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Presidents and Administration Mid America Council Friday, April 25th, 2014 Leadership Training Session.

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1 Presidents and Administration Mid America Council Friday, April 25th, 2014 Leadership Training Session

2 to… Chapter Operations Presidents & Administration 2

3 Today’s Agenda 1.Introductions – Facilitator and Participants 2.Duties and Responsibilities:  Chapter President  Chapter Secretary  Chapter Treasurer 3.Important Dates and Deadlines 4.Questions 3

4 Introductions 1.Facilitator 2.Participant –Name –Chapter Affiliation –Current or Future Board Role –One Thing You Want to Learn From This Session 4

5 Chapter President 5

6 Chapter President - Duties & Responsibilities Calls all meetings of the board Approves board meeting agendas Acts as chairperson at meetings of the board Establishes necessary committees (ex-officio member) Authorizes all expenditures of chapter funds, upon approval of the board Signs the minutes of board meetings, after board approval Assumes overall responsibility for the year’s budget Has the power to sign checks along with the Treasurer Casts the deciding vote in case of a tie 6

7 Chapter President – Setting the Tone Creates an atmosphere among the board of creativity, cooperation, and improvement Is knowledgeable on a wide range of chapter matters Should demonstrate an ability and willingness to lead Ensure that all board officers and directors understand their responsibilities as defined in the Chapter Operations Manual Ensure that all board officers and directors understand the Chapter Competition & Compensation Guide Ensure that key board members have access to the Chapter Portal Develops chapter goals resulting from summer planning meetings 7

8 Chapter President – Monthly Meetings Prior to meeting, ensure that all arrangements have been made by the appropriate board member(s) Gather details of the program, speaker arrival, hospitality and the introduction Ensure that all segments of the meeting are on schedule Welcome and provide proper hospitality to guests, speakers, and other visiting dignitaries Encourage board member attendance 8

9 Chapter President – Other Functions Support all activities of the chapter Preside or speak for the chapter on any occasion when necessary Attend LTS and encourage incoming/continuing board members to attend Appoints the Nominating Committee that will nominate the officers and directors for the following year Ensure that the MAC Regional Director assigned to the chapter is receiving: –Regular member communications – emails, newsletters, etc. –Board meeting minutes from the Secretary –Monthly financial reports from the Treasurer 9

10 Chapter President – General Board Action Provide quality programs at chapter meetings –Timely topics –Good speakers –Variety (panels, role playing, debates, etc.) –Creative ideas –Entertaining programs Incorporate chapter members’ suggestions into programs 10

11 Chapter President – General Board Action Establish good communications with members –Timely newsletters –Use email as primary communication method –Keep mailing lists up-to-date –Maintain a chapter website that is current –Publicize chapter activities in newspapers, radio, and trade organizations Consider 1-2 social activities for member networking Consider potential new board members 11

12 Chapter Secretary 12

13 Chapter Secretary – Duties & Responsibilities Handle communications with IMA Global Issue notices of board meetings Cooperate with the President in preparing board meeting agendas Maintain records of board meeting attendance Prepare and distribute board meeting minutes Maintain an up-to-date record of chapter members’ name & address Function as chapter historian Report all IMA Global correspondence is reported to board members 13

14 Chapter Secretary – Board Meetings Send meeting notice and agenda several days in advance of the meeting Meeting minutes are invaluable as a reference and a historical record Board meeting minutes must be approved by the board and signed by the President Minutes should be distributed to board members shortly after the meeting 14

15 Chapter Secretary – Other Functions Obtain up-to-date membership lists from the Chapter Portal Assist chapter members with changes of address and chapter affiliations Review the monthly membership activity reports and compensation reports for accuracy 15

16 Chapter Treasurer 16

17 Chapter Treasurer – Duties & Responsibilities Responsible for control of chapter funds, including financial records, reports, and all moneys Prepares the annual financial budget for board approval Deposits and withdraws chapter funds Presents all bills for approval by the board Pays approved bills by check Presents a monthly financial report to the board Prepares an annual report of chapter receipts and disbursements for submission to IMA Global Collects money on behalf of the chapter 17

18 Chapter Treasurer – Other Functions Reconcile bank statements – checking/savings accounts and other investment accounts Cooperate with chapter appointed auditor in the audit of the annual financial report File Form 990/990EZ with the IRS in a timely manner Inform the chapter’s banking institution of changes in presidents and treasurers Maintain detailed financial records to support financial transactions and reports 18

19 Important Dates & Deadlines 19

20 Important Dates & Deadlines Fiscal Year – July 1 to June 30 Chapter Competition Year – May 1 to April 30 MEF Grant Application – due last business day of August IRS Form 990/990EZ – due November 15 Annual Financial Report – due last business day of November 20

21 Important Dates & Deadlines Chapter Elections & Appointments – due last business day in March Various Competition Forms – due last business day in March Annual Transmittal Form – due April 30 Chapter Competition Year Ends on April 30 21

22 Questions 22

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