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Region G Collegiate Meeting SWE Annual Conference Houston, TX November 8, 2012.

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1 Region G Collegiate Meeting SWE Annual Conference Houston, TX November 8, 2012

2 Agenda Roll CallRCR Region Collegiate TeamRCR/RCCE/RCS/CLCC Section Reports RCR Annual and Financial ReportsRCR SWE MembershipRCR Counselors and Faculty AdvisorsRCR Bylaws, EIN, and e-PostcardsRCR AwardsRCR Regional BlogRCCE Senate UpdateRCS Regional/Society InvolvementRCR SME BowlRCR

3 Roll Call G051: Carnegie Mellon University G052: Case Western Reserve University G053: University of Cincinnati G055: Cleveland State University G056: University of Dayton G057: University of Kentucky G058: University of Louisville G059: The Ohio State University G060: Ohio University G061: Pennsylvania State University G063: University of Pittsburgh G065: University of Toledo G068: Youngstown State University G070: Ohio Northern University G071: Wright State University G072: Grove City College G073: Cedarville University G074: West Virginia University G075: Gannon University G076: University of Akron G077: Miami University of Ohio G079: Pennsylvania State University – Erie G081: Robert Morris University G082: Murray State University G083: Marietta College

4 Regional Collegiate Team Members of RCT: Lieutenant Governor, RCR, RCCE, RCS, CLCC, SWEFL Mission Statement/Motto Enriching the collegiate experience within the region Enhancing connections between collegiate sections Ensuring consistency and success across the region

5 Collegiate Leadership Introductions Region G Governor: Jessica Rannow Regional Collegiate Team Lieutenant Governor: Haydee Hetrick Region Collegiate Representative (RCR): Sarah Watzman Region Collegiate Communications Editor (RCCE): Amanda Thorp Region Collegiate Senator (RCS): Jamie Tylicki Collegiate Leadership Team Lead: Alison Moscarillo Collegiate Leadership Coaches (CLCC): Sam Krueger and Tabitha Voytek SWE Future Leader (SWEFL): Alex Carr Collegiate Section Counselors/Faculty Advisors

6 Collegiate Team Goals RCR: All sections with updated bylaws All sections in good financial status (EIN and subordinate status) All sections submit reports Identify problems within sections and help solve them RCCE: Include RCT updates in the blog, monthly hot topics, region calendar, collegiate resources, photos, deadlines Increase visibility Spotlight sections

7 RCR Role Vital collegiate voice within the Region and to Region leaders in SWE. Serves on Region Council as the voting collegiate member for the region. Serves on the Region Collegiate Team working to make sure collegiate and section interest and concerns are discussed among the region leadership and plans are made to improve the region collegiate experience. Prepares the Collegiate Report to the Governor 3 times a year after collecting Collegiate Section Reports. Leads the Collegiate sections of the Region meetings at the Annual and Regional Conferences. Works with other RCRs and RCCEs on yearly goals to improve the collegiate experience in SWE. Attends Collegiate Leadership Forum (CLF) in the summer to receive Leadership and SWE Training.

8 Serves as the RCR Alternate Maintains the Region Collegiate Blog, by working with the Region Webmaster, Region Governor, RCR and Collegiate Sections. Writes and Posts Monthly Hot Topics on the Blog - Topics could include Membership, Fundraising, Rewarding Members, Program Ideas, etc. Works with Collegiate Sections to get 2 postings/articles a year from each section. Serves on the Region Collegiate Team Prepares Report to the Governor 3 times a year updating the Governor on the blog, region collegiate team and other happenings. Works with other RCRs and RCCEs on yearly goals to improve the collegiate experience in SWE. Attends Collegiate Leadership Forum (CLF) in the summer to receive Leadership and SWE Training. Attends Annual & Regional Conferences RCCE Role

9 RCS Role The Senator is a vital collegiate voice within the Region and to Society leaders in SWE. Serves as the collegiate voice for the region on the Society Senate. They help set the direction for the society working with 2 Professional Senators from the 10 Regions, 2 International Senators, and 2 Special Directors. They approve changes to the Society bylaws, public policy position statements, and also work to resolve Mega Issues Attends 2 face-to-face Senate meetings at Annual Conference and in the Spring, as well as monthly conference calls. Works with RCR & RCCE to keep collegiate sections informed of Society SWE news Trains with the other Senators

10 Mission To support the development of leadership and management skills at the section level. Focus on topics that are essential in creating and maintaining a vital section. Collegiate Leadership Coaching Committee Training Modules Dealing with Leadership Burnout Leadership Building Teams Building Membership Fund Development Effective Personal Communications Women in Engineering You’re in SWE, Now What? Managing Effective Meetings Hit the Ground Running – Transitioning from College to Career Strategic and Tactical Planning Event Planning Officer Training Visit us on SWE Communities too!

11 SWEFLs A SWEFL is a freshman or sophomore who shows outstanding potential for future leadership in SWE and is invited to take part in the Collegiate Leadership Forum (CLF) held annually in the summer. SWEFLs are nominated by other collegiate or professional SWE leaders. Nomination process occurs April 1 – May 1 Expect email from CLF Chair around this time Section Presidents, Faculty Advisors, Counselors, Region Officers

12 Section Reports Can be found on the Region Blog on Resources tab or in RCR emails Opportunity to communicate your section’s issues, concerns, successes, and best practices to SWE leadership Due to your RCR on the following dates September 17 th February 1 st May 3 rd

13 Section Reports Sections Still Needing to Submit Report 1 Cleveland State University Ohio Northern University Wright State University Pennsylvania State University – Erie Murray State University Marietta College (just need roster)

14 Annual and Financial Reports Annual and Financial Reports are now completed online through the Membership Database Annual Report  Due May 31 to HQ Financial Report  Due May 31 to HQ Collegiate EZ Form (Less than $10,000/yr) Collegiate Long Form (>$10,000/yr) Only the Section President & Treasurer on file with HQ can submit these forms! To get access send an e-mail to Section presidents should already have access

15 SWE Membership To remain in good standing, each SWE section must have at least 10 paid members Things to keep in mind: Sections receive a 20% rebate for each paid member Regions get 1 RCR per 20 sections Only Sections in good standing get to vote in RCR/RCCE/RCS Elections

16 SWE Membership Standard Collegiate membership $20/year Joint Membership AISES NSBE SHPE C2C Membership One time $50 fee Covers entire collegiate career & 1 st year as a professional SWE member Great deal if you will be in school for at least 2 more years

17 Membership Benefits Eligibility for SWE Scholarships Access to the online SWE Career Center Access to the SWE Membership Database FREE Professional development Webinars Discounted Conference Registration Discounted Kaplan courses 20% off FE & PE $50 off GRE, GMAT, LSAT prep classes FREE SWE Magazine subscription

18 SWE Counselors Each collegiate section is required to have a SWE counselor. The counselor is elected by the college section each year. The counselor shall be considered a non voting member of the collegiate section. The counselor is a member of your local professional section or a region MAL. Update HQ if your SWE Counselor Changes A professional member who oversees collegiate section needs and issues.

19 SWE Counselors Sections missing SWE counselors Cleveland State University University of Toledo Ohio Northern University Wright State University Grove City College Cedarville University Pennsylvania State University – Erie Murray State University

20 Faculty Advisors A professor or staff member that provides the connection between the school and the section. Not required, but recommended by SWE. The advisor is chosen by the SWE section. Does not have to be a member of SWE. Oversees the section and ensures that all school rules and obligations are being followed.

21 Section Bylaws Section bylaws must be updated every few years as changes within the Society outdate them Template posted on SWE Governance Site Governance  Bylaws  Collegiate Bylaws Make sure to turn on “track changes” prior to editing the template Update the header & footer with your section’s information Must be submitted to the bylaws committee ( to receive

22 EIN and Taxes All sections will need to determine if they are covered under the 990 their University files If they are not covered, then each section will need to: Get a unique 9-digit EIN (Tax ID#) if they dont already have one that is separate from their Universitys Become a subordinate organization under the SWE group tax exemption if they arent already File an e-Postcard with the IRS

23 IRS e-Postcard (form 990-N) New IRS e-Postcard (form 990-N) requirement Introduced in 2008 to help IRS keep track of small non-profits All sections must file by November 15 th, 2012 unless covered by another IRS filing (unlikely) Starting in 2011 the e-postcard must be filed annually just like section annual and financial reports If a section doesnt file an e-postcard, it can lose its non-profit status and be fined by the IRS

24 Awards Outstanding Collegiate Section (OCS) Every section should apply for this! Outstanding Counselor/Faculty Advisor Collegiate Member Awards Nominate someone! Section Awards Many of these have $$$ prizes!

25 Region Blogs

26 Hot topics September: Back to School, Back to SWE October: SWE Social November: Balancing Your Break December: Maintaining your SWE Momentum January: Sell Yourself in 30 Seconds February: Tech Check March: Leadership Burnout April: Work/Life Balance May: Life Transitions Section Spotlight Region Blogs

27 Region Blogs

28 Senate Update Bylaws Amendments S1301: Roberts Rules of Order S1302: Date for Determining Representation S1303: Alternate Senator S1304: Petition Candidates S1305: Collegiate Director Election S1306: Nominating Committee Chair Senate Motions S1307: Employer Sponsored Dues

29 S1305: Collegiate Director Election Background In the past the Collegiate Director was not a voting member of the Board of Directors (guest), thus it was an appointed position nominated by the president and approved by the BOD. The collegiate senators and Nominating Committee want to align the election of the Collegiate Director with that of the rest of the BOD, involving the Nominating Committee in the candidate vetting & evaluation process and allowing collegiate section presidents to vote on the slate, appointing the role. There will be no petition process for this role like there is the other BOD roles.

30 S1305: Collegiate Director Election Bylaws Amendment Changes wording from “The collegiate director for the next fiscal year shall be nominated by the president elect and approved by the board of directors” to “The collegiate director for the next fiscal year shall be elected by the collegiate section presidents”

31 S1305: Collegiate Director Election Pros Vetting the collegiate director through the nominating committee will provide consistency in the vetting process of the board members and ensure all candidates voted on by the collegiate section presidents are qualified. This gives the collegiate members a stake in the selection of the collegiate director, resulting in increased exposure of the collegiate director role with collegiate members. The collegiate section presidents already elect the collegiate senators, RCRs, and RCCEs and have for several years. The current collegiate leader election procedure that provides a consistent process for all regions has been in place since FY09 and is a good fit for the collegiate director elections. Allowing the collegiate section presidents to elect the collegiate director will remove the current perception of a conflict of interest having the BOD appoint another voting member of the BOD.

32 S1305: Collegiate Director Election Cons Collegiate section presidents may not directly know the candidates, but bios will be provided and all will have been vetted. Collegiate section presidents may not have complete knowledge of what the BOD responsibilities and the role of the collegiate director. This knowledge level is similar to that of many professional members, who have the right to vote. Removes the BODs ability to decide what is best for the collegiate director position in the next FY. Adds additional duties to the Society nominating committee.

33 S1305- Collegiate Director Election UPDATE Upon further discussion with the Nominating Committee Chair, we believe there will be a recommendation to postpone. Debate will still be allowed. Nominating Committee is in agreement that now that 2 Task Forces have this in their scope it would be better to wait on the Task Force recommendations before making a change.

34 Senate Town Hall Friday, Nov 9th: 2-3pm Location: GRB Convention Center, 381 Ask all your senate related questions like... What do senators do? or How will Senate Motion X Y & Z affect me?

35 Your Senator Contact Information Senator: Karla Tankersley ‎ Senator: Karin Bozak Collegiate Senator: Jamie Tylicki

36 RCR/RCCE/RCS Elections Schedule Call for Applicants: December 17 Applications Due: February 3 Candidates Presented: March 3 Voting Begins: March 4 Voting Ends: March 28 Winners Announced: April 4 Please let us know if you are interested in any of these positions!

37 Society Involvement Did you know that collegiate members are welcomed and encouraged to participate on society committees? If interested, go to Committees on Learn more about opportunities Fill out an application The chairs of the committees you are interested in will contact you shortly

38 Committees Audit Awards and Recognition Bylaws Collegiate Interest Collegiate Leadership Coaching Finance Government Relations and Public Policy Leadership Coaching Membership Multicultural Nominating Outreach Procedures Professional Development Program Development Grants Scholarship Strategic Planning

39 Collegiate Leadership Meeting Tomorrow (Friday) at 8:00 - 9:20 am 332F Geared towards officers but all collegiate members are invited Will cover best practices and other topics requested by section presidents

40 SME Bowl Subject Matter Expert (like a quiz bowl) Win money for our region (and participants) 5 participants Saturday afternoon

41 Questions ????? Any questions about the presentation?

42 Game Time! Human Bingo!!! Everyone gets a bingo sheet (professionals too if you would like) Find someone who fits the description in the box and have them sign their name in that box Cannot have a person sign for more than one box First person to fill their board wins!

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