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Student Activities Centralized Training Session 4 Post High.

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1 Student Activities Centralized Training Session 4 Post High

2 What is it? – It is the future of ASHRAE membership – It is the local university, college or technical school branch within the local chapter area Why is it important – Membership, membership, membership!!!

3 Local Student Branch Student Branches are located on a college campus and are connected to an ASHRAE Chapter or Region The purpose of the student branch is to get more students interested in our industry. Resource (website within the Student Zone) – zone/student-branches zone/student-branches Search for Existing Student Branches Manual for Student Branch Operations Presentations for leadership & student recruitment Key to success is having an avid/supportive advisor. – Student Branch Advisors pay the same membership fee & Conference fees as students.

4 Starting a New Branch 5 steps to start a new Student Branch – Find a Student Branch Advisor Faculty Member or a local Chapter Member – Obtain 10 Student Petitioners to start a branch Students must be ASHRAE Student Members or include their membership application with the petition. – Obtain support of either: Local ASHRAE Chapter Advisory committee made up of 3 ASHRAE Members if no local Chapter is available – Complete the Student Branch Petition & Questionaire – Setup your Student Branch Website following ASHRAE Guidelines zone/student-branches/establishing-an-ashrae-student- branch zone/student-branches/establishing-an-ashrae-student- branch

5 Local Student Branch Student Branches are REQUIRED to report yearly to Society by May 31. Both reports are simple online forms – Student Branch Status Report Officers Number of Students Branch Activities SBA Information – Student Branch Secretary/Treasurer’s Report Student Branches that do no complete these reports will become “Inactive”.

6 Student Retention Why is it important – Student membership is annual, must show value to students (back to why become a student member) – Need to keep students involved so they stay ASHRAE members and become future leaders of our industry Get the local chapter involved – Organize student events with the local chapter – Society involvement is critical to instilling a higher level of connection to ASHRAE Work with branch advisors to get student memberships renewed

7 Student Retention Tracking Students: – Tracking students can be difficult as they potentially move every year and may lose their University email addresses after graduation – Try to track students with: Alternate email addresses University & home (parents’) mailing addresses Cell phone/text messages – A few months prior to graduation, survey students for their future plans and pass on contact information to the local chapters if they are moving.

8 Student Program Every winter conference has a multi- day student program – 400 to 500 students from student branches around the world attend – Students get exposure to society members, mentoring, and much more during the program – Students are recognized for awards – Student presentations of award winning grant projects – Special student tour – Student Congress

9 Student Preparation Student branches need to prepare for the student program at the winter meeting – Plan for costs (raise funds, get sponsors, etc…) – Work with the local chapter and school – Each student needs to register for the reduced Student Rate. This provides them with full registration to the Conference, a $500+ value – Make sure to plan a visit the AHR Expo Program starts on Saturday and ends on Monday – Make sure travel plans coordinate with required activities

10 Local Chapter Support It is important! – Students should feel welcome at local chapter meetings and events – Many local chapter help offset the cost for students & provide rides to/from campus – It is a great way to show students how to network, and build their career – In many situations the networking leads to internships or summer jobs

11 Local Chapter Support – Chapters can provide guest speakers to talk about different aspects of our industry at Student Branch Meetings – If your chapter is hosting an ASHRAE Distinguished Lecturer, see if they will also present at a Student Branch meeting – Other ideas?

12 Mentorship Student/YEA/Member Mentorship – Program allows for a Student or YEA member to be matched with a more experienced member in our industry – Mentors & Mentees fill out matching surveys – The chapter will match mentors with mentees based on similar interests

13 Other Post High Opportunities New Faces in Engineering – College Edition – Honors one college/university student per year. ASHRAE will chose one winner per year – Run by & sponsored by To be covered later today – Student Design Competition – Scholarships – Undergraduate project grants

14 Student Membership Transition SMART Start Program for transition into society – Votes rights as full associate member of ASHRAE – Free Manuals during this time period – Cost Benefit ($410 savings over 3 years) First year is $20 Second year is $73 Third year is $94

15 Lessons Learned Chapters should make contact with the Student Branch Advisors and Student Officers early in the academic year Provide opportunities for the Student Members to participate in Chapter activities Along with your Chapter officers, visit the student branches on campus Plan early for the Student Program at the Winter Conference Other ideas?

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