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Seikou Triangle. Reflections  The question posed to the Triangle was:

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1 Seikou Triangle

2 Reflections  The question posed to the Triangle was:

3 If you knew you only had one year left to live, how would you live it? What changes would you make?

4 Debbie’s Reflection: I would take the time to enjoy each day by experiencing something new each and everyday. I would try to do something creative each day, something fun each day and something meaningful each day. I would love my family and friends each day and tell them that I love them each and every day. I would laugh each day making sure I found something that would make me laugh whether it be a joke, a funny story or just a remembrance of something funny that happened in my past. I would write up a list of goals that I want to accomplish during this year and then make sure I worked on that list everyday. So the changes, would be to make sure I live life to the fullest each day, laugh each day and love each day. Although I would be very sad to leave everyone, I think if I at least lived this way the last year of my life, I would feel like I had accomplished something very special in that year.

5 Ruthie’s Reflections: First thing I would do is move out of Minnesota. Spending my final year in freezing temps is not the way for me. I saw on the news a woman who knew she was going to die from cancer and I would do exactly what she did. She made videos for her husband and kids for all kinds of events including, birthdays, prom, weddings, etc to play for the kids and give messages about each event and advice on life. I would also plan for everything my family and kids would need. Admittedly, I'd focus more on ensuring the happiness of my family going forward more than on me finishing things. I would, however, get a vacation of some kind in there because we've never had a family vacation and still haven't had a honeymoon. Giving my family videos and memories during my final year is all I would need to go peacefully.

6 Katherine’s Reflections: If I knew I had a year left to live, I would just enjoy every second I have. I would marry my boyfriend and just love him every day. I would do double time and complete my Masters in Criminal Justice. I would throw a party, I would make sure my cats would go to my parents. I would just live laugh love. That's my motto for everyday life, so I would just make sure I continue doing that. Also I would make sure everything is in order in terms of personal finances, bills paid etc. I wouldn't change anything but I would let my parents know I have appreciated their love. I would thank my birth family for letting me in their lives. Oh I want to swim with the dolphins and pet one, go on a safari, go on a cruise to Alaska, ride a camel, volunteer at a no kill shelter. Those are just a few things :-)

7 Maya’s Reflections: If I had only one year to live I would throw a big family reunion in order to see all those family members that I have not seen for years. I would make sure that each one of them know how much I love them and cherish our time together. I haven't seen my sister and cousins who live up North for the past 5 years! I would go on a trip to Peru, Egypt and the South of France with my partner since we never had a "honeymoon". and let him know every day how special he is to me. I would enjoy life to the fullest so I can leave happy and peaceful and leave wonderful souvenirs behind me.

8 Lisa’s Reflections: If I only had one year to live, I would spend it making sure my kids and my husband would be ok. I like the idea of videos, but I also would make sure that there was someone to take care of the kids while my husband worked. I would also spend it doing things with my family and creating memories for them. There are so many things that we want to do as a family, and I think I would want to fit as many in as possible. I don't know if I would make any big changes in my life. I'm pretty sure that everyone I love knows it, but I would want to spend more time just being with my kids and not worrying about the day to day stuff.

9 Dixie’s Reflections: I would spend as much time with my family as possible. I might try to write those thoughts down every day that that might have some meaning to family and friends after I'm gone. I don't think I would make any changes other than what I've already mentioned. I'm pretty much where I want to be in my life, other than possibly striving to be a better person to others.

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