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Mr. H. Mayo Mr. T Bentley US Studies

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1 Mr. H. Mayo Mr. T Bentley US Studies
Jeopardy for Unit Two ! Mr. H. Mayo Mr. T Bentley US Studies

2 100 200 300 400 500 Vocabulary Acts Battles People Foreign Policy Odds
And Ends Hodgepodge 100 200 300 400 500 FINAL JEOPARDY

3 which enabled officers to enter any location during the day to look for evidence of smuggling.
? 100

4 Wrists of Assistance Vocabulary

5 What radical group of people kept the colonist stirred up during the Tea Act?

6 Sons of Liberty Vocabulary

7 What was the name of the supporters of the Colonist in the fight for Independence ?

8 Whigs BONUS

9 The Albany Plan of Union proposed that the colonies unite to form a ?
Bonus: The Albany Plan of Union proposed that the colonies unite to form a ?

10 Federal Government Vocabulary

11 Samuel Adams was the leader of which group of people

12 Committee of Correspondence

13 Under which economic system could a nation become more powerful by gaining more money ?

14 Mercantilism s Vocabulary

15 Parliament had imposed many taxes on trade, but what was the first direct tax Britain had ever placed on the colonists? 100

16 Stamp Act Acts 2

17 Granted East India Company a monopoly on tea

18 Tea Act Acts 2

19 With what laws did the British intend to punish Massachusetts for the Boston Tea Party and end colonial challenges to British authority 300

20 Coercive Acts Acts 2

21 What was the first direct tax on the colonist?

22 The Stamp Act War of 1812

23 What lower the cost of Sugar in the colonies?

24 The Sugar Act 1764 BONUS

25 Bonus: What document expressed loyalty to the king, but condemned the Coercive Acts and announced that the colonies were forming a nonimportation association ?

26 Olive Branch Petition Acts 2

27 What battle provided the colonist with a confidence boost against the British ?

28 Battle of Bunker Batltles t

29 What battle mark the beginning to the end to the American Revolutionary War?

30 Yorktown . Battles t

31 What battle was known as the “Shot Heard Round the World?”

32 Lexington and Concord Battlesct

33 The turning point of the Revolutionary War in the South was the Battle of

34 Kings Mountain BONUS

35 BONUS: What was the South Carolina slave revolts that burnt plantations in South Carolina and killed 20 white men

36 Stono Rebellion Battles t

37 American forces suffered their greatest defeat of the Revolutionary War at?

38 Charles Town Battles t

39 Who wrote Common Sense? 100

40 Thomas Payne People

41 Who was the main author of the Declaration of Independence ?

42 Thomas Jefferson People

43 Congressional leaders feared that if New York fell without a fight, it would hurt American Morale, so they sent troops the under leadership of ? 300

44 George Washington People

45 Who wrote Poor Richards Almanac ?”

46 Ben Franklin BONUS

47 BONUS: On September 5, 1774, in Philadelphia, a colonial congress was coordinated by the committees of correspondence and called the ”?

48 First Continental Congress

49 Who was the King of England during the revolutionary war
? 500

50 King George People

51 Who did the Native Americans side with in the American Revolution
? 100

52 British Foreign Policy

53 What two countries help the US during the War?

54 Spain and France Foreign Policy

55 Who was the French commander who help train US Troops?

56 General Lafayette BONUS

57 BONUS: On the night of December 25, 1776, George Washington led approximately 2,400 men across the icy ?

58 Delaware. Foreign Policy

59 Perhaps the most famous famous naval battle of the war happened near Britain in September 1779, and involved the American naval officer ? 400

60 John Paul Jones Foreign Policy

61 The local militias in the colonies fought differently than the Continental Army, using a kind of fighting called ? 500

62 Guerilla Warfare Foreign Policy

63 The Royal Proclamation of 1763 declared that colonists could not settle west of a line drawn north to south along the 100

64 The Appalachian Mountains
Odds and Ends

65 Fighting between the British and French that began in 1754 in North America is known as the
? 200

66 The French and Indian War
Odds and Ends

67 When in the Course of human events it becomes necessary for one people begins what?

68 Declaration Of Independence
The Declaration Of Independence Odds and Ends

69 What became known in the colonies as the Intolerable Acts ?

70 The Coercive and Quebec Act
Odds and Ends

71 When British troops set out for Concord on a road that took them past the town of Lexington, two men spread the alarm: Paul Revere and ? 500

72 William Dawes BONUS

73 BONUS: People living in the Appalachian Mountains who were outraged at Patrick Ferguson's attempts to subdue them put together a militia and intercepted Ferguson at ?

74 King’s Mountain Odds and Ends

75 On March 5, 1770, a crowd of colonists began taunting and throwing snowballs at a British soldier guarding a customs house, which resulted in the 100

76 Boston Massacre Hodgepodge

77 What Country lost most of their land in America due to the French and Indian War ?

78 The French BONUS

79 Who was the governing body of the colonies during the war?
BONUS: Who was the governing body of the colonies during the war?

80 2nd Continental Congress

81 Name two of the log colleges ?

82 Brown, Dartmouth, Columbia, Princeton

83 Name two advantages the US had in fighting ?

84 George Washington, Ben Franklin, They were defending their homes, it was moral fight, and the French were on there side Hodgepodge

85 Name two advantages of the British during the war except which of the followin ?

86 They had a strong military, they had more people, and they had more money


88 Who made the motion for Independence?
FINAL JEOPARDY: Who made the motion for Independence? answer

89 Richard Henry Lee The End

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