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Accelerate Your Opportunity Release 9.0 Microsoft Dynamics GP 9.0.

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1 Accelerate Your Opportunity Release 9.0 Microsoft Dynamics GP 9.0

2 Release 9.0 Manufacturing Manufacturing BOM position numbers Allows for multiple instances of an item on a BOM Ability to specify the order that items appear on the BOM Ability to add a component in Quick MO and Component Transaction Entry, which also adds it to the pick list When adding the item in MO Receipt, choose to add it to a pick list and prevent a variance Add ability to auto-select all lot/serial numbers for components when enter a MO Receipt MO Receipt: Have the possibility to "Use all material in WIP“ and “Use all remaining setup costs” System preference to require serial/lot linking Replace Mfg Job Maintenance Window Borland database engine no longer used Ability to link to posted transactions Ability to enter and link costs not associated with a transaction Cross-series features Role-based home pages 20+ task-oriented home pages, based upon business roles Setup Automate client install for new deployments Auto upgrade Integrate all dictionaries into consistent install Setup checklists Reporting My Report Favorites Reports Lists SQL Reporting Services as a reporting writing alternative Report Writer Usability System Calendar on Date fiels Use Letter Wizard to send to group of people selected with SmartLists Streamlined batch (on-the-fly) creation Line item usability features Updated Batch Statuses Void Reason Codes Docked help Integration Business Contact Manager Integration with Microsoft Dynamics GP Web Services for Microsoft Dynamics GP Technology Password Policies Scheduled Backups HR/Payroll and Project HR/Payroll Better Attendance Integration across HR, Payroll and HRM Self Service HRMSS Allow managers or other roles to enter timecards on behalf of their employees Project Accounting Single Purchase Order functionality Multicurrency Billing Transaction Adjustment for PA Enable PA in core returns transaction PA Navigation List Enhancements PA Post Date Option and Report Business Portal Process to PA From Business Portal Project center, entities, and pages Financials Create Miscellaneous Checks in Bank Reconciliation Voided Checks visible during reconciliation until the Void Date Automatically print outstanding transaction report during reconciliation Integrate Collection Tasks to Reminders Additional selection criteria within collections management to query for invoices with a partial payment or invoices with no payments applied Produce Collections Management Collection letters in Microsoft Word Define labels for user-defined fields in GL Auto populate GL account description based on segment descriptions Ability to track remit-to address on payables voucher to issue a separate check per address Edit Payables Check Batch – ability to edit a batch of payables checks at one time. Add vendors and/ or vouchers to the selected check batch Expand International Address Fields for existing address fields NFP Integrate AA Budgets to Encumbrance Management – encumber funds against a summary level budget vs detail GL account Surplus budget transfer – transfer unused budget amounts from one year to the next Encumbrance PO inquiry – new inquiry to see all the transactions that have affected the encumbrance balance for a PO Field Service Equipment Inquiry –new window to view all equipment Honor "Selling Discontinued Items" in Service and Depot Management MapPoint integration Service Call Management Consolidate Service Call Invoice and Credit – create one document if together Insert Row in Service Call Entry Contract Management Auto-Renewal contracts –automatically renew the contract upon expiration for a given period of time Evergreen Contracts – enter contracts that never expire. Users end the contract manually if requested by the customer Contract Transfer Audit – track contracts that are transferred to a new contract RMA Multiple Lines on RTV – allow for multiple lines on a single RTV document History Table Support – track the history of returns PO Receipt number visible on RTV Document Completed’ RMA Report Void RMA and RTV documents that have had inventory received against them Reprinting of Packing Slips RMA Order document support for Fulfillment/Invoice documents Distribution Stock Counts Create a reminder for coming due stock counts Optional ‘task’ creation when an item is short picked Inbound Logistics Bin Override at Receiving – override the bin you are receiving into at the time of receiving versus having to accept default and bin transfers Available Bin – Enable looking up bins that are able to accept items Historical tables for Standard and Average costs for better visibility into past costs on items POP Simplicity – Simplify the process of navigating from a PO to receive against it by adding actions to the PO lists Inventory Usage and Costing Enhancements Limit Order Lookup by order type – view only orders that are the order type your working with in the lookup windows Business Portal Admin Extranet deployment Copy a BP role Mass Import of Users Manage Data Permissions in BP Admin Console -- Reverse Lookup of Queries Site Settings enhancements and UX Refresh Support for Visual Studio 8.0/.NET Framework 2.0 Support for SQL Server 2005 Support for Windows Server 2003 Support for WSS v2 SP2 Additional customer data access policies Portal pages Executive Center Home Page for external users Mfg entities, pages and center Fixed Assets entities Budget and GL Trx read-access pages Account Detail entity eOrder Integrate eOrder into Business Portal Reports Catalog Add Manufacturing to Reports Catalog Electronic Document Delivery Support for Sales Orders in EDD Change Notification Option in Document Queue Ability to change the document template from the delivery queue KPIs Sample KPIs Requisition Management eCommitments added to Req Mgmt Populate “Buyer ID” in Microsoft Dynamics GP with user that created purchase order Purchase request attachments HRMSS Allow managers or other roles to enter timecards on behalf of their employees Project Process to PA From Business Portal Project center, entities, and pages 170 Enhancements

3 Release 9.0 Empower your Employees Role Based Home Pages Manufacturing Orders Information Page Project Center Executive Center in Business Portal

4 Release 9.0 Deepen Business Insight Report Lists Business Portal Executive Center My Reports Sample KPIs SQL Reporting Services Integration

5 Release 9.0 Connect people, information and processes Extranet Support for Business Portal Order Entry in Business Portal Microsoft Dynamics GP Community Site Improved integration with Microsoft CRM 3.0

6 Release 9.0 Adapt your solution to meet your business model and processes Extend Microsoft Dynamics GP 9.0 with.NET applications and Web Services. Developer Toolkit . NET adapters for eConnect  Over 160 Web Service access points in 20 key areas to customize and extend Microsoft Dynamics GP and provide deeper integration.

7 Release 9.0 Work with fundamentals that drive best ROI Field Service - Contract Administration Auto- Renewals Bank Reconciliation - Miscellaneous Checks Payables - Check Batch Processing One Purchase Order for Project and Non-Project Transactions Plus hundreds more

8 Release 9.0 Mass Deployment Auto Upgrade Setup Checklists Copy a Business Portal Role Mass Import of Users in Business Portal Work with fundamentals that drive best ROI

9 Accelerate Your Opportunity Release 9.0 Work with fundamentals that drive lower TCO Mass Deployment Auto Upgrade Setup Checklists

10 Release 9.0 Installation Changes Windows Installer Scripted Installation (Silent installation) Administrative Installation Custom Installation Package Wizard Pull/Push Deployment

11 Release 9.0 Windows Installer

12 Release 9.0 Setup Checklists - Overview Provide checklists that will leverage the current GP setup windows, but add a structure to them, providing suggested order for completing the steps, as well as showing setup progress  An option to only includes modules that are registered  Lists them in the best order to complete them  Lists all of the setup windows, including master records  Assigns a priority to the setup options: recommended, or optional  Shows progress of the setup  Allows pieces or areas of the setup to be assigned to a user  Displays the existing window and field help in a separate pane  Informs of related setup areas  Provides a report showing setup progress

13 Accelerate Your Opportunity Release 9.0 Empowered Users Role-based Home Pages SmartLists integrated with Letter Wizard

14 Release 9.0 Roles available in GP 9.0  Accounting Manager (Phyllis)  Warehouse Manager  Production Manager  Payroll Administrator (Penny)  Shipping and Receiving (Sammy)  Human Resources Manager (Heather)  Accounts Receivable Administrator (Arnie)  Accounts Payable Coordinator (April)  Order Processor (Lisa)  Purchasing Agent (Alicia)  Bookkeeper  Production Planner (Inga)  IT Operations Manager “sa” user  Credit & Collections Manager (Connie)  Shop Supervisor  Customer Service Rep  Accountant  Purchasing Manager  Operations Manager (Vince)  Materials Manager  Dispatcher

15 Accelerate Your Opportunity Release 9.0 Insightful Analysis Cubes Business Portal – Sample KPIs Business Portal – Executive Center

16 Release 9.0 Business Intelligence Foundation Layer Components Business Intelligence Foundation Layer - Analysis Cubes for Excel Financial Cubes: GL, AR, AP, AR Aging, Bank Rec. Applicable for one Microsoft Dynamics GP server and two Microsoft Dynamics GP companies Excel viewer using the MS Excel Add-in Microsoft Dynamics GP Analysis Cubes Library Extends the financial cubes to include Distribution cubes: Sales Order Processing, Purchase Order Processing, Inventory Applicable for one Microsoft Dynamics GP server and two Microsoft Dynamics GP companies Separate add-on module for those using Business Intelligence Foundation Layer Microsoft Dynamics GP Advanced Analysis Cubes Includes Distribution cubes included in Library PLUS Unlimited GP companies or GP databases Extend Analysis Cubes for Excel with the following options… Microsoft Dynamics GP Professional Edition only

17 Release 9.0 List of Sample KPI’s Main KPI’sSub KPI’s Gross Profit MarginGross Profit, Total Sales Gross ProfitTotal Sales, Cost of Goods Sold (COGS) Receivables TurnoverTotal Sales, Receivables Payables TurnoverCOGS, Payables Budget VarianceBudgeted Expenses, Actual Expenses Sales GrowthTotal Sales Inventory TurnoverCOGS, Inventory Value Employee Work Center Loading Employee Scheduled and Available Time Machine Work Center Loading Machine Scheduled and Available Time Expense Account Transactions Debit and Credit Transactions

18 Release 9.0 Feature Overview New BP Center Page: Executive Provides information and metrics for executive users of the portal. Vital business metrics are organized across the Exec Center allowing executives to quickly grasp organizational performance, progress, and problem areas. In using this feature, information is brought to the executive; they need not go in search of it any longer.

19 Release 9.0 Report Lists Report List added to navigation lists List will contain  Microsoft Dynamics GP Report Writer reports  SmartLists  SQL Reporting Services reports Reports list accessible via menu navigation or using navigation pane Includes options to restrict, find, and perform multiple actions for reports in the list

20 Accelerate Your Opportunity Release 9.0 9.0 Financial Enhancements

21 Release 9.0 Financials and NFP features Financials  Enhanced Edit Payables Check Batch  Enter a miscellaneous check in Bank Reconciliation  Show voided payments in Bank Reconciliation until void date  Automatically print outstanding transaction report during reconciliation  Integrate Collection Tasks to Reminders  Ability to query on unpaid invoices in Collections  Ability to create custom collection letters in Microsoft Word  Ability to define labels for the user- defined fields in GL  Auto populate GL account description based on segment descriptions  Ability to enter Remit to Address on PM trx entry and PO Invoice match NFP and Analytical Accounting  Encumbrance PO Inquiry  Encumbrance Audit report enhancements  Encumbrance Detail Inquiry enhancements  Transfer Encumbrance and Appropriated Budgets at year end  Integrate PO Approvals to Encumbrance Management  Analysis button in all the Distributions windows in core transaction entry forms  Ability to enter AA dimension codes during PO entry

22 Accelerate Your Opportunity Release 9.0 Business Portal Manufacturing Center

23 Release 9.0 Manufacturing Center Features 1 new Manufacturing Center and 4 new information pages that display read-only manufacturing data:  Manufacturing Center −Manufacturing Orders −Manufacturing Order Status (Dispatch List) −Materials −Work Centers −Reports −Queries 2 new roles:  Production Manager “Tony”  Operations Manager “Vince” 8 new entities:  Manufacturing Order  Manufacturing Order Variance  MRP Item  MRP Site  MRP Quantity  Work Center  Work Center Setup  Work Center Loading

24 Accelerate Your Opportunity Release 9.0 9.0 Project Enhancements

25 Release 9.0 Purchase Order Merge One of the most requested features from customers and sales For 9.0, we will project-enable POP in Dynamics GP Overall goal is to provide Project Accounting users with a more integrated solution for creating and processing purchasing transactions

26 Accelerate Your Opportunity Release 9.0 Business Portal Extranet Deployment

27 Release 9.0 Key Benefits Ability to deploy BP in common extranet topologies  Provide guidance on setting up a perimeter network Ability for companies to extend access to remote employees (all apps supported) Ability for partners and customers to build secure customer-facing pages (customers only see their data) Ability for companies to present an alternate home page for their external users, allowing them to have separate news/announcements for employees and customers

28 Accelerate Your Opportunity Release 9.0 Business Portal Order Management

29 Release 9.0 Order Management Features Salesperson pages integrated into existing BP Sales Center, Customer pages make up a new Orders Center Customer-facing features  Ability to create orders  Review current orders  Change shipping address Salesperson-facing features  Ability to create orders on behalf of customers  Review current orders  Add customers

30 Release 9.0 Customer Orders Page Order Center Existing Order Document Detail Item Category Item Add to Shopping Cart Order

31 Accelerate Your Opportunity Release 9.0 Adaptive Processes

32 Release 9.0 Installed with Developer Toolkit

33 Release 9.0 Microsoft Dynamics GP Commitment

34 Release 9.0 Release 7.5

35 Release 9.0 Release 8.0

36 Release 9.0

37 Release 10.0

38 Release 9.0 © 2005 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved. This presentation is for informational purposes only. MICROSOFT MAKES NO WARRANTIES, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, IN THIS SUMMARY.

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