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World War I (The Great War). WWI lasted from 19__ to 19___.

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1 World War I (The Great War)

2 WWI lasted from 19__ to 19___

3 1914-1918

4 1.The U.S. was only in the war for ______ year(s). The USA entered the war in 19____

5 1 year, 1917

6 New weapons of WW I

7 Machine gun, modern cannon (Big Bertha), poison gas, tanks, flamethrower, airplanes

8 Why did these new weapons cause such a high death rate during WW I?

9 Deadly machine gun- could kill more people at once

10 Along the ______________________ Front in ________________, most of the fighting took place from the___________________.

11 Western, France, trenches

12 The German submarines that sunk many Allied and civilian ships during WW I

13 Unterseeboots (U-Boats)

14 WW I contributed to more rights for women because women went to work in the

15 Factories

16 What date did WW I end

17 11/11/18

18 The United States’ official position at the outbreak (start) of WWI was __________________ (isolationist-most Americans believed this way).

19 Neutral

20 President Woodrow Wilson’s Treaty of Versailles peace plan to end WW I (provide for a just and lasting peace) was called the ________________.

21 14 points

22 The nickname of the article of the Treaty of Versailles that states that “Germany accepts the responsibility of Germany and her allies for causing all the loss and damage

23 “War Guilt Clause”

24 This virus spread by WW I soldiers that killed almost 50 million worldwide

25 Influenza (“The Spanish Flu”)


27 The American flying squadron of the French military that downed many German planes in WW I The American flying squadron of the French military that downed many German planes in WW I

28 Lafayette Escadrille

29 What were some examples of propaganda in America towards German- Americans?

30 1.Changed the name of sauerkraut to “liberty cabbage” 2. Hamburger changed to “liberty sausage” 3. German beer, music boycotted, literature 4. Couldn’t go to beach 5. Fired from jobs 6. Couldn’t go to DC

31 The name of the acts that restricted the lives and movements of German- Americans was called ______________________ Acts.

32 The Alien and Sedition Acts

33 The 3 Events that drew America into the Conflict- briefly explain how each contributed to our involvement in WW I

34 1. The Sinking of the Lusitania (threatened our policy of neutrality)- 128 Americans dead, but Germany apologized.

35 2. German U-boats violate International Law- continued to sink American merchant vessels

36 3. The Zimmerman Telegram- “the icing on the cake”

37 What happened to the Austrian leader Archduke Ferdinand and his wife Duchess Sofia?

38 Assassinated

39 What happened as a result?

40 The European nations declared war on each other

41 American soldiers during WW I were nicknamed

42 The Doughboys

43 This Serbian Nationalist assassin played a key role in the start of WW I

44 Gavrilo Princip

45 The head commanding general of the American forces in Europe was General

46 General John “Blackjack” Pershing

47 the president of the United States during WW I.

48 Woodrow Wilson

49 The harsh conditions of the WW I Treaty of Versailles gave rise to the future German Nazi leader named

50 Adolph Hitler

51 American Major Charles Whittlesey and his American troops (portrayed in the film “The Lost Battalion”) defeated the Germans in the Battle of

52 Argonne Forest

53 Famous messenger pigeon that helped save the Lost Battalion in the battle of the Argonne Forest

54 Cher Ami

55 The alliance led by Germany and Austria- Hungary in WW I was called


57 The alliance led by the USA, Britain and France in WW I was called


59 List the 5 presidents we have studied.

60 Grover Cleveland (1885-1889)

61 McKinley (1897-1901)

62 Teddy Roosevelt (1901-1909)

63 William Howard Taft

64 Woodrow Wilson (WW I prez) Democrat

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