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Social Studies 7 th Grade Chapter 5 100 200 400 300 400 Choice1Choice 2Choice 3Choice 4 300 200 400 200 100 500 100.

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2 Social Studies 7 th Grade Chapter 5

3 Choice1Choice 2Choice 3Choice

4 Row 1, Col 1 This prevented the colonists from moving west of the Appalachian Mountains after the French and Indian War. What was the Proclamation of 1763?

5 1,2 The tax on printed material and paper was called ___________________. The Stamp Act

6 1,3 The colonists that rebelled against Britain were called __________________.. Who were the Patriots?

7 1,4 The colonists that were loyal to Britain were called_________________. Who were the Loyalists?

8 2,1 This lowered the tax on imported molasses. The Sugar Act

9 2,2 Why would colonists smuggle goods? To not pay taxes.

10 2,3 This act taxed imported goods. Townshend Act

11 2,4 How did the colonists rebel against Britain? They started protests and boycotts. They used violence.

12 3,1 Who wrote the Declaration of Independence. Thomas Jefferson

13 3,2 Why would colonists be more upset about The Stamp Act than the Sugar Act? The Stamp Act put a tax on all printed material but the Sugar Act lowered taxes on molasses. More colonists used paper than molasses.

14 3,3 This is information that is used to influence public opinion. Example: Using the killings in the Boston Massacre to get colonists to take their side. Propaganda

15 3,4 This is a legal document that allowed custom officers to enter any location and search for smuggled goods. Writs of Assistance

16 4,1 Name two reasons why American colonies chose to declare independence? 1. British cut off trade 2. taxation without representation 3. British were going to take over New York 4. King did not accept the Olive Branch Petition 5. Thomas Paine’s pamphlet telling Americans they were better off without Britain

17 4,2 What did British spies find out about Concord? Why did they decide to go there? Colonists had stored ammunition and weapons and the British wanted to get all the supplies.

18 4,3 The Declaration of Independence allowed the colonists to state that they were ________? A separate nation

19 4,4 What was the main objective of the Continental Congress? To become independent and write the Declaration of Independence

20 5,1 Who was chosen as the leader of The Continental Army because of his past experience and knowledge of warfare with the French and Indian War? George Washington

21 5,2 What does the quote “No taxation without representation,” mean? The colonists did not think it was fair that they had to pay taxes because there was no one representing them in Parliament.

22 5,3 Name the three parts of the Coercive (Intolerable Acts). 1.Closed Boston Harbor until colonists paid for the ruined tea. 2. Colonists in Boston had to shelter soldiers in their home. 3. British banned colonists right to gather together.

23 5,4 Why did the British government create taxes in the colonies after the French and Indian War. Britain wanted colonists to pay for the war. Britain created taxes without representation of the colonists.

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