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World War I Review.

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1 World War I Review

2 Nickname of American soldiers in WWI.

3 What are Doughboys?

4 President of the U.S. during WWI.

5 Who is Woodrow Wilson?

6 Battles in the air between aircraft with attached machine guns.

7 What are dogfights?

8 Serbian nationalist group behind the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand.

9 What is the Blackhand?

10 Bolshevik leader.

11 Who is Vladimir Lenin?

12 Promise not to sink more merchant ships without warning.

13 What is the Sussex Pledge?

14 Spying to acquire government secrets.

15 What is Espionage?

16 A nationwide panic that arose from the fear that Communists might seize power in the United States.

17 What was the Red Scare?

18 It involves all workers living in a certain location, not just workers in a particular industry.

19 What is a general strike?

20 The young man responsible for the assassination of the archduke and his wife.

21 Who was Gavrilo Princip?

22 This group took power in Russia and established a Communist government.

23 What are the Bolsheviks?

24 This German kingdom had united various German states into one nation.

25 What is Prussia?

26 The Serbs, Bosnians, Croats, and Slovenes all lived in this region in southeastern Europe.

27 What are the Balkans?

28 German submarines that attacked ships bound for Britain.

29 What are u-boats?

30 The Triple Entente included
Germany, Bulgaria, and Italy Germany, Turkey, and Russia Britain, France, and Russia Britain, France, and the U.S.

31 Answer: C Britain, France, and Russia

32 The Triple Alliance included
Germany, Austria-Hungary, and Italy. Germany, Austria-Hungary, and Russia. Britain, France, and Russia. Britain, France, and the United States.

33 Answer: A Germany, Austria-Hungary, and Italy

34 The “Big Four” who attended the peace conference at the end of WWI were the leaders from the U.S., Britain, France, and Russia Germany Italy Austria-Hungary

35 Answer: C Italy

36 African Americans moving from the South to Northern cities.

37 What was the Great Migration?

38 To conserve energy during WWI, the Fuel Administration introduced this.

39 What is daylight savings time?

40 In the case of Schenck v. the United States, the Supreme Court ruled that
Immigrants from countries at war with the U.S. could be excluded from positions of power. Freedom of speech could be curbed in wartime. The right to bear arms could be limited for immigrants. The Sedition Act was unconstitutional.

41 Answer: B The right of speech could be curbed in wartime.

42 According to this telegram, if Mexico allied with Germany, Germany would help Mexico regain Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona. The Sussex Pledge The Zimmerman Note The Lusitania None of the above

43 What is the Zimmerman telegram?

44 This law required all young men register for the draft.

45 What is the Selective Service Act?

46 Method of loaning money to the government to pay for the war.

47 What are Liberty Bonds?

48 Any persuasive communication that aims to influence people’s attitudes or opinions.

49 What is propaganda?

50 Four “MAIN” causes of WWI?

51 Militarism, Alliances, Imperialism, and Nationalism

52 This group felt an obligation to support the Slavic people of southeastern Europe against Austria-Hungary.

53 Who are the Russians?

54 This country’s neutrality was violated when the German army marched through in order to encircle the French.

55 Who is Belgium?

56 True or False? The introduction of the tank in WWI revolutionized warfare.

57 False.

58 Prohibited materials.

59 What is contraband?

60 Russian czar that abdicated the throne and later executed.

61 Who is Czar Nicholas II?

62 Wilson’s plan for peace.

63 What are the Fourteen Points?

64 Treaty that ended WWI.

65 What is the Treaty of Versailles?

66 International peacekeeping organization created after WWI.

67 What is the League of Nations?

68 He developed a convoy system to protect merchant ships and troop transports as they crossed the Atlantic.

69 Who is William S. Sims?

70 Nickname given to the land between the trenches.

71 What is “No Man’s Land”?

72 Commander of the U.S. army during WWI, called Blackjack.

73 Who is John Pershing?

74 Nickname of the German cannon that hurled an 1800-pound shell a distance of nine miles.

75 What is Big Bertha?

76 When an army has to fight with the men and supplies it has at hand until it runs out. If one nation has more than the other, the outcome of the war will be in his favor What is this called?

77 A war of attrition.

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