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2 Week 1 (Part 1) Journals Each journal must be at least ½ page
1. How did you feel coming into high school as a freshman? Was this a good or a bad experience overall? What were you thinking and feeling. What are your memories of this day? What comes to mind?

3 Week 1 (Part 1) Journals 2. (Mon 4/21) Based on what you know so far about the following characters (up to page 12 more or less), do you think would you be friends with these people in real life? Explain why or why not. CHARLIE CHARLIE’S SISTER

4 Week 1 (Part 1) Journals 3. (Tues) READ AND REFLECT. What did this last reading make you think about? Could you relate to anything you read? Is there anything about Charlie, his friends, or his family that stood out or stuck with you for any reason? Explain.

5 Week 1 (Part 1) Journals 4. (Wed) On page 33, Charlie says he feels “infinite”. What do you think this means? When was the last time you felt infinite?

6 Week 1 (Part 1) Journals 5. (Fri) You have now read ¼ of the book (part 1). What are your thoughts so far? Do you like the book? Do you like how it is written? Are you interested in seeing where it goes? Are you excited to read on? If you do not like this book or it does not interest you, please explain WHY. What would make it better in your opinion?

7 Week 2 (Part 2) Journals 1. (Mon 4/28): So far, which character in the story do you identify with the most? Explain why.

8 Week 2 (Part 2) Journals 2. (Tues) Have you ever felt uncomfortable in your own skin or have you ever felt “shame” for being who you are so tried to cover it up? Explain. From the story , who also feels this way? Explain.

9 Week 2 (Part 2) Journals 3.(Wed) If you could ask a character in the book a question, what would it be? How might the character answer your question?

10 Week 2 (Part 2) Journals 4. (Thurs) “I am very interested and fascinated by how everyone loves each other, but no one really likes each 0ther.” (pg 56). Have you ever loved someone without liking them? Why? Do you think we should always like the people we love? Do you think you have to respect someone in order to love them? Why or why not?

11 Week 2 (Part 2) Journals 5 (Friday) Review the past few letter entries and find at least TWO words that you do not know. Write them down and then write their definition (use a dictionary). Next, write each word in a sentence of your own. Be creative!

12 Week 3 (Part 3) Journals 1. (Mon) Charlie has a bad experience on LSD (“acid”) and decides to never do it again. Tell me about a time you did something you probably shouldn’t have and now realize, like Charlie, that it’s something you won’t do again. This can be a real, fake, or exaggerated story. I’ll try and guess if it’s real! (And don’t worry, I won’t narc on ya!)

13 Week 3 (Part 3) Journals 2. (Tues) Charlie is there for his sister when she needs him (he takes her to the abortion clinic). Tell me about a time you were there for a brother, sister, or other family member OR a time your family member was there for you. What was the experience? How did it make you feel?

14 Week 3 (Part 3) Journals 3. (Wed) Charlie has some pretty bad dates with Mary Elizabeth. Tell me about a bad date – or a good date- you remember having.

15 Week 3 (Part 3) Journals 4. (Thurs) What do you think are Charlie’s main concerns about his relationship with Mary Elizabeth? Do you think they’re valid concerns? Would YOU date Mary Elizabeth or be her friend?

16 Week 3 (Part 3) Journals 5. (Fri) Charlie made a terrible mess of things (with Mary Elizabeth and Sam). When was the last time you felt like you made a terrible mess of things? Explain the situation.


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