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SECRETARY WORKSHOP Dale Roscovich, SCTE, Chapter Relations Coordinator.

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2 SECRETARY WORKSHOP Dale Roscovich, SCTE, Chapter Relations Coordinator

3 SECRETARY DEFINED Definition: a person who is in charge of the records, correspondence, minutes of meetings, and related affairs of an organization, company, association, etc.

4 POSITION RESPONSIBILITIES  Maintain Chapter Records and Documents Bylaws Board Meeting Minutes Chapter Board Contact List Election Reporting Meeting Reports and Attendance Rosters Chapter Membership and Participants

5 CHAPTER OFFICER RESOURCES- CORE  Handbooks  Templates  Forms  Information  Training  Miscellaneous


7 2014 COMPLIANCE AND AWARDS MATRIX  Top Section of Matrix- COMPLIANCE Financial Reporting and Current Bank Card Bylaws Board Meetings (4) Chapter Officer Contact List Membership Status Election Results Technical Training Hours (30) Minimum 50 Affiliated active SCTE members

8 CHAPTER BYLAWS  Each Chapter Maintains their own Bylaws  Outlines Compliance Requirements  All Board Members Review-Required by 1/31 or within 30 days of Elections Submit Review Confirmation or Change Form New Bylaws Template in CORe Submitted for Bylaws Subcommittee approval

9 SCTE  Financials Tax Status – 501(c)6 Each Chapter is under our IRS Tax ID Your Chapter Financials are reported to the IRS Form 990  Legal Your chapter and board members are covered under our liability insurance however board members have a responsibility to the chapter and the entire society (SCTE) as a whole.

10 YOUR CHAPTER BYLAWS Legal – The chapter shall comply with all federal, state and local laws, rules and regulations governing chapter operations. Also, the chapter shall comply with all applicable policies and reporting requirements to Headquarters in order for SCTE to maintain its tax exempt status. Liabilities – Except in cases of fraud or acts of bad faith, the directors and officers of this organization shall not be held personally responsible for debts, obligations, or liabilities of the organization or for their actions on behalf of the organization.

11 FIDUCIARY DUTY OF THE BOARD Directors owe duties of “care” and “loyalty” to the organization. These duties require the board of directors to: »act in good faith. »with the care of an ordinarily prudent person in a like position would exercise under similar circumstances, and »in a manner he or she reasonably believes to be in the best interest of the organization and its members.

12 FIDUCIARY RESPONSIBILITIES  Funds used to accomplish SCTE Mission  Keep accurate financial records  Enforce financial internal controls  Follow policies, procedures & bylaws  Safeguard funds  Keep chapter board informed  Whistleblower policy

13 CHAPTER BOARD MEETINGS  Board must meet a minimum of 4 times a year Notify the board of upcoming meeting Time frame defined in bylaws Send agenda and previous minutes for review Record minutes Send to board and/or president for review Submit to chapter support –5 points if within 10 days

14 BOARD MEETINGS- WHAT TO RECORD  Attendance  Previous Minutes Reviewed and Approved  Quorum- 50% or greater in attendance Must have quorum to vote on motions  Treasurer’s Report (Required)  Adopted or Defeated Motions  Board member providing report and topic  Document all details for future reference  Start and Adjournment


16 CHAPTER OFFICER CONTACT LIST  According to chapter bylaws, all board members and associate board members must be active SCTE members  Chapter Leadership Roster submitted by January 31 st or within 30 days of elections  Headquarters reviews membership status quarterly.

17 CHAPTER ELECTIONS  Required annually, per chapter bylaws  Vote for half of the board  Board members have a two year term  New- term limits  Officers elected by the board  Goal- Chapter membership has a voice in the process  Resources in CORE

18 ELECTION PROCESS  Nominating Committee At least one board member not up for election Seeks candidates for ballot Email to all chapter participants (members and non- members) Call for Nominations Newsletter, social media sites, meeting notice, chapter website Personal outreach Establish ballot Paper or electronic Distributed to chapter membership list

19 ELECTION TIMELINE  3 months prior to elections Create nominating committee  2 months prior to elections Publicize elections-send call for nominations Start accepting nominations  1 month prior to elections Review nominations received, establish ballot and distribute  Hold elections  Send results to membership

20 SECRETARY ROLE- ELECTION PROCESS  Communications Call for Nominations Ballot Election Results to membership Submit Election Results to headquarters Submit Chapter Officer Contact List Copy chapter support on all communications

21 TECHNICAL TRAINING- NOTICES  Publicize trainings in advance! Calendar for the year Promote topics and dates Newsletter, social media, email, website Create flyer with meeting details Word document, PDF, HTML Template in CORe Include location, topic, fees, start time, contact person Add chapter website, social media sites, board list

22 EMAIL COMMUNICATION  Suggested notification schedule- 30 days, 2 week and 1 week reminders  Distribute via email Chapter Gmail account- use chapter name Email Marketing Services –MailChimp: free under 2000 –Constant Contact: http://www.constantcontact.com –BenchmarkEmail: http://wwwbenchmarkemail.com Follow Email Protocol –Keep Confidential Include

23 METHODS OF COMMUNICATION  Social Networking Sites  Chapter Newsletter  Chapter Website Notify webmaster of details  Local System Locations  Personal outreach to local management

24 THE TRAINING SESSION  Attendance Roster Current list of chapter members  Provide Certificates of Attendance Template available in CORe  SCTE “Benefits of Membership” Presentations NEW- in CORe Report for “Recruitment” points  SCTE Video, SCTE Certification Presentation  Submit meeting report and attendance roster One meeting report per day

25 WEBINARS  Meeting Notice Required  Record Attendance for each location  Locations with 5 or more attendees= training hours  Submit Summary- Locations and Attendance  Teamwork- Host chapter receives “Teamwork” points  Participating chapters receive training hours

26 MAINTAINING CHAPTER MEMBERSHIP  Compliance requirement- minimum of 50 affiliated SCTE members  List sent to chapter president and secretary in January  Retention/Outreach Lists in CORe Retention example letters available  CLAS- Chapter Leadership Access Site Chapter member information and event registration reports

27 ADDITIONAL OBJECTIVES  Strategic Plan (Due June 30 th ) Goals for the year and beyond  Newsletter  Website Current Chapter Board Current Events  Social Media Sites  Recruitment Emails

28 TEAMWORK  Being a part of a successful team can be a rewarding and engaging experience. One of the critical keys to team success is effective communication. Knowing how to enhance communication within a working team can result in higher productivity, lower occurrence of conflict, and higher levels of cohesion and cooperation. By implementing targeted communication strategies, you can build a team capable of higher and more beneficial output.


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