to join Chapter mid-year online Easy and pro-active Chapter selection process when joining ARMA online

11 Chapter Operations e-Handbook –Newly revised –Updated in real time –Chapter operations resources, forms, templates –Leadership Academy –Reports



14 Leadership Academy Online Courses –“Personal Leadership Skills” 11 online modules 30-45 minutes per module Quiz at end of each module – 80% to pass 6.5 ICRM credits pre-approved Who in your region has completed courses? –Check the e-Handbook! –“Personal Business Skills” Next level of online courses – To be announced – Login = Member i.d. number Password = ARMA

15 Leadership Academy 2009 Region Leadership Conferences “Building Leadership Momentum: Putting Strategic Planning to Work” Dale Mask, Alliance Training and Consulting 2009 ARMA Conference in Orlando “Project Management for the Occasional Project Manager” Tuesday, October 13, 2009 8:00 to 3:00 p.m. NO COST for ARMA Leadership!! Not ICRM pre-approved

16 2009 Conference Leadership Meetings –Tuesday, October 13, 2009 “Project Management for the Occasional Project Manager” 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. RSVP required – Watch for email announcements – not ICRM pre-approved –Wednesday, October 14, 2009 11:30 – 1:00 p.m. Chapter Awards Luncheon 1:00 – 5:00 p.m. ARMA/Region/Chapter specific sessions 5:00 to 6:30 p.m. Region receptions/networking 6:30 p.m. Young Professional Networking event –All events at the Orlando World Center Marriott

17 Grants/ Financial Support –Leadership Training Grant Two per region, apply in Spring $400 subsidizes travel to attend summer Region Leadership meeting –Chapter Speaker Grant $500 to help defray cost of quality speaker at Chapter meeting/seminar 25 per fiscal year – ongoing throughout year –Applications in handouts –Education Session Monitor (ARMA Conference) Complimentary Conference Registration –Applications available at

18 Awards Program New Chapter Awards - Recognized in 2010 Chapter Participation Award Chapter Leader of the Year Award Innovation Award Membership Recruitment Award Chapter Merit Award New Awards Recognition Program this year at the 2009 Conference

19 New Chapter Awards Chapter Participation Award –Member attendance at Meetings/events –Participation on the Board Chapter Leader of the Year Award –Outstanding chapter Board member; similar to Chapter Member of the Year, only for Board –Contributions to the chapter, region, and/or ARMA International –Supports and promotes ARMA International objectives

20 New Chapter Awards Chapter Innovation Award –Innovative approach to a chapter operation Ex: approach to increasing membership, improving Board participation, attaining high quality speakers Membership Recruitment Award –Greatest increase in membership vs. previous year –All chapters automatically entered

21 New Chapter Awards Chapter Merit Award –Recognizes chapters that have actively participated in projects and programs at ARMA International Ex: Submitted forms on time; applied for HQ Grants; leadership attended Leadership Day at Conference; Leadership completed the online leadership academy courses, etc.

22 Current Chapter Awards Chapter Website of the Year Region Website of the Year Chapter Newsletter of the Year Special Project Award Chapter of the Year (new application process) Chapter Member of the Year ************************************************ Company of Fellows; Distinguished Service; Britt Literary; Zanotti; Cobalt

23 Awards Recognition at Conference Chapter Awards Luncheon – Oct 14 –Ticket/rsvp $20 –11:30 to 1:00 p.m. – prior to Region and Chapter leadership sessions –Presentation of Chapter –related awards Opening General Session – Oct 15 Announcement of Fellows, Distinguished Service, Britt Literary, Zanotti and Cobalt Awards Reception – Oct 16 –No charge to attend Honoring ALL Awards recipients

24 Spring Recruitment Campaign Chapter prospect lists –2,000+ prospects from chapters in 2009! –4,000+ from ARMA database and previous chapter submissions -- total mailing 6,000+ –May1 through August 1 new members to ARMA and Chapter -- $$ rewards! Direct Mail Campaign –Two post cards, One letter Annual event

25 Marketing Your Chapter Refer to e-Handbook website at –Online webinar SWOT analysis Talking the talk Building your prospect list Goals Branding and logos

26 Future Development Online real time report generation Hardship payment option for members Further Development of Education/Speaker Database Chapter/Region Website Services –Hosting/Content Management –Event Registration tools –Fall of 2009 Chapter supply/gift online store

27 Who to Contact in Member Services Tom Killam, Director,; –Region and Chapter questions; Leadership development and training; –strategic and succession planning; HQ/Region/Chapter inquiries Trevor Mitchell, Sr. Mgr,; –Chapter Operations; Roster concerns; Chapter leadership concerns –Bylaws, chapter organizational questions –Chapter Escrow –Awards program Bob Reinsch, Coordinator, robert.reinsch@; 888-299-7719 robert.reinsch@ –Individual member concerns, dues payments, membership data issues for specific individual –Questions about missing members on rosters Complete HQ staff listing in handouts

28 Thank you!

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