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Emancipation Proclamation: Document that frees the slaves in the south only.

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1 Emancipation Proclamation: Document that frees the slaves in the south only

2 Freed all slaves in states in rebellion against the US Did not apply to slaves in border states fighting for US No affect on southern areas already under US control. War was NOW fought to end slavery. US soldiers were Freedom Fighters

3 Black troops Over 200,000 freed slaves fought for the US….. Famous 54th Black Regiment of Massachusetts which was organized by Frederick Douglass…..

4 Impact on Future Conflicts Expanding battlefield due to new technology. Defense is favored. – fortification. Beginnings of trend toward dispersal and increased individual combat. Shift to Total War – Whole government had to be removed for success. – Civil and military targets. Shermans March to the Sea. – Emancipation Proclamation.

5 Why did the North win? In an essay some years ago, Richard Current suggested that "God was on the side of the heaviest battalions," but is that a complete explanation? What other factors contributed to the outcome? Bring together these factors, and, after a careful analysis, determine why the North did win.

6 During the war Lincoln breaks the law! Closed rebel newspapers: Violated 1 st amendment rights of free speech and press.

7 Suspends the writ of habeas corpus: Protects from unfair arrest and trial by jury. Arrested over 15,000 civilians: Withoutprobable cause---suspicious Rebel sympathizers. Occupation of Baltimore: Controlled by military---- martial law

8 On April 14, 1865, Booth shot President Lincoln while he was watching a play at Fords Theater.


10 Lincolns death

11 Sketch of Lincolns death


13 Lincolns death


15 Picture: Lincolns Assassination

16 Lincolns 2 nd Vice president Governor from confederate Tennessee Was a democrat, southern and unpopular with Congress Lincoln chose him as his VP to help with the Souths Reconstruction. Was the wrong man at the wrong time to be president….

17 Reconstruction The rebuilding of the South after the Civil war destroyed it.


19 How did the Civil War affect the south? Many cities in the south were destroyed, that had to be rebuilt. The war had a greater affect on the south.


21 Richmond Virginia- The former capitol of the Confederacy


23 What did the south look like?


25 Reconstruction Plans

26 Lincolns Plan: "With malice toward none, with charity for all." He wanted to reunite the north and south

27 Lincoln/Johnsons Plan: 10% Plan- Once ten percent of a southern state's 1860 voters had to take an oath of loyalty to rejoin the Union.

28 Radical Republicans: Northerners in Congress who wanted serious changes. Believed the South should be punished for starting the war.

29 Thaddeus Stevens Charles Summner Wanted to the see the South punished. Advocated help for Freedmen: Political Voting rights Social Schools Economic Equality Land, jobs (40 acres and a mule) Radical Republicans

30 Thaddeus Stevens Charles Summner Would go after President Johnson through the impeachment process after he vetoes the Civil Rights Act of 1866.

31 Radical Republicans: 1.Blacks should vote. (radical idea) 2.Wanted to take rich southerners property 3. A majority (50%) of southerners must swear loyalty.

32 2a. How did Lincolns plan differ from the Wade-Davis bill? Lincolns plan Forgiveness – Only 10% had to pledge loyalty to the union. Wade-Davis Revenge – 50% had to pledge loyalty No men who fought for the confederacy could run for office.

33 Jim Crow Laws: Similar to Black Codes, Jim Crow laws are also known as Negro Laws that segregate society or separate society by race.

34 Segregation Separating people of different races in public places. (Jim Crow = segregation laws)

35 Segregation

36 Segregation = Jim Crow laws


38 Examples of Jim Crow Laws

39 Segregation = Jim Crow laws





44 Conservative Democrats Southerners who did not want change. Many were former Confederate soldiers who did not want Blacks to vote.

45 Conservative Democrats Many eventually become part of the Klu Klux Klan (KKK)

46 Conservative Democrats The KKK used terror tactics to keep blacks from voting.

47 Military Reconstruction Act of 1867 * To enforce Reconstruction laws in the south. * Divided the south into 5 military districts.


49 Military Reconstruction Act

50 Freedman's Bureau Government agency designed to help the freed slaves


52 Freedmans bureau school

53 Freedmens Bureau 2


55 Freedmens Bureau 3

56 Freedmens Bureau 4

57 Freedmens Bureau 5

58 Freedmens Bureau Seen Through Southern Eyes Plenty to eat and nothing to do.





63 13th14 th 15th Reconstruction Amendments

64 13th 14 th 15th Bans Slavery CitizenshipRight to Vote Slavery is illegal in all states Anyone born in the USA is a citizen Gives Due process to all Blacks can vote

65 Southern response to the Reconstruction Amendments

66 Black Codes: State Laws in the south that limited the rights of freedman. Such as: Forbidding their right to vote Forbidding them to sit on juries

67 Black Codes: No right to bear arms Banning them from certain jobs

68 Jim Crow Laws: Similar to Black Codes, Jim Crow laws are also known as Negro Laws that segregate society or separate society by race.

69 Segregation Separating people of different races in public places. (Jim Crow = segregation laws)

70 Segregation

71 Segregation = Jim Crow laws


73 Examples of Jim Crow Laws

74 Segregation = Jim Crow laws





79 Poll Tax Forcing payment before voting.

80 Literacy Test Exam used to prevent people from voting

81 Grandfather Clause Law that stated if your grandfather could vote, you could vote.

82 Segregation The separation of races in public places.

83 Carpet Baggers Northerners who moved to the south to profit from the destruction of the war




87 Homer Plessy The man involved in the court case Plessy vs. Ferguson that declared Segregation was Legal.

88 Plessy V. Ferguson Mr. Plessy 1/8 Black 7/8 White Road on a train in Louisiana, was forced to sit in the segregated colored section.


90 Plessy V. Ferguson The Judge ruled that segregation is legal, but Separate But Equal Facilities must be provided.

91 Sharecropping A laborer works the land for the farmer who owns in in exchange for a share of the value of the crop.

92 Sharecroppers were Freedmen and poor Whites who stayed in the South and continued to farm. Freedmen signed a work contract with their former masters. Picked cotton or whatever crop the landowner had. Freedmen did not receive 40 acres and a mule

93 Sharecroppers

94 Advantages Part of a business venture Raised their social status Received 1/3 to 1/2 of crop when harvested Raised their self esteem Disadvantages Blacks stay in South Some landowners refused to honor the contract Blacks poor and in debt Economic slavery

95 How did many Freedmen and whites become locked in a cycle of poverty? Sharecroppers bought farm supplies from landowners on credit, then shared the profits. They did not make enough to pay debts and had to keep working for the landowners to repay them.

96 Military Reconstruction Act


98 The election of 1876 and the Compromise of 1877 are referred to as the Corrupt Bargain. Three southern states withhold their electoral votes until Hayes agrees to pull the Union troops out of the South. There is no protection for the Freedmen and the South will regain their states and go back to the way it was. Rutherford B. Hayes Samuel Tilden

99 total electoral votes, need 185 to win Election Tilden did not receive enough electoral votes. Special Commission gives votes to Hayes. Hayes wins the election Democrats refuse to recognize Hayes as President * *Disputed Electoral votes

100 Agreement between Democrats and Republicans Hayes pulls the troops out of the South. Southerners take over their state governments called REDEEMERS FreedmenSuccesses Freedmen would be lost because Southerners would take over their state governments. Jim CrowJim Crow laws kept Blacks from voting and becoming equal citizens. Cartoon of Hayes: end of Reconst


102 Terror Tactics

103 KKK



106 Lynching Victim


108 What factors contributed to the end of Reconstruction? 1. Northerners lost faith bc of government corruption 2. The election of 1876 Scandal! 3. Democratic Candidates taking back the south.

109 What methods did states use to deprive African Americans of their rights? Poll Taxes Literacy Tests Jim Crow (Segregation) laws Grandfather Clause KKK-Violence

110 What was the New South that was emerging by 1900? New south began to develop its own resources, setting up mills and factories to turn its resources into useful goods.

111 9/16 How Blacks were kept from Voting in the south 1. KKK 2. Grandfather Clause 3. Literacy Tests 4. Poll Taxes






117 KKK – Domestic terror group that sought to keep blacks from voting KKK

118 Grandfather Clause- Law that stated if your grandfather could vote, you could vote. (No blacks before the 15 th amendment could vote, so none after that could either)

119 Literacy Test: Exam used to prevent people from voting

120 Literacy Tests

121 Poll Taxes: Forcing payment before voting.


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