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CAUSE AND EFFECT By Helena Sánchez & Claudia Rodríguez Claudia Rodríguez.

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2 CAUSE AND EFFECT By Helena Sánchez & Claudia Rodríguez Claudia Rodríguez

3 What does cause & effect mean? A cause is the reason something happens An effect is the thing that happens as a result of a cause Ex. Since I babysat during the summer I was able to buy a new bike. How was she able to buy a new car? (effect) She babysat during the summer. (cause)

4 Cause & Effect Key Words HenceSoSince In order to ProducedThus As a result of Consequently As a consequence Was responsible for Led to Due to

5 Hint #1 Look for key words that show cause/effect relationship. Sometimes there will be a cause/effect relationship, and these words will not be used. When you can´t find the key word, then the relationship is “implied”.

6 Key words hint #1 For this reason In response to Resulted in Therefore Word “cause” Word “effect”

7 Hint #2 If possible try to replace the cause/effect relationship words so that you can use the word “because”. The most important linking word is the word “because”. If you can change our sentences around so their meaning doesn´t change and you can add “because” to the events, you can probably have the correct cause/effect answer.

8 Adding Because Hint#2 Ex. Alex didn`t study for his test. He knew that he had to pass the test. Alex wasn`t surprised when he failed the test. Ales failed his test because he didn’t study. Cause: He didn´t study Effect: He failed the exam.

9 Hint#3 Ex. Ben was running late for school, but it was a beautiful morning, so he wanted to walk. Ben saw his neighbor chasing his wild, little puppy. Ben knew he had to help. Why was Ben late? (effect) 1 st Cause: He walked to school. 2 nd Cause: He helped his neighbor. Both of these are events/causes

10 Hint#4 Sometimes cause/effect linking words are “understood”. This happens when writers leave out key words that define a cause/effect relationship. Sometimes cause/effect relationships are only “implied” and must be inferred by the reader (look for details and use logical reasoning or common sense).

11 Hint#4 Ex. Kate got up early enough to get ready for school, but she knew she didn`t do her English homework. She dreaded going because her teacher would be very disappointed. Why would Kate not go to school) It is implied that she would not go to school (effect) since she didn`t turn in her English homework.

12 Hint#5 Avoiding Post Hoc Reasoning: Do not assume that just because even A precedes event B, event A caused even B. This illogical assumption is called post hoc reasoning. This error leads you to confuse coincidence with causality. Do not confuse words like because, therefore and consequently (indicating a causal relationship), with words like subsequently, later, and afterward (chronological relationship words)

13 He broke a class rule, so he had to write sentences on the board. CAUSE EFFECT WHICH PART OF THE SENTENCE IS BOXED?



16 The boy knew the answer so he raised his hand. Cause Effect



19 When the child was bored, he tapped his fingers. CauseEffect



22 Click on the cause. The kid fell… because of the water.



25 Click on the effect. She hurt her knee when she fell down.



28 Click on the cause. The ice was slippery and the man fell.



31 Click on the effect. It was harder to ski when the little guy hitchhiked.



34 Click on the cause. The girl cried when she fell down.



37 Click on the effect. He was late for school so he ran.



40 Click on the cause. He screamed when he flew up in the air.



43 Click on the effect. He grabbed his head when he started to fall.



46 Click on the effect. He floated to the ground because of the parachute.



49 Write your own cause effect sentence.

50 Thank you!! END

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