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Alumni Club Leadership Training September 12, 2008.

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1 Alumni Club Leadership Training September 12, 2008

2 Expectations – What should clubs be doing? Demonstrate that the club is formed to promote the interests of the University of Kentucky and its alumni by maintaining a mutually beneficial relationship. Conduct itself a manner consistent with the goals and objectives of the UK Alumni Association and high standards of the university. Extend membership to include all alumni and friends of the university and hold all events in facilities where all alumni and friends are welcome on an equal basis.

3 Expectations, cont. Sponsor activities as outlined in the Club Annual Report (Club Event Log) – Membership, Friendraising, Scholarship, Student Recruitment, and Athletics/Diversity/Community Service. Submit club activities annually. Ensure that all officers and committee chairs are members of the UK Alumni Association. (We are a membership-based organization). Send at least one delegate to the annual Club Leadership Training Conference.

4 Expectations, cont. Explore ways to actively serve the university on the local level. Explore ways to provide service to the local community in the name of the university.

5 Responsibilities of the Club Club Administrative Information Updated list of officers Association fiscal year (July 1 – June 30) Club Activity Report Complete the online form E-mail Jill or Megan with follow-up details of the event Financial Report Annual bank statement

6 Responsibilities, etc. Annual Report/Club Event Log Association staff maintains club event log based on information provided by the clubs Be sure to periodically check the club event log throughout the year Club presidents will receive a notice each May that all updates be made by May 31 in time for club award voting at Summer Workshop

7 Responsibilities, etc. Support of the UK Alumni Association PROMOTE MEMBERSHIP! Price Differential Membership Script Membership Business Cards

8 Club Officers and Duties President Adhere to constitution/by-laws of club Liaison to UKAA staff Chair club steering committee or board of directors Serve as ex-officio members of all committees President-Elect Perform duties of president in his/her absence Prepare to serve as club president during next term

9 Club Officers and Duties, cont. Secretary Take minutes of all club meetings Send notices of all meetings Track attendance if necessary Treasurer Maintain club funds, pay club obligations, keep record of financial transactions Prepare/maintain club budget Send annual treasury report to UKAA Serve as ex-officio member of all committees

10 Club Officers and Duties, cont. Board of Directors Suggested make-up: officers, immediate past president, 6 members elected at large (3 year terms) Chairperson – president Fill officer vacancies Arrange business for each meeting Construct annual club activity schedule Transact club leaders between meetings

11 Club officers and Duties, etc. Board of Directors, cont. Committees (Suggestions) Membership Publicity Young Alumni Scholarship Activities Student Recruitment Temporary Committees (as needed)

12 Services Provided by the UK Alumni Association Mailings Membership based budget ($1.75 x # of members) Cost = approx. $.40 per piece (4 color postcard, 3 rd class) Alumni List UKAA can provide a pdf file of members and nonmembers in the club area (sorry no excel files!) Program Speakers Will provide campus speakers as schedules and funds allow. Please request 10 weeks in advance.

13 Services Provided by the UK Alumni Association, cont. Items for Club Events Trinkets and trash provided upon request Broadcast E-mail Online request form 72 business hours to process 1 per season for game watch parties Calendar postings Alumni events calendar

14 Club Financial Information Clubs are self supporting Should have club bank account Nonprofit status UKAA – 501(c)3 non-profit, tax-exempt organization Local clubs, not tax exempt Keep financials up to date Treasurer Designee to sign checks

15 How to Maintain and Grow Current Club Conduct regular officer meetings At least quarterly Hold a variety of activities Suggestion: 2 annual events planned early in the year Utilize special talents & abilities of club members Evaluate each event, noting strengths and weaknesses Assist the university with student recruitment in your area Advise UKAA of alumni information changes in your area

16 How to Maintain and Grow Current Club, cont. Keep club financially sound Consider a local club scholarship or establishing an endowment fund Recognize and reward hard work Promote membership at all club events

17 Electing New Officers Determine length of service prior to election Define each officer’s role/duties Publicize need for new officers Take nominations and make sure candidate accepts nomination (officers must be members) Follow club by-laws Pass along names/contact information of new club officers to UKAA

18 Things that have changed No speaker requirement No ticket distribution/drawing at club events Required to attend club leadership training to be eligible for club tickets Derby glasses/memorabilia must be ordered directly from company Annual report has been replaced by club event log

19 Expectations of Club Leaders Deadlines are important!!! Carefully read information mailed/e-mailed from UKAA staff Submit information in most completed form – will save time in long run Support the university in everything! ULTIMATE GOAL OF CLUBS: BE UK IN YOUR AREA!

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