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Departmental/Divisional Administrator Briefing

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1 Departmental/Divisional Administrator Briefing
Procedures and Administrative Processes David Ashton Director of Student Services Helen Notter Student Centre

2 CONTENTS Admission, Enrolment and Registration Engagement Monitoring Upgrade & Completing Research Student (CRS) Status Examination and Award Expectations on Departments and Sources of Support

3 Graduate School and Registry websites:
KEY INFORMATION Academic Regulations for Research Degree Students – Code of Practice for Graduate Research Degrees - Research Student Log Graduate School and Registry websites:

Applications processed through Admissions Offers must be made and accepted prior to commencement Enrolment: within two weeks of start. Immigration checks made No backdated registration

5 REGISTRATION Standard 4 years – 3 years plus one for writing up (CRS) Conditional on satisfactory progress Interruptions Must enrol before start of each session on PORTICO Keep address maintained in PORTICO and use UCL

6 SUPERVISION appointed by the appropriate Departmental Postgraduate Committee and Faculty Graduate Tutor Students may have a supervisory team but one principal supervisor will be expected to take the administrative lead

7 ATTENDANCE Centred on UCL unless approved otherwise
At least every 2 months Study away from UCL Must inform the Student Centre Must not exceed 2 calendar years Must not be absent during the first and last three months

8 ENGAGEMENT MONITORING Research Log may be used
meeting or contact with supervisor attendance at seminars, laboratory session or other training session submission of work to supervisor response to a Departmental/Divisional circular

9 UPGRADE FROM MPHIL TO PhD Two possible attempts at upgrade
the first between 12 and 18 months the second between 18 and 24 months Transfer Report/Upgrading Proposal Upgrading meeting by Supervisory Panel Upgrade notification to Student Centre

Upgraded to PhD Submission of thesis within 12 months; 24 months (part-time) Met Departmental conditions Student Centre contacts students and supervisors about deadlines

Must continue to engage Extensions Penalties for late submission End of CRS, no automatic further registration status

12 SUBMISSION OF THESIS Examination entry– 3 months before submission Nomination of examiners form Two copies of soft bound thesis All through the Student Centre

13 EXAMINERS Agreed by Departmental Graduate Tutor on behalf of Postgraduate Committee and sent to the Faculty Agreed by Faculty Graduate Tutor on behalf of Faculty Postgraduate Committee and sent to the Student Centre Chair of RDC or his nominee UCL – one internal, one external

14 EXAMINATION AND AWARD Supervisor arranges viva Decision by examiners Final version: 1 soft bound to Student Centre; 1 e-thesis in UCL Institutional Repository Award letter and degree certificate – the Student Centre External examiners’ reports

Selection and admission Induction – department/division; UCL-wide Support Research Log On-going support – pastoral; facilities; academic Adherence to deadlines and engagement monitoring Inform about procedures/deadlines Arrange viva, nominate examiners Keep the Student Centre informed

16 WHAT HAPPENS IF IT GOES WRONG Student Grievance Procedure
Upgrade procedure Delivery of programme Conduct of examination Complaints Procedure

17 SOURCES OF SUPPORT Departmental/Divisional Graduate Tutor Faculty Graduate Tutor Graduate School and its Head The Student Centre (formerly Student Records)

In addition, Kevin King, Head of Student Funding, will take answer questions on any aspect relating to the work of his office relating to research degree students

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