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An Introduction to China National Publications Import & Export (Group) Corporation.

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1 An Introduction to China National Publications Import & Export (Group) Corporation

2 Page 2 Our Brands Our Goals Outline About us Our Operations

3 Page 3 Established in 1949, China National Publications Import & Export (Group) Corporation (CNPIEC) now is the leader of the business in China. It is also the first company that passed the ISO 9001 certification within the Chinese publishing industry. CNPIEC has an asset totalling more than 2.9 billion yuan, more than 3 billion yuan in annual sales, and 42 branches at home and abroad. CNPIECs core business includes the import & export of publications, publication exhibition, overseas publishing and digital business, etc. Introduction About Us

4 Page 4 Our Brands Chinas first publication bonded warehouse 2010 Shanghai World Expo publication importer 2010 Guangzhou Asian Games newspaper stands sole contractor Universiade 2011 newspaper stands sole contractor The only approved foreign newspaper seller The only approved Audio Visual product importer 2008 Beijing Olympic newspaper stands sole provider

5 Page 5 CNPIEC, registered vendor of United Nations

6 Page 6 Domestic CNPITC CNPIEC CNPIEC Shanghai Branch CNPIEC Guangzhou Branch Hong Kong CNPIEC Development Co. Ltd Hong Kong Modern Public Publishing Co. Ltd CNPIEC Xian Branch SCM Investment Co. Ltd Structure & Subsidiaries About Us CNPIEC Shenzhen Branch CNPIEC Dalian Branch Wan Xun International Transport Co CNPIEC Culture & Art Co. Ltd Shanghai Jingcheng Printing Co., Ltd Polyspring Enterprises Co., Ltd

7 Page 7 Beijing Book Company, Inc (USA) CNPIEC London Office CNPIEC Frankfurt office CNPIEC Australia Co. Ltd CNPIEC Tokyo Office China Publishing Tohan Co., Ltd CPG-International-Sydney CPG-International-Vancouver CPG-International-Seoul CPG-International-London CPG-International-Frankfurt CPG-International-New York) Xinhua Bookstore (New Yrok, San Diego, New Jersey, London ) Xinhua Bookstore Norht-American Online Modern Bookstore(Sydney, Vancouver) CPG-International-Paris Structure &Subsidiaries About Us

8 Page 8 Publication Import The largest publication importer in China. More than 10,000 domestic clients in China. Cooperate with over 10,000 companies, academic institutes and organizations from over 110 countries. Import over 370,000 titles per year. Occupying over 60% of the market share. Our Operations

9 Page 9 Publication Export *Export over 300,000 titles annually * Occupying about 30% of the total Chinese publication export. *National Key Culture Export Enterprise Our Operations

10 Page 10 Exhibitions The first book exhibition organizer in China. Organizer of Beijing International Book Fair, Organizer of China as the Guest of Honor Country at various international book fairs, such as Frankfurt Book Fair and The London Book Fair, etc. Our Operations

11 Page 11 Overseas Publishing CNPIEC has 8 publishing companies in Sydney, Paris, New York, Vancouver, London, Frankfurt, Tokyo and Seoul, publishing books in English, French, German, Japanese and Korean. Our Operations

12 Page 12 International Sales Network CNPIEC has a vast international sales network consisting of 6 overseas branches, 8 publishing companies, 12 book stores abroad. Our Operations

13 Page 13 One of the largest e-book integration platforms Professional acquisition solution for e-book Perfect Marketing platform for digital products One-stop Services platform for digital products The key program supported by PDCC* and Finance Ministry CNPeReading Digital business *PDCC: the Propaganda Department of the Central Committee Our Operations

14 Page 14 CNPeReading Publisher Integrator Association Customer Individual Customer Digital Products Upper Lower CNPeReading Platform

15 Page 15 Chinas Largest Science & Cultural Products Import & Export Platform Chinas Largest Publishing Exhibition Service Provider Chinas Largest Publications Import & Export Platform Chinas Largest Digital Content Import & Export Platform Our Goals

16 Page 16 Introduction to Publications Export Center Includes two departments: *Book Export Department *Periodicals and Newspapers Export Department. Business scope: *Books and periodicals, audio-visual products, electronic publications, microforms, and stationery commodities etc. *Chinese database products Market Distribution * Overseas libraries, research institutes and bookstores from more than 60 countries and regions all over the world. * In 2009, CNPITC was combined into CNPIEC.

17 Page 17 USA Australia Canada UK Sweden Norway Japan HK Taiwan Thai land Malaysia Korea France Singapore Tanzania Market Distribution Map

18 Page 18 Special catalogue service Acquisition and duplicate check service Standing Order service Approval Plans service Shelf-ready service Pulications Export Service we can supply Order online service Marc data (RDA) service

19 Page 19 Special Catalogue for Libraries

20 Page 20 Operation System

21 Page 21 MARC DATA

22 Page 22 Part of China Publishing Houses with good relationship

23 Page 23 Erudition Database Database (Shanghai Library) Sinogtech Database Pishu Database Green Apple Database China Borderland History Research Database Hytung Classic Books Database Hytung Newspaper and Magazine Database Database Service

24 Page 24 Thank You

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