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World War I. The Beginnings of World War I in Europe.

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1 World War I

2 The Beginnings of World War I in Europe

3 Introduction

4 Neutrality  The US didn’t want to get entangled in European affairs that would lead to World War I  The war began in 1914 when Germany and Austria-Hungary went to war with Britain, France, and Russia.

5 Alliances

6  At the outbreak, President Woodrow Wilson immediately declared the United States neutral.

7 Roots of War

8 Problems staying neutral  It was difficult because of the close relations with Britain, the leader of the Allied powers  The war was interfering with American commerce.

9 European Conflict

10 The Lusitania  Germany continued using U-boats (submarines) to attack ships

11  In 1915, a U-boat sank the Lusitania, killing 1,200 civilian passengers.  The press publicized the event, greatly influencing public opinion against Germany.

12 Wilson’s Reelection  In 1916, Wilson ran for reelection.  His slogan was “He kept us out of war.”  He asked Congress to keep the military in a state of preparation – just in case…”Make the world safe for democracy.”

13 Zimmerman Telegram  In early 1917 the British intercepted the Zimmerman telegram from the German government to their Mexican ambassador.  A German plan to keep the US out of the war by urging Mexico and Japan to declare war against America.  The press printed the telegram and public opinion changed to war.


15 America enters the war  Less than a month after the Zimmerman telegram incident, the US entered the war.


17  America’s military resources of soldiers and war materials tipped the scales in favor on the Allied nations.  This led to the German defeat.


19 Wilson’s Fourteen Points  This was President Wilson’s plan to eliminate the causes of war


21 Key Ideas of the Fourteen Points  Self-determination  Freedom of the seas  League of Nations

22 Treaty of Versailles  Ended World War I  The French and English insisted on harsh punishment of Germany  Created the League of Nations  National boundaries were redrawn, creating many new nations

23 League of Nations Debate  The US Senate refused to approve the Treaty of Versailles.  Therefore, did not join the League of Nations  US foreign policy decisions would have been made by an international organization.

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