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The International Association of Administrative Professionals Setting the Standards of Excellence.

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1 The International Association of Administrative Professionals Setting the Standards of Excellence

2 Administrative Professionals: Advancing Roles and Responsibilities Past two decades: Many changes in office technologies, business structures Most administrative professionals have successfully navigated through this sea of change New horizons of information access and teamwork

3 Typical Work Tasks for Today’s Administrative Professional Developing a production report using spreadsheet software Preparing charts, slides, and handouts for a management presentation Corresponding via phone, fax, or e-mail with clients all over the world Researching a topic on the Internet Coordinating a videoconference Supervising or training a coworker Effectively representing management at a meeting

4 Key Skills in Demand Mastery of Office Suite Software –Word processing, spreadsheet, database, scheduling, presentation, desktop publishing, Web design Requires Top-Notch “Soft Skills” –Interpersonal communications –Organization and time management –Customer service, public relations –Participation on work teams –Project management –Meeting and special event planning –Ability to work independently

5 Commitment to Skill Development Essential to actively pursue continuing education opportunities Polish your written and verbal communication skills Get involved in outside organizations – stretch yourself

6 About IAAP Non-profit organization International in scope Headquarters in Kansas City, Missouri 28,000+ members and affiliates Nearly 600 chapters 35 Regional divisions in six districts Governed by 12- member International Board of Directors

7 Association Mission and Vision The IAAP mission is to enhance the success of career-minded administrative professionals by providing opportunities for growth through education, community building and leadership development.

8 IAAP: “What’s in it for Me?” Networking Continuing education Latest information and research Certification

9 Networking Exposure to other professionals outside your company Expand your interpersonal skills and comfort levels Develop leadership skills IAAP global network

10 Seminars and Conferences Annual events offering a wide array of educational workshops and hands-on training Education Forum and Annual Meeting - summer Professional Education Conference - spring Certification Conference - fall Various regional and local chapter events

11 Top-Notch Publications Award-winning OfficePro magazine Published eight times a year Contains a wealth of information – latest trends, productivity tips, and much more Other IAAP publications: OfficePro Express e-newsletter (twice each month) and IAAP Connections e- newsletter (association news - bimonthly)

12 Personal and Professional Development Resources Member discounts on more than 250 books and self-study courses, many providing the Continuing Education Unit (CEU) IAAP’s Complete Office Handbook -- the definitive reference book for today’s electronic office Browse resources available on IAAP Web site’s online bookstore

13 IAAP Online Services IAAP Web site: Latest association news and information Online training Online resource store Online networking And much more!

14 Professional Certification Achieving certification through IAAP is the internationally-recognized standard of excellence Two certification programs: –Certified Professional Secretary ® (CPS) –Certified Administrative Professional ® (CAP) More information can be found in the “Professional Certification” section of the IAAP Web site:

15 Local Chapter Benefits Nearly 600 IAAP chapters worldwide Local education and networking opportunities “Hands on” leadership training through participation in chapter activities

16 How Your Company Benefits Training and skill- building activities First-hand professionalism Positive corporate image Build team spirit Leadership training and experience Maximum “bang for the buck” employee development

17 Your Invitation to Join Join Online: Mobile Chapter Contact Information 251.380.2667 Or, contact IAAP Headquarters: 816.891.6600 Questions? Feel free to call or e-mail! IAAP World Headquarters Kansas City, Missouri

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