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Jet Air Express Airline GSSA. Who We Are ?  Company Group:  Established - 1988  Type of Company – Private  Head Office – Tel-Aviv  Number of Employees.

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1 Jet Air Express Airline GSSA

2 Who We Are ?  Company Group:  Established - 1988  Type of Company – Private  Head Office – Tel-Aviv  Number of Employees – More than 80 employees  Sales Department - 12 sales persons  Satellite Offices – Ashdod, Haifa, Ben-Gurion Airport, Beer Sheeba, Israel-Jordan border crossing.

3 Licenses  Company Group Licenses: IATA GSSA Certified5-0001370-00-IL IATA37-4-7404 FIATA4463 ISO9001-2000 SHIPPING LINE156 FORWARDING252 CUSTOMS CLEARANCE924 N.V.O.C.C369 ISRL MINISTRY OF DEFENSE83/372075 CHAMBER OF COMMERCE14345 ISOTANK OPERATOR311206

4 Memberships  The Group is member of the following organizations: Israel Export InstituteChamber of CommerceIATA Cool Chain AssociationFAGSA BACA Certified IATA GSSA FIATA

5 The Group Operation Activities … Efficient and experienced cargo operations team High standard of customer service Up-to-date use of communications tool and the latest technology Full working knowledge of special cargo requirements Monitor handling and trucking companies to ensure they provide high quality standards

6 About Jet Air Express Our Airline Partners Jet Air Express represents highly respected international carries in Israel: Ocean AirlinesHainan AirlinesGreat Wall AirlinesSky Cooler Jet Air Express represents some of the respected Cargo Airlines in the entire world. We are located at Ben Gurion Airport in Israel. Great care is given to every customer's freight to ensure safe, reliable, on-time delivery to every destination we serve. Our team is dedicated to meeting our customers freight transportation requirements whenever and whatever they may be. Our Mission To help and develop the freight forwarding enterprises in Israel by providing innovative air cargo solutions, enabling our customers to realize their added value.

7 Trade Volumes in Million USD EXPORTS FROM ISRAEL 2006200520042003 USA9607754968775908 Germany1708130213221079 United Kingdom1387142512441034 Netherlands1306125812291083 France1038828735659 Italy981827757705 Spain858671596513 Belgium852876694545 China (1) 850634682513 Japan684619601439 South Korea630437410275 Taiwan576579565285 Russian Federation511403308217 Canada505411330265 India490444340189 Brazil465466486364 Singapore376314320232 Australia364342311218 Hong Kong299264227186

8 Trade Volumes in Million USD IMPORTS TO ISRAEL 2006200520042003 USA5197528153764776 Germany3199298130852726 China (1) 2419188214141004 Switzerland185513811501925 Italy1839173215631394 Netherlands1786162614831196 United Kingdom1588156814841342 France1300120012471180 Japan128312251183835 Belgium12121197956749 South Korea839853760580 Spain748614652624 Hong Kong703673612511 Taiwan617553499386 India486398329270 Colombia473535121107 Sweden443365329314 Singapore431321240197

9 Jet Air Express Cargo Marketing Activities

10 Jet Air Express Sales Activities … Over 2500 group network offices covering entire globe Experienced and motivated sales teams covering all regions The group has over 70 employees in Israel An active customer base of more than 5000 customers Comprehensive advertising and press coverage Sales, Sales and Sales !!

11 What we Offer? Our primary goal is to increase awareness of Your cargo airline in our market Implement effective marketing plan Regular promotional activities Experienced and motivated sales force Sales & Marketing Efficient and experienced cargo operation staff Knowledge of special cargo requirements State of the art technology and booking systems High standard of customer service Reservations & Bookings

12 What we Offer? Close liaison with handling and trucking companies to maintain high standard of service Supervision of special cargo: DGR, PER, VAL etc. Cargo Handling Supervision of incoming goods Any damage or discrepancies will be reported immediately High standard of customer service Import Co-ordination Administrations & Accounts Guaranteed punctual payments on agreed dates All invoices are centrally controlled Financial reporting issued on agreed dates

13 Jet Air Express E-Commerce & IT Solutions Key features include: E-Booking System Air Cargo Reservations Airline Sales Reports Fully integrated finance system Fully comprehensive sales data Fully controlled booking system Sales analysis by JAX Full history of Sales and Calls JAX has made a considerable investment in technology and utilizes a comprehensive booking, reservation and finance system

14 Jet Air Express E-Commerce JAX makes immediate impact in the market providing the following marketing activities: Internet Marketing Activities Email Announcements Press releases to trade publication Mail Shots using “Direct Marketing” Launch events with customers Field Sales Calls Existing customer retention Local and international trade show representation Targeted Sales Campaigns and more …

15 Thank You

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