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Frie ndships & Relationships. We are best friends!

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1 Frie ndships & Relationships

2 We are best friends!

3 Friends are especially important during adolescence. Many young people feel shy when talking to adults and share their worries easier with friends. If your parents think that spending time with friends is a waste of time, try to explain to them how important your friends are to you and why. You need friendships!

4 Tesfaye can you explain to me why friends are so important?

5 Your Body ; Bathe your body with soap and a small amount of water every day, paying attention to under your arms and your private parts. It's a good idea to avoid sharing towels with other family members or your friends as these can pass on infections from one person to another.

6 Yes, I can. with close friends you can develop skills that you need in life. For example, discussing about issues you find important or learning to have your own opinions, to stand up for yourself. In fact, friends help us grow.

7 Good friends make me happy. They teach me how to be close to someone. You know what? A good friend can contribute to your self-esteem. Having a good friend makes you feel good about yourself. You can bounce ideas off a good friend without being laughed at. Share secrets and know they will be kept. Your friend will like and respect you even when you disagree.

8 Do you think we could be friends although we are from the opposite sex?

9 Do you think a boy and girl can be friends, without being romantically or sexually involved?

10 It's possible, why not? I think boys and girls can be just friends without sex. But you know how it goes; others will gossip anyway.

11 That's too bad. I think even if we were romantically involved, it doesn't mean we have to have sex. But I'm still interested in how you feel about friendships.

12 Do you still have some questions?If you already know enough. that's great. If not, you can alwaysask your older sister or brother, your auntie or parents, anyone you trust and respect.You can also check this website: Straight Talk magazine.

13 Friends play a big role in shaping who we are. We share our dreams and try to help each other to plan our futures. My friends also answer many of my questions and we help each other feeling comfortable with all the changes we are going through. They introduce me to new things and to new ideas.

14 Do you think all the new ideas your friends have are good? Tell me more

15 I wonder about that. I once had a friend who showed me many new things, including drinking, chewing chat and smoking. At first it was exciting and cool. But at some point all those things really didn't feel good to me. I tried to convince him that we should be careful and not make a habit of it. He called me a softy and if I didn't want to join him, he'd find other friends who did.

16 I felt bad, although I knew I was right. But he was maybe right about me being soft. We were friends for so long and I didn't want to let go of him. But finally I had to make my own decision and I told him: "I still want to be your friend but I am not going to be your drinking buddy".

17 How do you feel about it now? Keeping fit....

18 Good, I just followed my heart and later on I knew I was right. It somehow made me feel I can trust my own instincts. Do girl friends pressurize each other sometimes?

19 I know they do, but I don't experience that myself. My main concern is something else. Tell me.

20 I'm fighting a lot with my parents, even though I don't want that. We just don't agree on anything. Do you quarrel more with your parents or adults than you used to?

21 Do you know why that happens?

22 I talked to a wonderful auntie and she had some good points. You know, I recently went to the salon for a new hairstyle and I've been harassing my mum for sport shoes/snickers. My parents probably find it very hard, and wonder where do I get these funny ideas from. They also do not understand why I want to spend time alone. A lot of things have changed in a short time. I never looked at it from their point of view before.

23 I can see that it can be difficult for parents to watch you becoming an adult with your own opinions. Be patient with them while they adjust to this big change in you.

24 My auntie reminded me that my family plays a big part in shaping who I am and who I'm going to be. Maybe not exactly like my parents' path, I have to set my own path. It's comforting to hear that it is perfectly normal and healthy. My auntie made me understand that growing up is not easy for me or my parents. Do you think there is a solution to this problem?

25 A lack of open communication causes many struggles between us young people and our parents. I'm surprised how hard it seems to sit down and have an honest discussion, even for grown-ups.

26 Here's a tip: I first try to talk to my mom about a friend's problem rather than my own, without telling her name. This time I felt she didn't look at me as a child. I saw my mom as a wise woman and I think it gave her a sense of my own values. In fact it helped us build more trust in each other, and understanding.

27 That's a great tip! Have you faced some of the things we told you? Or do you have other challenges when it comes to friendships and becoming an adult? Try to discuss it with your friends or family!

28 Let's keep talking ! THE END

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