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Intellitec Solutions User Group Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013.

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1 Intellitec Solutions User Group Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013



4 Reconcile Bank Reconciliation with General Ledger Reconcile Inventory with General Ledger Year End Close Options Historical Journal Entry Inquiry System and General Ledger New Features Web Client Saved Sort Order Select Printer


6 Reset History in Detail Restrict Displaying Reset Transactions Lock Fixed Assets Year Process Progress Bars Analytical Accounting Integration with Fixed Assets Historical Depreciation Reports Fixed Assets New Features Autogenerate Next Asset ID Intercompany Asset Transfer Fixed Assets Transactions Batches / Post in Detail to GL Mass Depreciation Reversal Independent Fixed Assets Calendars Define Short/Long Calendar Years


8 Multi- Currency apply in Cash Receipts Entry RM Statements using Microsoft ® Word ® Templates Save default sort order for Customer Lookups Rename User Defined fields for Customer Address Receivables Management New Features Indicators on Navigation Lists


10 Vendor’s Credit Card Invoice automatically voided when credit card payment voided Settlement Date added to EFT payment EFT Length and Delimitation Options Edit Remit to Address Save default sort order for Vendor Lookups Void Check returns applied credit documents Payables Management New Features Print1096 Form Indicators on Navigation Lists PM Reprint Checks and Remittance Forms Change non Vendor and transactions Edit 1099 Transactions


12 Reason Codes Inactivate Sites Inactivate Items IV Reconcile to GL Multi-select Serial # Bin Transfer History Standard Cost Adjustment PO Tolerance PO Prepayments Tracking Serial/Lot Numbers on Drop-ship Prevent PO Close Indicators Combined Invoices Ship-to Address with different company name Suggested Selling Picking Ticket Word Templates Consolidating PO from drop-ship Sales Orders

13 PO Tolerance Tracking Serial/Lot Numbers Prevent Purchase Order Close Prepayment on PO Purchase Order Processing new features


15 Consolidating POs from drop-ship Sales Orders Combined Invoice Suggested Selling New Word Templates Indicators Ship-to Address with a different company name Sales Order Processing new features


17 Reason Codes Bin Transfer History Reconcile Inventory with General Ledger Routine Standard Cost Adjustment Inactivate Sites Multi-select Serial Numbers Inactivate Items Inventory Control new features



20 Code Modifier Duplicate Checks Build Exception Report Default Alignment Pay Code History Edit



23 Life Insurance VETS Tracking Requisition List


25 Deduction in Arrears Mandatory Arrears Template and Reminders Disable DIA report from check process Payroll Integration to Payables Summarize voucher type of federal tax Remove leading zeroes in voucher number Customizable voucher description options Payroll Extensions









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