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The End Game How to Submit Your Thesis Margaret Haldane.

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1 The End Game How to Submit Your Thesis Margaret Haldane

2 Overview Prelims to thesis submission: 1.Approval of Title 2.Approval of Examiners Submission of thesis – online guidance, binding, formatting & printing Viva After the Viva – outcomes, thesis & graduation Note: please ask questions throughout or at the end!

3 Preliminaries to Thesis Submission 1.Approval of title and sub-title Three months before submission Title, Subtitle (up to 30 words no repetition) & Keywords (up to 10 for indexing and search terms). Form signed by Principal Supervisor and School Director of PGR


5 Preliminaries to Thesis Submission 2. Appointment of Examiners ntment/ ntment/ Check with supervisor on appointment of examiners No later than two months before submission Examining team with Independent Chair approved by RDC Form signed by Principal Supervisor and School Director of PGR


7 Submission of Theses – guidance online s/submission/ s/submission/ nts/lengthofthesis/ nts/lengthofthesis/ nts/style/ nts/style/

8 Thesis Submission - binding & formatting Temporary bound copies for pre-viva/first submission Each copy of the thesis must be printed and not photocopied Remember to check all pages are in the correct order. Use 100gm paper. 12pt Type Size, min 1.5 up to double-spaced Line Spacing, note Margins (especially left). Word Length – PhD 80,000 – 100,000 Max* *Examiners critical of lengthy thesis



11 Thesis Style and Layout Title page must NOT be numbered Starting with the Abstract, pages must be numbered in lower-case Roman numerals centred at the foot of each page up until the last page before the start of Chapter One. From the start of Chapter One, each page must be numbered in the normal style - 1,2,3 etc, and page numbers must be centred at the foot of each page.

12 Printing - Inprint+Design (CopyZone) Inprint+Design – WB07 Richmond Building: dissertation/:// – see contact page for queries and to pay over the phone, read the guidebook, submit your files by email dissertation/:// Colour pages at extra cost Rough guide for first temp bound submission – 2-3 working days

13 Thesis Submission Submitting to the printers (including CopyZone) is not your formal submission to the University! THREE temporary-bound copies need to be handed in to the Hub, main entrance Richmond Building (open 9am – 5pm Monday to Friday) Copyzone can deliver to the Hub upon request Add one copy for yourself (take to exam)

14 Thesis Submission Complete Thesis Submission Form and Declaration of English Language Assistance Form (if appropriate) Confirm viva date (good luck!) qualityunit/documents/regulationsordinanc es/Regulations-for-Research-Degrees.pdf qualityunit/documents/regulationsordinanc es/Regulations-for-Research-Degrees.pdf


16 Viva Within 8 Weeks of Thesis Submission (as per Regulations) – though this depends on all preliminary paperwork submitted and approved PRIOR to thesis submission and will also be influenced by examiners’ schedules Usually 1.5 - 3 hours, supervisor present by YOUR request More info on short course, “How to Survive the Viva”:

17 After the Viva - outcomes See online research exam forms: Most common outcomes are: – 1.2 minor corrections (corrections approved by Internal Examiner, then submit hardbound thesis ready for the library) –1.4 re-submit thesis (amendments to thesis are approved by both examiners and a formal re-submission of soft-bound thesis the Hub; fee (currently £500) charged for re-submission)

18 After the Viva - outcomes The Internal Examiner is responsible for ensuring the outcome is communicated to you No communication is sent by the Hub Research Team until after approval by RDC of all exam paperwork (including the approval of minor corrections form) Award Pending letter issued after RDC approval and before conferral by Senate

19 After the Viva – thesis TWO hard copies & one electronic copy (CD) to be delivered to the Hub (Student Administration and Support – Research). This includes one copy for supervisor/department. If using CopyZone: usually bind up to 300 pages for one thesis & check turnaround times (usually, min. 1 week) Complete Electronic Deposit Agreement Form Check date of degree ceremony again and relax



22 Useful Contacts General Hub-Research email General Ext: 3051 or 5141

23 The Submission and Examination Process Thank you and good luck with your thesis submission & viva!

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