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World War I Begins 1914 Ends 1918 Versailles Treaty is signed in June of 1919 Known as the “War to end all wars.”

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1 World War I Begins 1914 Ends 1918 Versailles Treaty is signed in June of 1919 Known as the “War to end all wars.”

2 Causes of the War What was happening before the war that leads us into war?

3 1. Militarism Building up a nations armed forces in preparation for war. Does endless planning and preparation for war make it more likely?

4 2. Alliances Come to another countries aid in case of attack. Leads to a dangerous web of alliances across the globe. Questions the U.S. must ask: “Our friends are in trouble, should we come to their aid? “If we don’t, and they are taken over, will we be next?”

5 3. Imperialism The great scramble for colonies across the globe. Creating empires by dominating weaker nations. Countries are trying to acquire smaller uncolonized areas of the world. They want their population and resources to enlarge, and make themselves more powerful.

6 4. Nationalism Act in your own national interest Do what is best for your country, regardless of what it does to others. Greed can get you in trouble.

7 The beginning of the war June 8, 1914 Heir to the Austria-Hungarian throne visits Bosnia. ( A new province within the empire) Archduke Ferdinand and his wife are shot. Shooter believed that Austria- Hungary had no right to rule Bosnia. Little did he know what he had just begun!!!

8 Where is Bosnia? The capital is Sarajevo.

9 Austria-Hungary declares War! Austria-Hungary feels that Serbia was behind the assassination of Ferdinand. Austria-Hungary declares war against Serbia. July 28, 1914 Austria-Hungary will crush them in short time (really it was a Bosnian Nationalist, not a Serbian, who shot Ferdinand)

10 This is a very large country.

11 Quick Review 1.WWI begins in 19___ 2.The 4 causes of WWI were: M-A-I-N (what do these letters mean) 3.What is the event that started the whole thing going?

12 The Web of Alliances Begin

13 Russia is Serbia's protector July 29, 1914 One day after Austria-Hungary declares war Russia begins mobilization- or readying of troops for war Then...

14 France mobilizes also France is Russia’s ally They ready themselves for war. Then...

15 Germany declares war on Russia Germany is Austria- Hungary’s ally. Strategy- Attack France quick- beat them- then concentrate on Russia. The picture is of German school boys going to enlist in the army.

16 How does Germany defeat France? Germany must go through Belgium. This brings Great Britain into the war Great Britain is Belgium’s protector

17 Now let’s review (I know this is complicated) Who are the Central Powers? Who are the Allies?

18 Who’s Who? (All this happens within one week after the war begins.) (And more countries will join in time) Central Powers Austria-Hungary Germany Allies Serbia Russia France Great Britain

19 Here is what the map looks like Green- Central powers Purple- Allies

20 In the beginning there is a stalemate- neither side gains the advantage. There is equal size and strength on each side. This war could be very long and costly.

21 The Ottoman Empire (Turkey) and Bulgaria enter the war Enters in on the side of the Central Powers at the end of 1914 A large country with a large army and resources Bulgaria also enters (to the west of Turkey)

22 Italy joins in Joins the allies in 1915

23 Now what do the sides look like? Central Powers Austria-Hungary Germany Turkey Bulgaria Allies Serbia Russia France Great Britain Italy

24 Modern warfare begins The importance of technology

25 Guns

26 Railway Guns and Shells

27 Grenades Hand held easy to throw easy to carry hard to get

28 Poison Gas Very effective "[The] vapor settled to the ground like a swamp mist and drifted toward the French trenches on a brisk wind. Its effect on the French was a violent nausea and faintness, followed by an utter collapse. It is believed that the Germans, who charged in behind the vapor, met no resistance at all, the French at their front being virtually paralyzed."

29 Preparing for poison gas

30 Gas Drills During a gas drill you were required to put on and adjust your mask within 6 seconds. Any more time spent doing this could result in death!!! Shaving became necessary. A thick beard would make your mask ineffective.

31 Poison gas casualties British gas casualties near Bois de l'Abbe France, May 1918. The eye bandages indicate that a blistering agent such as mustard gas was used. This gas was named for it's similarity in both faint smell and color to mustard

32 German Submarines Very effective for the Germans torpedoes will be used on any boats that may be carrying arms How will the U.S. continue trading goods with Europe?

33 German U-Boats Being mass produced 146 U-Boats on patrol by 1917 Still not enough to rule the oceans

34 The German Navy

35 Airplanes The Wright Brothers first flight was 1903

36 1914 Airplanes We have come along way in 11 short years This plane can be equipped with 2 machine guns and a 400 pound bomb

37 Trench Warfare Miles of trenches dug daily by both sides Good cover during battles Many problems with them. (waste, dead bodies…)

38 The Trench Lifestyle

39 Tanks Highly effective only moved 4 miles per hour

40 Zeppelin Able to carry bombs used at high altitudes up so high it was hard to disarm it.

41 What will the United States do? Most of us oppose Germany and the Central Powers because of Kaiser Wilhelm. He is an autocrat- or ruler with unlimited power Germany is to militaristic

42 UNITED STATES TO REMAIN NEUTRAL! But we will protect our trade. The preparedness movement begins

43 Why? U.S. is removed from the war Nothing has happened to us yet. We will prepare for war and strengthen our military, just in case.

44 Quiz Time!!!!!!! 10 questions

45 Question 1 What event started WWI? Not the four causes, I want the one event that sparked everything.

46 Question 2 In what year did this happen? Or what year did WWI begin?

47 Question 3 The countries that fought against Germany and Austria-Hungary during WWI were called the __________. (Central Powers vs. who)

48 Question 4 What is imperialism?

49 Question 5 What is it called when one nation aids another to fight a war. A web of _______.

50 Question 6 The first 3 countries to come to Serbia’s aid were _____________, ___________ and _______________. (in order)

51 Question 7 The world’s first airplane was developed in 1903 by the __________________. Question 8 They developed the airplane in ________, Ohio.

52 Question 9 What should the U.S. do? They will remain _______________.

53 Question 10 In the first few years of WWI, both sides were locked in a ___________.

54 Good Job!!!

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